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15 Apr 2010
Law / Visa Stamp if you overstay (American with a Polish Wife) [29]

So, listen to Ksysia. Although no solicitor is needed.

My wife contacted the regional wojowódzkie and spoke to the person who interviews applicants who file for the karta pobytu. He said spouses of Polish citizens cannot be detained, deported or fined or punished in any way for not having proper visa documents. He said to just come in and file.

So based that we went to our local Ursąd Miasta, got a temporary zameldowanie (using my passport without a visa stamp) then went and filed for the karta pobytu. We are awaiting the interview with the very guy who told us to do this. The woman who accepted the application said all the papers were in order and we might not even be interviewed - who knows.

The secret is to marry a Polish Woman!

If any wrinkles show up, I will update this thread.

Thanks to everyone for your help and input!
6 Apr 2010
Law / Visa Stamp if you overstay (American with a Polish Wife) [29]

We already had a kind of run in - but with the RyanAir Ticket agent. We took a quick side trip to Spain and the ticket agent got all upset because while my American passport was valid, my Schengen stamp was not. She called in th Border Guards. After the guards spoke to my wife, they let us go and told us to fix the passport and get a stamp when we get back. Interestingly, the Spanish authorities could care less about all this so we came back and now here we are.
6 Apr 2010
Law / Visa Stamp if you overstay (American with a Polish Wife) [29]

So if my wife of 30 years and I came here to Poland (from America)to take care of her Mother and now that Mom is better and we've been here for 7 months, we'd like to stay longer.

My wife has everything (Polish Passport, Pesel, etc.) but what about me. Do I have to take a trip out of Shengen and back just to get stamped? I never got a visa because we had no idea we would be here so long, but we both like it so much we don't want to go back yet.

We are planning to just go over to the Town Hall (Sopot) and see if they either arrest me or stamp my passport.
Any help would be appreciated.