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13 Feb 2010
Australia / Polish bakery in St Kilda, Melbourne [3]

Was strolling down the main street in St Kilda the other day when a bakery caught my with very familiar looking doughnuts, poppy seed cakes, etc on display. It's called Europa bakery, no particular obvious reference to being Polish from the outside except the name on the door 'Janczewski' but when I went inside sure enough there were ladies speaking Polish and the cashier confirmed that it's Polish.

Bought a doughnut, two thumbs up!

Go here: Europa Cake Shop (Victoria, Australia). Not the best reviews but worth visiting.
21 Jan 2010
Australia / Polish Culture in Melbourne, Australia [87]

Yeah I know it's the going rate, it's just funny how people think they're getting something fancy when it's just... barszcz.

Where are these other 'Polish' restaurants in Melbourne you speak of?
13 Jan 2010
Australia / Polish Culture in Melbourne, Australia [87]

Yeah I guess... can't help but cringe at the price though having just arrived from Poland.

Speaking of pricey, I saw the restaurant 'Babka' in fitzroy is selling barszcz (beetroot soup) for $8.50! This defeats the whole purpose of the Polish expression 'tani jak barszcz' (cheap as beetroot soup) :D
18 Dec 2009
Genealogy / The Meaning and Origin of the Last name Czekaj [9]

Czekaj comes from the commonly used verb 'czekańá' which means 'to wait'. Czekaj is in imperative form, so it is an order, as if you're telling someone 'wait!'. Now it's possible the word meant something else once upon a time and I am no expert on the history of the Polish language, but at least that's what it sounds like to a modern day Pole.
26 Aug 2009
Study / The reputation of the Jagiellonian University, Krakow. [52]

It was also voted the best in 2009.

The level of customer service for Polish students is ****. One angry secretary for 600 students. My wife should have got a scholarship this year because she was in the best 12% of students from her year. She didn't receive it however because 'not all students gave in their index (a book with their results) at the end of the year on time to the secretary, so the 12% is only counted from those who gave in their indexes on time'. Consequently the 12% shrunk from 16 people to 10 people, cutting my wife and 5 others out of their hard earned scholarship money.

It's an organisation without a head and full of conflicting policies, so it's virtually impossible to get a final word on anything.

However I hear they're nice to foreigners, like all of Poland ;)