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9 Sep 2010
USA, Canada / Bringing girlfriend to USA to work. Fiancee Visa Questions. [9]

Have her go to the US embassy in Poland and start the K1 Visa application/process. The State Dept. issues Visas so it all has to start there. There's two places, the US Embassy in Warsaw and the US Consulate General in Krakow.

12 Apr 2010
Language / A couple of questions relating to Polish names and terms [7]

not very long ago Polish was referred to as "Lehçe" in Turkish and Lithuanians and Hungarians are still using Lengyelország and Lenkija for Poland.

Well that might be what Poland/Polish/Polska was referred to in those countries that you mentioned. It doesn't mean there is any resemblance to those name references in Polish.

For Example
English Polish Hungarian
11 Mar 2010
USA, Canada / Where can I buy Polish Beer in SC? [26]


Try World Market, there are 3 in the Charlotte area ...The one here in Greensboro, NC sells Okocim.
11 Mar 2010
USA, Canada / Hopeless case for a US tourist visa or fiancee visa? [6]

This is from a US Immigration Law publication

K-1 Visa (Fiancee of US citizen)
Must be eligible for IV (Immigrant Visa) with petition filed on I-129f, valid for 4 months; pass medical exam, and marry US Citizen within 90 days of entry into US. Employment authorized.

May adjust to LPR status under INA section 245.
11 Mar 2010
UK, Ireland / Business VISA to USA (currently living in UK) [6]


Get a B1/B2 Visa if you're going on a short temporary business trip, or vacation.
The B1 covers you for business, and B2 covers you for pleasure.
17 Jul 2009
Language / Polish Lessons Units [189]

Cześć Januz,

Ja też jestem Polka, urodzona w Rajgród. Ale miezkam w ameryce.

Od kiedy matka umarła, to nie mam z kim mieć rozmowa. Ja znalazła twoją nitkę, i rzeczywiście lubię, będzie pomagać mie wiele.