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Speaks Polish?: I speak a language that is close to Polish.
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22 Feb 2009
Life / Russian rap vs Polish rap [87]

Both are good. It might also depend on which language you understand.
11 Dec 2008
Language / Ukrainian language similar to Polish? [236]

I actually live in the U.S but was born in an Eastern European country. My last name is Polish and I speak around 93% Ukrainian and 7% Russian words in the mix. Keep in mind that I am a western Ukrainian and Polish by blood. Also, my grandpas dad was most likely Polish and he or his parents went all the way to western Ukraine, intermarried with the locals there, and then moved on to Moldova. When World War 2 started, my grandpas dad got called up to the war in 1942 and was sent back to Poland where I have evidence that he joined the Armija Krajowa. He killed 3 Germans, 1 a high ranking officer, before he got caught and was executed.
9 Dec 2008
Language / Ukrainian language similar to Polish? [236]

I am a Ukrainian speaker. Ask me something in Polish and I'll try to see what it means. And please do not use the Polish letters/characters.