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29 Jan 2009
Language / Ukrainian language similar to Polish? [236]

if I didn't know Russian I wouldn't be able to understand them.

well..I'm Ukrainian but have a lot of friends in Poland. They speak neither Russian nor Ukrainian. We spend together sommer (Ukarainians, Russians and Poles). And they understood better Ukrainians, not Russians. Sure your knowledge of Russian helped yu very much. but if you didn't know both, Ukrainian would be easier for u

DUżo DObro

dUże DObre

Win MAje boHAto SYniw (not sure of this one).


Brat nie howoRIT po ukraINśki.

This one was in Russian

As far as I know "ponimat" is "razumet" in Ukranian... At least my ukranian friend uses mostly razumet.

Sorry, but your friend is mistaken. It sounds like "rozumIty" or "rozumIt'