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19 Feb 2009
Genealogy / Mongolian the Golden Horde - do Poles have Mongolian ancestry? [255]

most Polish people (more than half) belong to the Sub-Nordic type, which is basically a mixture of Nordic with Ladogan with the Nordic gene being dominant (the Ladogans were an ancient ppl in North Eastern Europe of mixed white and Mongolian ancestry) and the rest or more 1/3 are either Nordic or Alpine. So yes we do have a little Mongolian admixture. Based on the newest genetic studies it is the Ukrainians who are the closest to us my blood, them already being Slavic like us, makes that not surprising. But also Hungarians are related to us as well, i'm not sure how but its been proven. Hungary has always been Polands friends, a king of Poland was also a king of Hungary at the same time, in the Russo-Polish War when Poland fought and beat Russia in 1920 Hungary wanted to send 30,000 soldiers to fight alongside Poland, in 1956 Hungarians supported Polish anti-communist uprising in Poznan, later on the same year Polish supported them in their uprising against Russian domination.
19 Feb 2009
Genealogy / Are all Poles blue eyed and blonde? [428]

i'm Polish and i have dark blond hair and bluish green eyes, my bro has light brown hair and blue eyes, sister got dark blond hair light green eyes same as my mom, pops got black hair and baby blue eyes. All of us including my father, as kids had light blond hair, most peoples hair darkens with age. Polish people are mostly of the Nordic stock with a bit of admixture of other groups, that is why most of us got blond to medium dark brown hair with blue, green or gray eyes.
7 Feb 2009
Genealogy / Polish person's average height? [210]

me, my brother all my male cousins are much taller, i'm 6'6 (198cm) my bro is 6'1, cousins are, 6'4, 6'4, 6'3, and the shortest one is 6'0.
18 Jan 2009
Love / What do Polish guys think of Irish girls? [187]

I'm a Polish guy,most of the ones i know are Irish American, and i think they're hot. Most of the girls i've went out with were in fact Irish. Just about all my Polish friends find them very atractive, exept for the ones that can't get none lol. And what i like most is the pretty faces, and you girls got nice butts too :)
25 Dec 2008
Love / Nice Polish women photos [329]

Here ya go Agata Wrobel Pure Polish beauty

hahhaaha ohhh my god, i know a girl that looks like her