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9 Oct 2009
Food / Polish Pizza !! The best in the world? [276]

Pizza is a platform, No right or wrong way to fix one.
My personal fave is saurkraut, pineapple, and Canadian bacon crumbles. The simplicity of a plain cheese (provalone) with a sweet marinara sauce is sublime. Crust should be thin and salty. Thick doughy crust is blasphemy! Chicago style pizza is as corrupt as its politicians!
25 Sep 2009
Life / Why are so many Polish People rude on the internet? [90]

Why are so many Polish People rude on the Internet? I'm just wandering. Not just here, but all over the net.

Because it is an honest, non-censored conversation without procedures designed to control the outcome.

Oh, and no, it is not anonymous in any way! (Shhhh...)
20 Aug 2009
Love / Polish women are the most beautiful in the world! [1718]

When beauty fades, how will you handle yourself? Get drunk or what? Cry & screaming at mirror when you see yourself. What happened to me? Why did I let myself go? Too late to change your clock back.

I would take a 40 year old woman over a twenty-something every time!
17 Aug 2009
Life / Why are Poles in other countries called "Plastic Poles"? [168]

I have never mis-represented myself

If this statement is true, Why are you harassing me.

one of those Americans who attempts to identify with a foreign country.

Poland contains the greater part of my family history. Would it be odd for me to have some interest in it?

any actual Polish or general European person will see you only as an American laughably trying to be something he is not.

Is this intended specificly for me or all others like me on this forum?

What is it you want Matowy?
16 Aug 2009
Life / Why are Poles in other countries called "Plastic Poles"? [168]

Not all together untrue.
So when grandma McAninich called me to tell me about Bobby Sands, or, when my father followed Lech Walesa and solidarity and told me it was very important for our relatives, I should have just laughed and said "whatever, who cares"?

I see your point, but I still think you are kind of a douchebag.
16 Aug 2009
Life / Why are Poles in other countries called "Plastic Poles"? [168]

Any plastic Americans on here? I want to have somebody to belittle.

We need to devise some uniquely American surnames and start using them.
Any help would be welcomed. (braces for sh1t-storm...)

Mine would be McSkifeather
11 Aug 2009
Love / Polish Girls negative or positive personality trait? [267]

I just call it "TRolling!

I married a strong independent woman seventeen years ago. She is evil and could destroy you all with one look! I will say that "iron sharpens iron" and would not trade our clash of titans marriage for the world.
5 Aug 2009
Food / PIZZA & KETCHUP served only in Poland? [159]

everyone who sees me putting ketchup on my pizza thinks it's weird but i don't care

BOOYAH! There is the silver bullet baby!

Just ask them this, "Who died and made you the friggin' pizza police?"
5 Aug 2009
Food / PIZZA & KETCHUP served only in Poland? [159]

Let me give you my "American pizza perspective". If you like catsup on your pizza and that makes you happy, I'm all for it! Hell, If you want dog turds packed with gun powder and razor blades on your pizza, Knock yourself out! The idea that there is a right or wrong way to have pizza is way to confining.

Pizza is like a woman, The worst I ever had was, well, just wonderful!
5 Aug 2009
USA, Canada / Do many Polish people in America hate Americans? [592]

I only ask because this is the opinion of my girlfriend. We both live in Chicago, and know Polish people. But she says that they hate being here, and look down upon Americans because they see us as rich and lazy.

The European mentality. Because they are collectivist, they believe that everything is a limited resource and anyone who has more than another is denying someone else their "fair share". They are trained to think this way from an early age. The circular economy cannot withstand growing internal demand or hoarding. Rich? As an American, I refuse to apologize for my prosperity. How insane it would be to regret success and blessings! I leave the self-loathing to you. Lazy? No, We just make it all look easy!

Just remember, If you get into trouble in the U.S, just say "Moose and Squirrel", While the Yanks are laughing, you can make your escape.
5 Aug 2009
Food / PIZZA & KETCHUP served only in Poland? [159]

I don't think I would put catsup on pizza. ick! Maybe the catsup is supposed to be marinara sauce? That would be pretty good! Worked with a guy from coastal Mississippi who put Russian or French salad dressing on pizza, Not bad. Probably the best thing to have w/pizza is garlic butter to dip the crust end in. (walks away to pre-heat oven....)

A good mayo can be where it's at, but only on certain foods.

Wasabi mayo on a ham sandwich. If you try this, No need to thank me.
30 Jul 2009
Genealogy / Polish looks? [1386]

I dont know about "slavic looks", but, I think you are pretty.