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6 Mar 2009
Work / Brazilian moving to Poland - job ideas, Polish language, other tips? [30]

Thread attached on merging:
Brazilian wants to live in Poznan

Hey everybody,
Well, I knew a girl from Poznan and I really want to be with her.
Could u guys tell me about the economy, life, job in Poznan?
I have advanced English, Spanish and Portuguese!
I appreciate any suggestion.

I just want to live with my girl in Poznan...
Thanks :)
6 Mar 2009
Life / Good place to live in Poland (if you want to move on)? [66]

hey guys!
How are you?
Well, I'm from Brazil and Graduate in Business; I have experience in USA too...
Soo I'm starting to think about live in Poznan - Poland, I would like u guys tell me about it!
I have a princess in Poznan and I'm thinking to move and be with her!
How is life in Poznan and about job?
I appreciate any contact.