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30 Apr 2010
Love / British male with Polish background. Marriage in Poland. [12]


I don't think there should be any problem. I got married to an Irish dude, myself being Polish.
We got married in Registry Office in Ireland last year and we are having the catholic blessing (I think that's the proper name cause legally we are already married) in the Catholic Church in August over in Poland.

After getting married in IRL I had to let our gmina ;) know that I'm married to be able to change my name in my passport and all that, so we went with all translated documents over to Poland and had it sorted within a day. On my wedding cert from Irl you can see my Irish address. In gmina they put both addresses (my polish and irish one) in their files. Priest did the same so everyone is happy :)

I'm guessing then the address doesn't really matter.

Congrats and good luck!!
6 Jan 2010
UK, Ireland / Polish English marriage in England- advice please [21]

Hey Sean,

I'm Polish and got married to an Irish fella recently so maybe can help u a bit in here.
I'm guessing the documents u need to provide would be the same in UK and in ROI.
We got married in Registry Office in Ireland and planning a catholic church wedding in Poland soon. It's a little bit different than your case but we went through all the options so know exactly what you may need.

If you married in catholic church before (1st marriage) u need to get it annulled. U know that already.
While waiting for annulment (if you wanna go that way) you can plan a civil ceremony. Most of the Registry Offices in Poland have all the facilities to make yr day very special, with champagne and all that stuff...

For civil ceremony we needed to get appointment 3 months before the wedding to provide all the documents (the same in Poland). You should call the office asap to check if the date that u've chosen is available. U r gonna need to bring yr birth cert (translated), yr fiancee birth cert, yr divorce cert translated (don't know the exact name of the document), your passports. We had to bring or witnesses copy of the passports as well.

We had a quick interview in the office to prepare some kind of marriage notification and that was it.
On the day don't forget to bring yr passports and yr witnesses should bring them too.

We got married in a civil ceremony in ROI before the church wedding in Poland to avoid some of the paperwork, cause it's a pain in the ass to fly back and forward to Poland just to bring the paperwork (we live in Ireland).

I bet ya the church wedding is gonna be even bigger pain for u than a civil one.
I know cause mine is a pain...
For church wedding you need to get appointment with a priest to fill in the paperwork - again it's an interview. If you are not very religious I wouldn't even mention it to a Polish priest, unless he's a very nice fella.

The docs you need:
- christening certs
- confirmation certs
- passports
- Pre-marriage course cert
- if both of u live in UK you should go to a priest in yr Parish and get him to give you permission to marry in different Parish than yr own

- and of course the annulment cert from the first marriage.

Hope I helped a little bit. The best way is to simply call them up and ask what u need to bring.

Good luck
31 Mar 2009
Love / I need your opinion ladies - Polish girl very friendly with her ex. [47]

It's hard to believe they are just friends cause if you break up with somebody, there is a good reason for that.
Maybe the ex is a control freak and he's trying to keep her close cause he still has some feelings for her. Maybe she's just too blind to see...

Some Polish guys like to be in control that way (I know from my own experience - my ex was stalking me when we broke up and I threw him out of the apartment). He's playing all nice but there could be a certain reason for that.

Or it could be her. Maybe she wants to keep him close...
Did you try to hang out with them? I think the best way would be to see how they act when they r with each other. The body language says it all!