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2 Mar 2009
Language / When to use: Znać/Wiedzieć & lub/albo [23]

I believe it is very similar to the rules for "savoir" and "connaitre" in French and also "saber" and "conocer" in Spanish if this assists :) . As Davey has said, one refers to actually knowing a person / place / thing and the other refers to knowing a fact about that said person / place / thing
12 Nov 2008
Language / Perfective vs Imperfective - grammar [150]

I am just reading through the below site to begin studying Polish grammar:

The site basically says that "Czytam" means "I read" whereas "Przeczytam" means "I will read." I am now confusing as to how to conjugate future tenses in Polish. Do you add a prefix to the verb, such as "prze" and then just conjugate the verb using the present tense endings or do the verb endings differ? What I am trying to say is, is there a different verb for future tenses than the verb used in the present tense?

I am really confused now!!!

OK, so I've just found this site that now explains it