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18 Sep 2009
Love / Polish girls attitudes towards sex. [568]

None of my female friends have ever accepted money from a man.

Not true; whenever I went out on a date, I, as a man, paid for it. Women are paid for on dates (don't bother me with the rare exceptions) and that's how they want it. That's also true for entertainment; movies, shows, bands, whatever.

Women are too illogical to understand the implications of this.
21 Sep 2009
Genealogy / Genetic difference between Poles and selected others. [83]

the swastika with rotation to the left which symbolizes the evil.

The left still symbolizes evil.

Send a Polish baby to Germany, and you'll end up with a little German.

A little German with a heart.
22 Sep 2009
Love / Polish girls attitudes towards sex. [568]

women are not supposed to bloody pick up guys, its our job, its unnatural when a woman does it.

You sound like a slave to women. Men have too many jobs already. You're probably one of those guys who kisses women's hands (uggg).
26 Sep 2009
Love / Are all Polish men Psychos? [111]

He says he has 'problems in his life' but dosn't explain what these are....

He's just not into you. Get over yourself.

I should probably ignore him til he comes begging.

What a typical female response. He'll come begging when it snows in July.
9 Feb 2010
Love / What to Get my Polish Guy for Valentines Day. [77]

I just heard a radio report than men spend twice as much money on Valentine's Day than women do. I believe that if a woman outspends her beau then it tells him that she is really serious about him.
7 Jun 2010
Love / A Polish womans relationship with her mother in law. [44]

If things are the way you stated them then your son and daughter-in-law are wrong. Your son is particularly culpable because of how he communicated with you. It is true that some women, Polish or otherwise, consider a mother-in-law a threat. Hopefully, this is not the case here and I'm guessing that it isn't.

There is no excuse for not sharing their child with you.