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3 Aug 2008
Language / Pimsleur v Rosetta stone [27]

I am using Pimsleur right now because it helps me to get a better pronunciation, but it does not teach you how to write the words or sentences. But in the other hand you can learn the intonation and stress on the words and on a question sentence. I am going to polish classes too, so Pimsleur it is a good help.

I have the Rosetta Stone program instaled and the BYKI program too (Before You Know It) and you can download all this three programs for free on the internet, you have to know how to search.

If you need help send me a PM.
11 Jun 2008
Language / Polish Lessons Units [189]

Janusz i have been watching this videos in youtube and found some of your spanish experimental lessons.
I live in Argentina, and i really want to help with your project.
Those videos are not completely correct, there are many phrases that needs to be corrected, and dont even talk about the translator's accent xD (its awful!)

In the second video there are a couple of articles that are not ok, and in the third one "un billetero" "un bolso del tocador" "una candela" "una bola del disco" "un escĂșter" "un revisor" too.

Well if you need some help just let me know, you have my attention.
Cya! :)