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24 Apr 2013
Life / Could Poland become an immigrant country? [42]

Hi there all, sat here with currently little to do today having just arrived back from Poland. Thought I would add to this quite interesting topic; though it is my opinion that some points are not being considered.

I love Poland, I have been going there for the past 6 years now, a couple weeks or so at a time. Whilst I was there an uncle of my partner and I were discussing the financial state of Poland as regards to individuals' living circumstances and the lack of jobs available in the state.

I made a point about immigration could help solve some of the problems in Poland. What some people fail to realise is that an economy's financial state cannot move forward without more money coming into a country in some form of investments.

Now I am not an economist, but I do know a fair amount about business development and strategy, and we all know that business plays a major factor in one's economy, that's just common sense.

Without immigration Poland simply will not grow; financially, socially nor culturally all of which are traits that can give an economy financial stability, better education, though I do know the state's education is very good, but why not make it even better. Most of all however, it can create more jobs and a better standard of living for all not just the wealthy.

How I think immigration can help is the same way it has helped the West, in particular England and the US. Immigrants have come along with their own ideas and culture and diversity and moulded it to fit the society they live in. They then create companies, big and small, that pay taxes to the state but MOST OF ALL some will have links with other countries that then may wish to invest in that particular company, which in turn brings money into the country and MORE tax being paid and the MORE jobs created.

The more contacts one has with the outside world the more they will be able to attract business and investment. This could be because of the cheap labour that may exist, the quality of products within the country or simply because of the huge diversity of cultures it has helping increase tourism.

This cannot happen unless the polish people/government change their ideologies about immigration.

the majority of polish people's standard of living is quite poor, so I am told by this uncle – who by the way has just built a really nice house, so he is more on the wealthy side if anything.

Frankly, there is just huge amounts of potential in Poland but until the Zolty gets stronger the big boys will not be rushing to invest because returns are minimal. That can only happen until cheap labor comes along to help polish people build business or they allow an influx of immigrants who can bring some capitol into the country creating links with their home country. This will build the economy of Poland improving the strength of the currency. Without immigration Poland is constantly going to be left behind even though it has the potential to be on par with the likes of the western countries.

It's simple all the countries that are financially stable to some extent in other words currency is still holding up since the recession, in comparison to the zloty, they are countries that have welcomed immigration some countries have done so reluctantly.

Even polish people now are contributing to UK's economy massively as are Chinese blacks and Asians – not all I'm not that naïve :)

Essay over, all have a good evening.
17 Nov 2009
Love / Are there Polish women who date black guys? [281]

Mine. Read it, think about it, read it again,got it?

that is out of context from what i was talking about with shelly. so obviously it isn't going to make sense is it? if you go back to what we were discussing you may realise how much of an idiot you sound to me.

You being full of ****. Graduate, barrister and pilot who cannot spell and does not know when to use capitals. What happened to "flight school" by the way?

you obviously don't know what the word stickler means.
also there wasn't a problem with my spelling but a problem with the keyboard of the computer i was using at the time which presented about 3 'a's each time i pressed the 'a' key. read in context mate, it helps a long way, or was you not taught in school in fact everyone who goes to school is taught you must be one of the guys that just didn't listen.

graduate - yes i am and so are millions of others.
barrister- not yet i am completing a postgraduate course knows as the BVC which once completed i can call myself a barrister.
pilot- hmmm, well since i have a PPL (if you don't know what that is then pick up an aviation book) i can actually call myself a pilot just not a 'commercial pilot'. huge difference. but if you read a thread that i posted PROPERLY then you may notice that i was going to go and train to advance, but due to circumstances and the future of commercial pilot careers looking shaky and also not wanting to pay near £100,000 with that in mind and prospects of getting a job very uncertain , as a person with some intelligence it didn't seem like the best move and my girlfriend is happy which was a factor in my decision not to go forth with flight school. yes i am fortunate in many ways, to have a family business to work in which is doing very well and as the eldest son i would be stupid to turn my back on it especially when I could earn more then any pilot or barrister.

don't hate because my life may sound better than yours - joke. the funniest thing is that you make graduating sound like a huge and difficult task to achieve and only a hand full of people can graduate . Ok it is difficult but not impossible, this tells me your not a graduate, which is ok university isn't for everyone.

lastly if i felt that i would be speaking to sticklers of grammar and people who would really care or on a professional website then yes i would ensure spelling and grammar were priority. but i am not, am i this isn't my CV i am writing for a set of chambers. haha idiot (i say that loosely i am sure you aren’t a complete idiot -johnny bravo)

We play this game at work we call it "do or die" I have chosen death many times ;0)

But what if they're both homosexuals? Since this is all hypothetical, I can throw my comments in to the mix ;0)

lol nice way to avoid the question :)

well good night i am off to do some work. TC - take care
17 Nov 2009
Love / Are there Polish women who date black guys? [281]

ok sensible answer. but this may sound childish, if you had to pick one....
and yes i certainly do agree there has to be a 'degree' of attraction as you said implying it isn't everything. so keep that in mind in answer to the question. im just curious. :)
17 Nov 2009
Love / Are there Polish women who date black guys? [281]

Not really, its the same difference, to those who have friends and family who have been solicitors very long time tend to refer to it as it was.

true, but it is misleading, a lot has changed since the end of 'articles'. further, for one to be using that term when informing another whilst still in practice is, as i said, misleading and shows their lack of detail to developments within their profession. on the other hand, they just work for a rubbish practice and have no law graduates wanting to complete their TC with themselves. :/

either way it is now incorrect.

Thats nothing to be proud of!

ok it wasn't a 'first class- 1:1' but coming from one of the top universities in england i am proud of myself and with it (2:1) i am sure i am to find employment within a top firm or chambers if one where seeking employment.

(TC? Terms and Conditions? - using acronyms doesn’t make you look smart!)

???? why would i ever think it displays some form of my intelligence? that comment, although amusing, just suggest something to me about yours to even think that..

The above I can agree with until the point where you mention the word "women" after that it goes down hill, because, you are almost admitting she is with your purely for your wealth and nothing more. But I must ask you a question, do you have speech impediment..only the over use of "a" seems to point towards this.

haha i don't know what to make of this, i am not a stickler for spelling and grammar but i could sit here all day correcting your errors, within that same sentence there are about 3 grammatical errors, which is ironic! secondly, only an idiot would point out the fact that there are more 'a's than are actually needed and assume it had something to do with my speech and not make a more sensible assumption and infer it had something to do with my keyboard - i actually thought you had a brain from your first response, i beg to differ. lastly, if you are going to indicate a specific word and put it within commas, then please use the exact word you are quoting. i say this because from the above comment i have not used the word 'WOMEN', i said 'WOMAN'.

but back to the main point of that, i was talking of women in general not the woman i am with. even so, if this were the case, then it is only natural for a person to upgrade. i woman isn't going to be with a man that treats her like crap and hasn't a penny to his name when there is another man who wants her and is hard working and has money and treats her right. thus, if she is with me for that reason and she is happy and i am happy then there isn't a problem since relationships are in the main built on two couples being happy together for what ever reason.

Question ShellyS, which i may just post out of interest. poor white man that has no charm nor respect for women or wealthy black man that has charm and respects women and is likely to make you happy in most ways

26 Oct 2009
Love / Are there Polish women who date black guys? [281]

I didn't know that word 'mulatto' is offensive as it's saying in dictionary:

Yes but it is only a word. Half cast was once acceptable but due to politcaal correctness one should use 'mixed race'

Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me.
25 Oct 2009
Love / Are there Polish women who date black guys? [281]

He's a graduate, he's just bragging, I know that grad places are VERY thin on the ground in M/c this year at law firms

Haha who said anything about working for a law firm my business earns more money trhan aany law firm could pay me. Yes i aam a law graduate with a (2:1 Hons) and currently training part time as a barrister at MMU BVC look it up. Just to clarify when i say my business i am referring to my father's business. i only ever studied law to gain skills which are easily transferable to the family business. Although, you are right competition is fierce in manchetsr for TCs Training Contracts and pupillage for those who wish to become a barrister. Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on what side of the fence one is on, it is who you know and what you know that gets you into the legal realm and gain job security.

the way i see it nothing is better thaan being your own boss, the sky is the limit and i have fun day in day out and experiences one could never get from 3 years completing an LLB or even BVC.

No,polish girls told me they like blacks because some of them are loaded with money(till the top of the head as one showed me)

This is true for some woman Polish or not but doesn't matter if it is a black man or not.
My view on this matter which in fact i have spoke with my father about before, is this....

if a maaan has gained aa certaain statues of wealth black or white or aaany other colour, it is apaart of who he is. thus, if a woman wishes to be with a maan because of his wealth then so be it, he probably knows this is the case anyway. No one else can take away his ability to make money, that's apart of who he is simple as that just as beauty or good looks is apart of any other man or woman.

the day, if there is such a day, that he becomes less well off and expects that woman to be staying around then what a fool he is.


it is no longer called articles, they are called traaaining contraacts, you maaaybe showing your aaage there :)
25 Oct 2009
Love / Are there Polish women who date black guys? [281]

This explains murzyn attraction.Where did you steal such a car?

Hmm, i'm quite sure i said i bought. As SzwedwPolsce states, some people do work. just to rub it in even more, because i assume you are jealous and possibly will never own a nice car, i am only 22. Yes i suppose life can be good for some despite their colour. although, i do work very hard and so can afford to be as one said, 'materalistic', on the other hand, i do have a passion for BMWs.

i was only joking too hence, 'haha'. :)
25 Oct 2009
Love / Are there Polish women who date black guys? [281]

Hm, isn't that called "Afro-British" nowadays?

Hmm first i have heard that one, but since i live in England, we use black British. besides, i do not have an afro haha,i keep my hair short and tidy.

You're such a materialistic creature.

materialistic - you do not even know me, maybe i am, maybe i just have a passion for BMWs and cold tell you a lot about the history of BMW up to today or i just can simply afford to buy one. :). do not judge before you get to know someone, a lesson well learned by myself in business, shows bad character and ill-thought. i will assume, you use the word 'creature' in an intelligent and generic way.
25 Oct 2009
Love / Are there Polish women who date black guys? [281]

Haha, i am a black British living with my wonderful woman who is polish, surely that answers the question??? :)

My observation is that girls tend to be more tolerant, guys are more jelaous for their polish girls

completely agree, my girlfriend and i were both hesitant to attend her first cousins wedding in poland. after talking about it we both decided to go and frankly i had one of the best times i have had in a while.

i woyuld just like to say that when it caame to the vodka drinking, i certainly held my own!!! haha

however, i did get the odd stare but hey when your the only black guy in town and probably the only one to have passed through in a while i would stare too.

In fact since we enjoyed so much we are planning on driving there at xmas in my new 5series BMW :) i had to put that in im just too excited about getting it. whoop
1 Feb 2009
Love / Are there Polish women who date black guys? [281]

Haha, i find this quite amusing. Anyway i have just joined this website and decided to give an answer to the question from my point of view.

i do think Polish woman do like black men, but like any othere decent woman, they will chose a decent man. it does not matter if he is black white or any other colour, for anyone to chose on such a basis is clearly not decent.

I am currently dating a Polish woman, for a year now, and she is amazing in every way and i make her happy and she makes me happy.

It has nothing to do with color.

One love one heart - Bob Marley hehe