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7 Apr 2009
Love / What do Polish guys think of Irish girls? [187]

Apr 7, 09, 23:31 - Thread attached on merging:
what polish men think or irish women?

im new to this forum and i was reading a few comments on what polish and what appears to be irish men also think of irish women. to be honest im quite offended at some of the comments as i think it is prejudice to class one of race of women as ugly loud and obnoxious. im an irish woman who happens to 5ft 9 long blonde hair with blue eyes and all my life my fellow country people and foreigners who visit our beautiful country have often asked me whether im norwegian, swedish, danish and more recently the comments i get are, am i russian or polish. more than anything in the world i would love to look completely irish because i think Irish women are really beautiful and are as equally as beautiful as any other type of woman from other countries. my husband is Italian and when he met me first he also thought that i was danish and i quickly told him that im a confident,bilingual irish woman and very strong in my culture and tradition. the fact i had marry a foreigner so that i could raise our children through both of our languages irish and italian as any irish man i dated was not interested in raising future children through irish which i found very disappointing as i find most irish men to be very handsome and charming. i do agree on one point though that i find more recently that my fellow irish women do not dress appropriately to their bodyshape and do tend to drink more and eat very bad food and dont hold themselves very well i think this is from a lack of confidence and low self esteem and sites were other people insult their looks, body shapes and personalities is not very positive, but these women need to turn their lives around and if they did you would probably see the rebirth of the Irish beauty that American men and other men in the world for that matter wanted to fall in love with or marry only approx 7-8yrs ago. i would encourage you please as men to go out and try to be a little less critical as the love of your life could well end up be part of the group you are disrespecting with the awful words you use in your threads.