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16 Aug 2011
UK, Ireland / Is moving to UK now a good idea? - antipolish prejudice of the Brits [231]

A disproportionate number of people in their 20s. And the opposite in the UK

Its a problem that is easily solved with out migrant workers, if the UK government hadn't spent all the capital that these ageing workers had built up for the country then that would have been a great start and with a small rise in the retirement age then there would be no pension crisis at all.

Again its a double edged sword, the migration of large numbers of young workers from poland is a serious problem for the polish economy in the long run. This is the real issue as their short term gains cause long term pain for both sides, poland will suffer from the skills loss whilst britain will suffer from depressed wages and high living costs.
15 Aug 2011
UK, Ireland / Is moving to UK now a good idea? - antipolish prejudice of the Brits [231]

Partially true but Britain still treats foriegners in britain better than a lot of countries do!

Lets try and be honest about the reason why though, its very little to do with general good nature because i dont even remember the last time Brits acted in such a way towards themselves but i would be more than happy to bet my whole house and savings on the fact that it is to do with the numerous laws and years of political correctness than it does with an allegedly welcoming nation.

I think there is still a strong element of snobbery in British culture

I couldn't agree more, its amazing what little things can trigger it off aswell its so pathetic.
15 Aug 2011
UK, Ireland / Is moving to UK now a good idea? - antipolish prejudice of the Brits [231]

BE, I've had enough of this rubbish. Small parts are racist and big parts aren't. Simple enough?

The rest of your post is good though :) :)

O.K maybe i went a bit to far in implying every part is the same but it does have alot to do with money, the poorer the area the more open the racism is but i can assure you that the more affluent areas have racism its just that its more "polite" than your average council estate.
14 Aug 2011
UK, Ireland / Is moving to UK now a good idea? - antipolish prejudice of the Brits [231]

If you want me to be honest your all kidding yourselves if you you think that the UK is not racist, there is a long history of it that goes back longer than any of us have been alive. What you happen to see in your every day lives is lots of people trying to reassure that it is otherwise, the reason you may ask is very very simple. The English class system is nothing more that an effective way for the richer members in society to continuously f*** over the working man in society and the government provides an effective middle man in which the job can be done with out leaving a paper trail. The papers might pedal stories of sympathy and support but it is backed up by very few on the street, the polish are nothing more than the latest edition to the UK economy (like the blacks and asians before) that provide a very effective way (like before and proven) of driving down labour cost, its as simple as that so while miss poland may have had her life turned upside down for a few weeks whilst she searches out a new flat then may we take a moment to think about all the British workers that have had their living standards driven into the dirt because the reason for the "antipolish prejudice" and general anti immigrant felling in general springs from that very issue.
17 Jul 2010
UK, Ireland / Not all is bad for Poles in Scotland! [167]

Seanus (ignoring the obsessive stalker, Paulina. Deeze nuts are taken)

haha, classic!

Remind us who bought those imports

Remind us who removed the barriers, remind us who brought them here, remind us who destroyed and sold of manufacturing to create the money to buy these things. The general population thats buys a product doesn't do the damage, for instance does the drug taker or the dealer get a heavier sentence?.

The reality is that many products don't carry the country of origin on them and if they do its so small no one notices it but once again if the government hadn't slashed the tax for the rich by half and destroyed the unions then more people would have the money to spend on british products because many simply can't afford to.

milk is priced correctly

For who, the farmer or the supermarket.

Not a problem, just lay off the corresponding percentage of the workforce, or raise the prices for consumers.

No, just make the owners give up more of their profits. It works in france and they have lower unemployment than us!
17 Jul 2010
UK, Ireland / Not all is bad for Poles in Scotland! [167]

It should rise in line with inflation. 5.85 is over 20PLN.

The point is seanus this isn't poland, 20 PLN means nothing to the british worker because everything is in pounds here and its far more expensive. The minimum wage was to low to start and its still to low now which is why one of the scottish councils made it a policy to only pay a minimum of £7 per hour.
17 Jul 2010
UK, Ireland / Not all is bad for Poles in Scotland! [167]

[quote=Seanus]Times have changed and getting a job is a major undertaking for many graduates

68 graduates for every graduate position isn't it now?

listen i earn too much money to be honest and never had to use government pay outs but its just because i have been fortunate enough to be in the same employment , both military and civie

Then look at the bigger picture, if your earning £50k or £100k not everyone else can, there always has to be someone to be a bin man, warehouse worker or shop worker and they will get payed less than you but that doesn't mean they should be paid poorly.

The only solution to that is communism which nobody wants.
17 Jul 2010
UK, Ireland / Not all is bad for Poles in Scotland! [167]

why cant folk get a job to make things better for everyone relly if they dont get enough to live off that should be an incentive to get a job or go college

Its not easy for anyone to get work at the moment, even in the good times there wasn't enough jobs for all of the working population in the UK.

Many people are just stuck, if you live in a poor area with high employment then you will almost never be able to leave which is why the government is now talking about helping people to move out of these areas.

i dont diss all folk on it cause situations cant be helped but if they dont want to work

Its true that some are just idle, every country has people like this but not everyone has that attitude. A good start would be raising the minimum wage which is one of the lowest in western europe, if french companies have to pay 9 euros an hour then why do ours only have to way £5.85
17 Jul 2010
UK, Ireland / Not all is bad for Poles in Scotland! [167]

nad not nursery credits i pay for my kids and always have , dont tar me with a singleparents brush as i work for a living and if you could read you will see my kids are too old for nursery credits

You mean if i had read that far up the page. As i have just done that then iam sure you (if you are telling the truth) one of a handful of people that can afford to pay for 4 children without any help from the government.

yes they do but lets face it folk getting hand outs . where do you think majority of our tax goes ????

Do you really think that most of our tax goes on benefits, under labour the cost of child tax credits for the nation was £2 billion which is alot but considering how much tax is collected each year it is a drop in the ocean.
17 Jul 2010
UK, Ireland / Not all is bad for Poles in Scotland! [167]

Iam not saying they were only getting £40 per week, iam saying that after their energy bills e.t.c. they only had £40 a week to spend on food. Don't be so ignorant, watch the program.
17 Jul 2010
UK, Ireland / Not all is bad for Poles in Scotland! [167]

Cheaper imports, see Convex's above quote.

So remind us all who has the power to open up the markets to cheaper imports?.

Yes, people do that. If you dangle the incentive of "savings", people will make that choice. Blaming things on some third party doesn't cut it. People love cheap. They reap what they sow.

Yeh iam sure all the coal miners just gave up their jobs after the near civil war they fought just so they could have cheaper coal from poland.

not being funny but 40 pound i dont think so the gvernment tell jsa or income support by law what they have to give folk to live off , then child benefit on top then tax credits so hardly think 40 a week is correct

Well you can hear it for yourself if you like.

the poles are hardworking and pay tax like everyone else

And the brits are not i suppose.

i pay heavy tax for both incomes

So do i so i don't see why people coming into this country should be able to claim child tax credits for their previous year of work that they didn't do in the UK.

Who looks after the kid then?

Nursery credits
17 Jul 2010
UK, Ireland / Not all is bad for Poles in Scotland! [167]

I think you will find that was the government, we had a good manufacturing base and who got rid of that???.
Do you really think someone would ship their own job abroad, people don't do that companies and governments do that.
17 Jul 2010
UK, Ireland / Nursing staff from Eastern Europe about to 'flood' into UK ? [45]

The jobs are always secure, have you tried sacking a nurse when we have all the backing of the unions. These days you can't even sack someone who is drunk on the job. Trust me I've tried.

So nobody leaves their job through age or moving onto a better position or other work.
The point is whilst the nurses may not be sacked those that do leave will be replaced by agency workers just like in the private sector.
17 Jul 2010
UK, Ireland / Not all is bad for Poles in Scotland! [167]

i have found tha the only egotistical folk that dont like the poles working over here are folk that sit on their arses whiles folk like me and the poles pay plenty taxes to keep them on their arses . if they want to learn over here then so be it , uk is too full of chavs and morons who have no interest in work never mind learning

I take it your a daily mirror or sun reader then tabs, for your information the last government went to the trouble of analysing the worth of your polish workers that you regard so highly. Turns out the we are better of by 1p per person, WOW!.

And blaming chavs doesn't change the fact that many people are on benefits because the majority of work doesn't pay enough to have an acceptable standard of living but still many BRITISH people do these jobs. I don't know if anyone happened to see a program in the week called "fairy jobmother", there was a young familly of 3 and they only had £40 a week to spend on food so i find it hard to believe how anyone would think that people want to live like that.

Yeah, GB has really gone down the tubes by becoming a benefit state. The wages for some jobs have been driven down to such an extent that it makes living on benefits the better life. Sad but true and my contacts in Scotland confirm it to be the case.

Hmm, i presume that you might be ignorant to the fact that large amounts of migrant labour from all four corners of the globe has allowed companies to lower the pay that they offer because there will always be someone that will accept a lower wage.

This scenario is nothing new, at the height of the british empire (excuse the connection with the name) there were 4 million people unemployed in the UK.
25 Feb 2010
UK, Ireland / Britain... What the Poles did for us. [444]

Well, perhaps since they became involved in UK political parties like Labour/Conservatives, perhaps since they got seats in The Lords, perhaps when they embraced the educational system (more than a couple in Glasgow Uni) or since they opened up corner shops and worked hard (didn't Napoleon refer to Britain as a 'Nation of Shopkeepers'?)

Does bombing tube trains and buses count as being british aswell?.

Poland did well with intercepts and code cracking.

Don't get carried away seanus, poland only intercepted an early version of the enigma that was withdrawn at the outbreak of war, the later versions of enigma code required what are considered to be the first computers to break their codes.

What churchill did was to ensure that britain survived, for that i will take my hat off.
Whether polish people like that or not the reality is that poland was defeated and even with the benefit of hindsight this would have always been the outcome.
25 Feb 2010
UK, Ireland / Brits to protest against foreigners in the workforce, including Poles. [289]


Well last time the world logged on and checked that would have meant you were left wing.
Hence the reason why you jump on anything labour, pro immigrant or anti-british.
Sad really because if you ask me if you don't like british people then you should do like the rest and frigg off because we won't change for you.

You know barn i would bother to argue with you if my mental age had stalled at about 10 which would leave me in a situation that is similar to yours.

As for the rest of your rubbish, if you had bothered looking instead of letting your lefty ideas make your mind up for you then you wouldn't have missed what most people didn't.

So you just keep telling yourself everyone thinks like you, maybe even one day you will believe that.
18 Feb 2010
UK, Ireland / Brits to protest against foreigners in the workforce, including Poles. [289]

Consider the Neanderthal:) they became extinct because they didn't interact

There is much evidence to suggest the opposite.

The exchange of ideas, trade and so on are essential for the development of societies that means migration.

Indeed the exchange of ideas e.t.c is important, although its new to me that migration goes hand in hand. I cant remember the rest of the world getting for instance the jet engine and having to have 2 million brits as part of the bargain.

Monies earned will simply leave the country thus the migrant model you propose will not benefit the country. What you need is the spending power to stay and that means people stay.

Quite the opposite, jersey and guernsey are a good example of this as its very hard to settle and as such the amount of people that pay tax and NI but dont claim anything against the state is very high because they have gone home before they can claim it.

The declining population (without migration) is the wrong kind unless you want a nation of poor pensioners.

There already exists such a situation, its not uncommon for pensioners to die during winter because they cant afford enough heating. Even so instead of swerving the question would you like to tell me what we should do about the immigrants when they grow old?.

Your linked article is an exercise in spiteful, conspiracy nonsense.

I like it when people try dismiss something as wrong when it is fact, it shows just how ignorant some people are to the truth and how there attitudes and beliefs tell them what to believe. If you had taken a moment to maybe look for another source of the same story then you would have found many. Why not try everyones favorite place for info
select UK and have a read ;-)

Are you against migration in both directions?

I believe that if someone wants to migrate from the UK they should first of all be welcome by the majority and be able to offer something to the host country (skills) and they should not just dump themselves on another country because they can.

I dont see how this plan to eradicate the working class can be achieved.

You have to be a lefty with comments like that, only with communism can you get to a point where people are of the same class.
17 Feb 2010
UK, Ireland / Brits to protest against foreigners in the workforce, including Poles. [289]

Time to limit foreign students too me thinks why should we educated foreigners and leave our own out in the cold let them study in their own countries!

They have to pay full price and they most likely have a rich mummy and daddy that can give them spending money.

The company has to keep your job open? Prove it, please.

Check working law the UK government has a website and trust me i know, i happen to have a child. Just to back it up look at the top of the page its all there,

You mentioned Evolution and attempted to use it as a reason to oppose migration then softened your stance suggesting that migration could be on an ad hoc basis ie "phone the agency".

First i said humans have evolved to reject other culture, if they hadn't we wouldn't have different nations and different faiths. There is a difference between rejecting others and hating them as you were implying i meant the same.

Moving on to overseas jobs, no one would expect them to make a permanent move for a temp job but a temp move for a temp job is very normal, why not do a bit of digging and look at all the countries in the world that allow you to work under a permit system and require you to return home after the permit expires.

So onto your point about birth rates, the population falling in the UK is a good thing, the island is over crowded and if left unchecked will soon suffer in so many ways. This has already been pointed out by many experts and covered by many papers, for example icle6898174.ece . We don't need immigrants to top that up, this myth that has been spread by the government that we need immigration to look after an ageing population is a load of bulls*** which the pro immi folks like yourself lap up with out question. Lets see if this point hits home for all of you out there that think immigration will solve our issues with an ageing population, who is going to look after the immigrants when they get old????????? its a never ending cycle.
15 Feb 2010
UK, Ireland / Brits to protest against foreigners in the workforce, including Poles. [289]

You will get an opinion when you post something that demonstrates a reasoned thought process.

I was referring to your attempt to slate me, as i noted you were the one that didn't take note of the words i used so you your question for me to form an argument is unnecessary because of your lack of attention.

minimum wage for 3 years in a factory in Walsall when you have a degree?

I've seen many british people in the same position, the reality is there isn't and hasn't been enough work for people graduating from university.

Why make a fuss about unskilled jobs

Because the majority of the workforce does such work.

That's the same in any job. Whos job is rock solid safe these days.

Well said!

I've known of many cases where the job simply can't wait and they cannot resume their post thereafter. Then you're placed somewhere down the pecking order again. It is irresponsible to have many kids, I agree, but it's a reality for the state to address.

The company has to keep your job open, its required by law. As to delph complaining about people having large families the truth is that the UK birth rate has been declining and its only just starting to bounce back .

heres proof of it and iam sure it would be much lower if it wasn't for the high birth rates amongst certain parts of the immigrant population.
12 Feb 2010
UK, Ireland / Brits to protest against foreigners in the workforce, including Poles. [289]


You know full well who they are, you dont forget that easily.

You seem to know his name which is more than most. What do you think of Mark Collett, an ex-neighbour of mine? Or Martin Webster, Nick Griffin's ex-lover? Interesting people.

I only know his name because i put london nail bomber into google, not an exact science :)
Mark collett, i think hes expected to be the next leader and iam quite sure hes your ex neighbour considering you have lived everywhere ;-). Martin webster i know nothing about but all i could find on him was that he claimed to have had a relationship with nick griffin, not quite enough to make it true though is it.

Says it all really. Come on, admit it, you want them to do well.

I would like to see them do well , like wise for UKIP as its all pressure on the larger parties to change their immigration policies. And for that reason only so don't spout anti-fash crud as iam not interested.

You didn't have a vote in the last election? Why not? The usual reasons are being under 18, in jail or insane.

Your damn right i voted, strange though how i dont remember any party saying they were going to flood the UK with immigrants. The only two parties that had a policy to reduce immigration was UKIP and BNP.

Why do you think only 0.1% have come direct to the UK? Some sources please, not just racist hearsay.

Well the few that i would consider legal asylum applicants would be those that arrived by sea or air which would be very few as those are expensive ways to travel. The fact is we have numerous people waiting across the channel wanting to come in after they have crossed up to ten safe countries, they are breaking international law but the government doesn't care because its another cheap worker to add to the books.

And you didn't answer the question, relating to this thread (and forum). What is the BNP's policy on Polish migrants to the UK?

Now youv'e got me, we i suppose if they pulled the UK out of the EU then its very likely polish migrants are going to have a hard time getting into the country.

To be honest when i read the immigration policy there was nothing specifically for polish migrants.

Do you think it is unrealistic for the U.K. to leave or you just think they will not leave the E.U. if they get power?
I thought that was UKIP's main objective same with the BNP.

I think that its easier to trust the BNP on the matter thats all, UKIP isn't very old and i get the impression that they don't have the will to completely pull us out of the EU.

Although i will give them credit for giving the EU s*** when they stand up and speak :D

This forum is in English

Whats that got to do with the price of bread? and if you hadn't noticed i have been typing in english.

You really are are that sensitive?

There you go with your scissors again snipping away at my words, serial killer alert!

Thick as Champ...

Take it you don't like it when your smart mouth can't find an answer.

Consistency is a good place to start.
Form an argument, please form an argument.........

Eyes are a good place to start, i suggest you get a better pair so you can read "reject" and "hate" so you can understand the difference of meaning between the two.

So wheres your argument gone now then??

Incitement to racial hatred is an attack on people, it is the law's job to protect the people.

Problem is sean its kind of been hijacked, once again i hate to have to use wiki but its good enough.
inflammatory rumours about an individual i mean come on what sort of an offence is that, a good example is that christian couple that went on trial for criticising islam in the presence of that muslim women. If it wasn't for the large protests and support they would have been sent down for it. Bloody ridiculous!

Just as a final closing point, i know how you feel whatnext. I live in the neighbouring county and its a story ive heard many times but the truth behind it all is the government and big business are hand in hand when it comes to the matter, they only care about profit and taxes and the agencies are just jumping on the band wagon.

The fact is you can't compete against people that are prepared to share a house with 5-6 other people and have no knowledge about working rights or complaints about pay when they are getting 5 times as much as they would back home.

The best of luck for the both of you as you deserve better, i wish there was something more i could do for the pair of you.
11 Feb 2010
UK, Ireland / Brits to protest against foreigners in the workforce, including Poles. [289]

I think they have some excellent policies but as of late they have had alot of crisis in the party with the expenses scandal and numerous members leaving, great ideas but i get the feeling they just don't have the will to carry them through.

Originally they were setup as a pressure group to get the tories to pull us out of europe, which makes me wonder how serious they are about what they say, i've still voted for them a few times in the past though and i would say their on my list as a choice for the next general election.
11 Feb 2010
UK, Ireland / Brits to protest against foreigners in the workforce, including Poles. [289]

Can you back that up? And how would you know about "most of them"? Interesting...

Well why don't you stop being ignorant and do like i did, i mean come on they have a big website that you cant miss.

Like ive said before everyone likes to think they know the BNP but how many of us actually do, as the old saying goes you don't know someone until you know them. No i don't know any BNP members but atleast i bothered to find out about them from their website and not some UAF run webshite.

Who's irate? I think it was you who mention them most of the time. By the way, what's their policy on Polish migrant workers?

Your irrate because you over react to everything. If you just attempt to lecture people with out seeing reason then your audience will be small.

By the way, if you won the lottery, what would you spend it on?

Like i said you seem to be able to see into the future so why not give me the numbers and we will find out.

Have you been in one? I have.

Yeh you've been in everything, as far as your concerned there isn't anything you haven't seen or done.
... an appropriate song for yourself

the nail bomber was a BNP member.

Yes if i remember he was, if i remember rightly he left because the BNP was to soft for his liking. Iam not a fan of wiki but its the best i could find

You seem to know a lot about them - first you say you would have "absolutely no qualms" about voting for them, now you seem to know about their membership figures.

No i wouldn't have any quarms about voting for them if they had policies that i thought were the best for my country. Couldn't give a toss if they are racist, aliens or anything else.

Do you think we've never had "virtual ghettos" or "no go areas" before?

Not for whites no.

"Forced" in what way?

Don't know about you bud but i didn't have any say in it and when anyone complain about it they are just called a racist which is what labour did to stop other parties complaining about their immigration policies.

Its set to get better soon with the up and coming equality bill, get online and take a look

Your understanding of societal evolution is non existent, people didnt evolve to reject other cultures, people evolved, full stop. Dont try to bluff!

Well done einstein for noticing that, but while people in general haven't evolved to hate other races (but i wouldn't say africans have had a great time through history have they?) they have most certainly evolved to love their own and desire to be around their own. So they do reject other cultures and races because they wish to stay amongst each other but of course thats racist isn't it.

Racism is inhuman because it directly targets humans.

Thats an interesting theory, taxes directly target humans, are they inhumane aswell?

racism is thrown about insults

You only have to mention something about immigrants or another races that isn't supportive and you are automatically branded a racist.

Freely supporting savage logic sets you apart from who exactly?

Yes i choose to be savage like australia, canada and new zealand. But as your such a generous person why not spare some money so i can bring up an extra 2 kids, what do you mean no. I dont care if i haven't put enough into the system and you and your family will suffer for it through higher taxes you have to do it. Not so attractive is it now??

I have seen the BNP destroy British people, turning national pride in to xenophobia, freedom of speech into Incitement to racial hatred.

But i thought people are so affraid of the BNP and don't believe anything they say so why are you worried about them changing peoples minds. Incitement to racial hatred is such a sh** law it really is, its just designed to stop anyone from any race saying anything bad towards another. But as we love each other so much i cant understand why there has to be a national law to stop that from happening.

You really should put your 'brain' in gear before engaging your mouth. People seeking asylum are not allowed by law to work, even as voulnteers.

Well in reality 99.9% of all asylum seekers (succesfull or not) are illegal as they haven't followed the UN charter that states they must claim asylum in the first safe country they enter.

Maybe you should take some of your advice jonni and put your brain into gear.
11 Feb 2010
UK, Ireland / Brits to protest against foreigners in the workforce, including Poles. [289]

None whatsoever. At least their forerunners (and inspiration) invented the VW.

Strange that is, considering most of them are ex-servicemen and nick griffins father served in the RAF during world war 2 while jack straws (every prat lefties favourite man) father was in prison for refusing to fight.

They won't get even within a sniff of power

Then why are you so worried about that then?, if you are so sure that people will not provide the support then chill out a bit and stop getting all irate about the BNP.

Just add Hitler and you have the perfect internet post.

Well i was expecting the kids would join the conversation at some point. Snipping parts out and putting them together to say something different is what rapists and murderers do in their bedrooms with a sheet of A4 paper, a news paper and some glue.

Maybe you would like to take the time to prove me wrong instead?, once again why do we have black and white people then if humans are so pro integration?

You are staggeringly cynical and bitter.

Aren't they too a part of society?

No not at all, remind yourself who allowed them in, it wasn't me and it wasn't the majority of the british population. Thats right it was the government again!.

Undoubtedly. Though not by nailbombs in the pub. Unless Gordon's got a secret hobby.

I think your reffering to that guy that was once a member of the BNP, so i suppose that means the BNP was behind it then :D

Fortunately most British people are not so obsessed with foreign people, workers or not.

Strange because the last time there was a major pole it was about 80% of people that wanted tougher controls over immigration and about 60% that wanted policies to reverse the amount of immigration we have.

Maybe not obsessed but very concerned and desiring action.

But they won't have any impact on immigration or anything else because they will do so badly in the next election that they will lose their deposit in every seat.

Can you tell me my fortune and the lottery numbers while you are at it, come on fellas if you know that much you must know the lottery numbers aswell. Don't be shy now ;-)

Most are in nasty hostels.

Yes aweful places that are clean, modern, meals provided and all for free, so good that some of them decided to burn a new one of them down.

They aren't growing. A few mid-term votes in depressed areas. Hardly "cabbage".

I hate to have to put it to you but the BNP have been the fastest growing political party for some time. Just stating fact so don't go all lefty on me.

british society is multi-ethnic, and successfully so

hmm, so why is it we have many things that we never had before, like virtual ghettos, no go areas for whites and white flight???. All of that despite the efforts of the many ex comunist party members of the labour party and all the laws they have put in place to force natives into accepting foreigners.

While we are on the subject, how many people do you think will be jumping with joy when the new equality bill comes in that discriminates against whites, dont know about you but i wont be to happy if an asian person of similar skill gets a job over me just because he is asian. Before you call me a liar get on the net and have a read, i made the effort so you all can.

That is really silly logic by your reckoning a sliding scale of support should be introduced dependant upon contributions, good bye Health Service for a start.

I would say hes being quite generous, i would rather be like australia and canada where you get nothing for the first 3 years.
10 Feb 2010
UK, Ireland / Brits to protest against foreigners in the workforce, including Poles. [289]

My question was about asylum seekers and foreigners not about foreigners and British people or British to English as I was asking about your original quote.

What i was implying was that you can tell by the country of origin that the majority are successful asylum seekers, still the point is that the majority of the housing is not held by native people.

I think specialisations in medicine and technology are also what E.U. countries should be gearing towards.

Iam sure theres many options that could be explored, japan and korea used to be poor countries 60 years ago but they have both pulled their socks up and become powerful economies without the need of large numbers of migrant workers. Saying that though they are not obsessed with class systems like we are.

usually for inciting hatred.

Kids have been convicted of the same offence, thats a silly crime. Moving on though its obvious the crimes were committed but its a shame the public's knowledge of politicians convictions doesn't seem to extend much further than the BNP, well i suppose they wouldn't when the very papers they read support either the labour party or conservative party, if they did know abit more then i doubt they would ever vote for anyone again.

handy lists of some BNP activists crimes for voters wondering who might be representing them if they tick the wrong box.

Well we have been voting for a corrupt government for the last 12 years so what the hell!
In for a penny in for a pound :D
9 Feb 2010
UK, Ireland / Brits to protest against foreigners in the workforce, including Poles. [289]

I quoted links that explicitly show the racism inherent in the BNP and they were not from other parties.

Come on sean i took you for a better person than one of those that just say "but its on the internet so it must be true" type of person. Dont get me wrong its well know that the BNP has its roots in a racist group that were created after the government decided that it would be a good idea to allow large numbers of carribean and asia people to settle in the country without the consent of the population. A little bit of history repeated maybe?

Is it also a myth? :

OK sean i will be fair and put a finer point on it so as to not confuse you, iam referring to successful asylum applicants which in reality there should be none in the UK as international law states you should claim asylum in the first country you come to and not the 5th or 6th.

Are all the foreigners asylum seekers?
There is a very big difference between the two.

Well if you look at the country of origin then it kind of gives it away.
Even so the percentage of british people (so they could be of other race) that reside in a council house in my city is about 30%.

Most likely because they are not so good at deceiving the local council when it comes to obtaining housing. If you like i could give you examples as i happen to work with people who are more than happy to tell me how they do it.

A good example of what?

A good example of people are treated when they are not welcome but the government sees it fit to invite them. Come on sean iam guessing your british and iam no oak tree but i still no the history of race riots in the UK.

A bizarre claim. On the estates near my home, in a multicultural city, the faces on the estates are generally white.

Yes it is bizarre that british people are put first but the facts speak for themselves.

Almost certainly many more than you, having lived there.

Wow jonni how do you fit it all in having worked for lloyd of london and running your own business, i commend you on even finding time to post on these forums.

too sensible to vote for an openly racist

Well i would say you are wrong there for one reason, if they were openly racist they would have been prosecuted and shut down. Even so the right of a man in his own country to dislike someone from another country is entirely his and legal whether you, i or the queen of england likes it or not. There is no such thing as thought police.

Europe in general has had a lot of immigrants the "violence" has not materialised despite what a lot of drama queens say. Racism is inhuman because it's against humans, trying to combat something inhuman within the parameters of the law is a good thing.

The violence has materialised but each time it does the governments apply marshal law and complain to the natives that they are the ones that have to change, french riots a few years ago spring to mind. Even so the largest reason why people are so passive on the subject is because there are very few that have the power or influence that live in these areas so nothing changes.

The BNP are a racist organisation Ukip are not. Racism is inhuman draw your own conclusions.

Well old cameron said once that UKIP are closet racists but whether they are or not shouldn't bother any potential voters because the world "racist" is very loose and widely applied these days, sticks and stones and all that.

I would say racism isn't inhumane just a not so nice part of human nature as humans have evolved to reject other cultures and races and have developed into separate communities and nations that rejected mixing, if it wasn't true then why do we have black and white people???.

Stopping immigration is not racist, throwing non whites out is.

Not at all, if some one has come to work and they are no longer a use then the host country should not have to provide for them, india didn't think much of cancelling a huge amount of work visas and making all the holders reapply. O sh1t thats not racist though is it because they are coloured.

The migration model is the easiest way to do this.

And the most destructive, history has shown that (roman empire being a good example).
But if the only thing that matters to you is how much money you have then all i can say is you are missing out on a hell of alot of life.

Wasn't an issue until what, 18 months ago? It'll cease to be an issue again within a couple of years.

Thats very true, there was enough work but there is a difference between having foreign workers and foreign workers that have a right to permanent residency.

Lets say you are correct, how do you propose to increase productivity without migration?

Increase efficiency through the use of technology, increase the level of high tech funding and university funding for the appropriate training and cancel the 2 illegal wars that we are fighting. JD! :D

Governments do publish statistics each year, you just don't read them but they are freely available on the web.

The government always fiddles the figures and its been spread across the news multiple times for all to see, if you want information at least go independent and dont rely on the state.

Regarding immigration something like would be a good place to start especially for all you UKIPer's out there ;-)
9 Feb 2010
UK, Ireland / Brits to protest against foreigners in the workforce, including Poles. [289]

I don't know much about the UKIP, I am just curious.

I would say that they are fairly equal on immigration except that the BNP wish to reverse immigration which is more important than just stopping it, we are already overcrowded and at the rate that immigrates reproduce the british will become a minority in the UK as they already are in london and soon will be in leicester.

I wonder how many people feel comfortable about that?.

I think it is scary to see people vote for clearly known racists especially when there is an alternative like the UKIP.
I have to say it reminds me of Hitler's rise to power.

There is quite a difference between hitlers rise to power and the BNP gaining support.
Although it always surprises me how quick people are to claim the BNP are racist as an organisation, there is evidence that some members are in the same way that some members of the other parties are (anyone remember the labour MP that was racially abusive towards a polish traffic warden?) or infact alot of people are so as the old saying goes if you keep complaining to people they dont listen. If you want to know something about the BNP then go to them as relying on another party to do so is a mistake because they all slate each other and spread rumours.

Just as Germans didn't know what they were getting until it was too late

haha good one jonni, i wonder how many germans you have spoken to on the matter.
Before you ask i have german in the family so i have spoken to quite a few of that era

This is the kind of myth that leads the stupid and easily led to vote for nutty fringe parties.

Its not a myth that asylum seekers were given priority for housing, the details are freely available from your local council and i have viewed my local councils and the proportion of foreign people in council housing is far higher than that of native people.

That's about it really the old saying about the "patriot loves his country and the nationalist hates everyone elses".

First time i have heard that one, i would just say that nationalism is an extreme form of patriotism. Spain was nationalism once but they had many foreigners that resided in the country with no large reports of racial violence. Which leads me to wonder why people view racism as unhuman when the only way to suppress it is with the fear of legal action.

50s,60s & 70s britain is a good example.
8 Feb 2010
UK, Ireland / Brits to protest against foreigners in the workforce, including Poles. [289]

Polish have a different work ethic to the Brits and most europeans.

I think what we are looking at are bigger incentives, given the chance most poles will be just as lazy as anyone else its just that for the moment the lure of money gives them the drive to work. Saying that if i got five times more money than i do right now i would certainley have a better work ethic, not to say i have a bad one but it it would be different.

i now have my own business in England.

I have now and previously had many foreign workers. I can honestly say that i would always employ a Pole over any other nationality ( as long as their language skills are good).

I think you need to take a few minutes to understand what you have said as the answer is in the response you gave, as a business owner i can understand why you enjoy having large numbers of low paid, harder working individuals as you main concern is for your business and not for your employees so its natural that you should be pleased.

concerned about their working rights

So they should be, that isn't a bad thing and it shouldn't worry you if you are treating your staff well?.

Why do people always have to bring the BNP into these kind of debates

Well i would says theres two reasons why, the first one is an attempt to stifle any conversation regarding immigrants or immigration and the second reason is because they are scared of the BNP gaining power because it would rain on their parade.

Personaly i see the BNP as a tool, infact i see all parties as a tool because they are there to do the things that i and others would like to see done, in the case of the BNP i have no quarms in voting for them as i see them as a tool to control and reverse the immigration that has spoilt a once prosperous (no debt) and pleasant country. If we are honest with ourselves we dont vote for a party because we agree with everything they say, we only vote because they tick the most boxes when it comes to what matters most to us which is why i dont care if some members of the BNP are racist or not because as our recent MP scandal has show our MP's are not as nice as we thought they all were.

People can say what they like in public because behind closed doors anything can happen.
16 Nov 2009
USA, Canada / American people attitude towards Poles in the USA [98]

The press will always pick on relatively isolated instances of anti social behaviour by immigrants to peddle their political messages and some idiot Brits will continue to believe what they read.

Well i just so happen to have a friend that works in the county police force so let me repeat what he has told me. The area that has the highest concentration of polish in the local city consists of two roads that are back to back and covers about 300 houses, he informs me that the police are called to this area on a regular basis because of fights between groups of polish that are normally drunk and occasionally it spills over into the nearby area that has a large population of black and asian people. He also informs me there are a large amount of burglaries that occur in the area as well with the vast majority being committed by poles against poles.

I assume alot of them came and worked cheaply
thats the same problem we have with the Mexicans

Yes that is the case, i can speak from experience that the influx of east european workers has reduced the wage of many many people, it varies but my wage has dropped about 25% to 30% but the biggest difference has been the change in working conditions. Saying that there are worst hit sector that have seen a wage reduction of 100% or more. Great for companies but $hite for the rest of us that have a family to support and a mortgage to pay. Even the prime mister has said that immigration had reduced the wage in some sectors.

It is also thought that one in every four English people have French Huguenot ancestry.

These sites have more information on this:

I would suggest that you take everything that is on wiki with a pinch of salt, the site may say that one in every four English people have French Huguenot ancestry but at the same time they say this,

"genetic evidence suggests that 75–95% descend in the paternal line from prehistoric settlers who originally came from the Iberian Peninsula. There is a significant Norse element, as well as a 5% contribution from Angles and Saxons, though other geneticists place the Norse-Germanic estimate up to half".
15 Oct 2009
News / Mass immigration to Poland - article and response [479]

It just goes to show how sh@t the UK has become. You know this isn't the worst thing that i know of, up north there are groups of pakis that gang rape teenage white girls but because the girls are white and the police don't want to offend the muslim community they do very little about stopping it. One female politician even went as far as trying to excuse what they had done by saying it was acceptable in islam to have sex before marriage if it was with a none muslim so this was the reason why they targeted white girls.

Fu*kin crazy or what!
10 Oct 2009
UK, Ireland / Sad life of a Polish migrant in the UK. Ch. 5 - Racism [259]

To suggest that your post has no genesis in the previous post is disingenuous.

Lets make it a bit easier for him yeh.
plagiarism not plagarism, stealing somebody's work or idea and claiming it as original.
Or if you look at it from a different angel they could just have the same beliefs, beliefs that any normal adult would have which is that it is rare for us to become racist for the sake of it.