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10 Jan 2011
Life / Polish spy or action films? [17]

So I guess you can watch all 24 episodes but fair warning it's not Hollywood.

That's actually a brilliant review! Mind if I coin that? Next time I see a really good insightful, intelligent film that I like I'll say "Great film - it's not hollywood" :)
14 Oct 2010
Food / Cider now available in Trojmiasto [14]

A drink for teenage girls and southerners.

There's a Marine camp down my neck of the woods where they say the same thing. Until they get bladdered on the stuff that is.

The country road back to the camp is famous for being lined with unconscious northerners who couldn't manage to walk home after a night on the zider.
11 Apr 2010
Language / Polish in 4 Weeks CD-ROM [24]

I stumbled upon a PDF file called "Polish Grammar in a Nutshell".

It's 95 pages long :P
7 Apr 2010
Language / Polish in 4 Weeks CD-ROM [24]

By some magic of searching and poking around on the internet, I found it.

Where did you find it?
8 Jun 2009
Language / Pimsleur v Rosetta stone [27]

Unless you're American, Pimsleur can be absolutely infuriating. The amount of time spent on "I am American", "My wife is American", "Are you American?", "I have dollars, "I have X dollars", "Do you have dollars?" drove me up the wall!!
13 Feb 2009
Language / Interesting Polish tongue twister. [50]

Czarna krowa w kropki bordo gryzie trawę kręcąc mordą

is my fav, one of the first things my (now) missus taught me
8 Jan 2009
Language / Pimsleur's Polish Lessons [38]

I found the pimsleur course infuriating - probably because I'm not American and therefore having to listen to "I am American", "I am from America", "I have x dollars", I have American money" over and over again a total waste of time.
2 Jan 2009
News / Poland Should Beef Up Military [286]

I've seen a couple of


's threads now and I'm starting to wonder if they're meant to be ironic? I mean seriously, could anyone really be that dumb?
20 Oct 2008
Language / Listening to music and learning Polish [45]

There's a line in 'Chciałbym Umrzeć Z Miłości' which I am convinced is "herbata"; although all my polish friends think is "chyba ta(k)"...
7 Oct 2008
Food / Polish Eating Habits [87]

They say the first McDonalds in Warsaw created 25 new jobs. 10 Dentists and 15 heart surgeons...