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31 Dec 2009
Work / Salary for Teaching EFL in Krakow [120]

Is 3,000 pln enough to live reasonbly comfortably on in Krakow?

depends what you mean by "comfortably". Most people get on by this type of wage in Poland, when you consider that the average wage is currently around 3,200 PLN pre tax.
21 May 2009
Law / English-speaking bank in Warsaw ? [33]

BISE, which has been taken over by DNBNord, use to have a french speaking service (it was owned by Banques Populaires). So You could try with DNBNord to see if this still exists

PS I confirm Citibank service is crap, I was a client for 2 years
20 May 2009
Law / English-speaking bank in Warsaw ? [33]

Seriously, I know, but when I withdraw money, the conversion PLN - EUR is automatically done to the daily rate.

If I were you, I would check this "daily rate" applied against the NBP rate published daily.. then you'll find out what the hidden commission is!!
20 May 2009
Law / English-speaking bank in Warsaw ? [33]

For the others 80% I've my international card (no fees no commission :))

What kind of international card (apart from a polish one of course) offers you no fees no commission in Poland? Remember that it is not in the Eurozone!
25 Apr 2009
Life / Driving test, English speaking driving school in Warsaw? [95]

Apr 26, 09, 00:00 - Thread attached on merging:
"Bilingual" driving school


I am looking for a driving school which can give lessons in english in Warsaw, if possible in the center or near Wilanow. Grateful for any clues..