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5 Jun 2014
Life / I woke up in Poland's Hilton of Drunks after the Juvenalia party. Must I pay the 300zl fine? [48]

Same as Poles that came to my country, behave like primitive people

That reminds me of the British stag parties coming to Poland. Here in Warsaw we don't have them too much as a rule, do not know if they still infest Kraków.

Used to see one some years ago at Plac Zamkowy, pulling down their trousers on command. The local Law was not impressed and they were booked collectively :)

The German sheperds took a dim view of it all, especially when one of these louts tried to kick them :)
5 Jun 2014
Life / I woke up in Poland's Hilton of Drunks after the Juvenalia party. Must I pay the 300zl fine? [48]

I find this loathsome, despiccable and moronic. You come here,behave as a classic moron, don't pay for public transport, park your car wherever you think it is OK...and you think that is normal.

I give you a hint...If that friend of yours would have been a normal human being, he would have parked and paid, he would have bought public transport tickets. But no he thought he was superior to all idiots who do that.
4 Jun 2014
History / Piłsudski's Cadillac to be rebuilt [8]

he was above EU limitations.

Maybe you don't know this....But the EU was formed after WWII.

Btw Pilsudski was a cosmopolitan, wanted to include minorities into Poland. He would have taken a dim view of your serb concentration camps.
Maybe you should stick with Dmowski - he is entirely into the serb mould. Unforgiving, hard and excluding everybody.
31 May 2014
Travel / Ryanair flying domestic in Poland? [46]

Merged: Polish domestic flights with Ryanair

Did anybody already use them? Modlin is not that far from where I live, so we might be tempted to use them for a weekendtrip.
29 May 2014
News / Jaruzelski dead / his legacy in Poland [116]

catholic societies created around and a polish MP

fronda is a fascist mouthpiece. And for that mp...even his own party distances itself from his initiative.
27 May 2014
News / Jaruzelski dead / his legacy in Poland [116]

He was a red butcher

Since when do you represent all Polish veterans? If you would have stayed in Poland...but you ran off to the UK - whereas you could have contributed to this country big time...not with idiocies on the internet but with taxes, work, social contributions...

Speaking about butchers....your cherished NSZ and their brigada świętokrzyżka....where do you rate them? For them it was always much more interesting to murder Jews as to resist the Nazis.
27 May 2014
Travel / Best place to exchange money in Poland? [97]

Merged: What is the best option for tourists to change money in Poland

We will have several times guests from the home country to Poland this Summer, and always the same question pops up...What about money?
What is the best option - not to loose too much on commissions, exchange rates... - for tourists?
1. Using an ATM here in Warsaw with your foreign (EU) debit card, and does it make a difference if that tourist is EU or non-EU?

2. Taking Euros from home and exchange them here in a "kantor"...(obviously not in the airport, but in a reputable one)
3. If a "kantor"...which ones in Warsaw are the best? I know one near Hala Marymoncka which is not too bad...but are there other ones advisable?

4. Pay the majority expenses by their non-Polish but EU credit card
5. Use their debit card here in Poland

Obviously they won't be spending huge sums here for a few days. Still I'd hate to give any bank a present.
26 May 2014
Travel / Travelling to Wroclaw from Bratislava ( safety advice needed ) [12]

You must be pulling in more cash than the rest of us: coffee at the Marriot is eye-wateringly expensive

Exactly. Given the fact that there are plenty of Coffeeheavens around, including the station itself which is now perfectly safe.
26 May 2014
News / Jaruzelski dead / his legacy in Poland [116]

NSZ liberated concentration camps full of Poles and Jews

Obviously you have never heard of the "Brigada Świętokrzyżka" who happily cooperated with the Gestapo and the SS when convenient = murdering Jews.

For all the jews that he helped to kick out,

You mean the pogrom in Kielce?

He's too complicated to dismiss just as the times he lives in are too complicated for the very young to generalise about.

One certainly hopes that they still have time to grow up.

From what I know he is not living in Poland - for one thing somebody so "patriotic" should not have left for the UK, but work and pay taxes here and support the local economy, and not a corner shop in Fulham or Croydon?
26 May 2014
Law / How do I get onto the Polish electoral roll to vote in the European Parliament elections? [15]

Who did you vote if I may ask?

I always vote PO...despite the fact they not always deserve it. What I bemoan is there is no serious opposition party worthy of that name who I could vote for

What is for me downright bizarre - every time I vote I see in my polling station 1.People sitting down at some table, analyzing their voting form, even discussing it with passers-by... 2. or crowding with a whole family in the voting cubicle...and discussing loudly all the options.

Where I come from such a vote would be automatically null and void. Most peculiar.
25 May 2014
Law / How do I get onto the Polish electoral roll to vote in the European Parliament elections? [15]

Went to vote today. Voters have to sign off on the election roll behind their name, and this per street
However my name was on a separate blue-coloured page. One other person was on that page, I suppose also a EU citizen.
Did anybody here had the same experience?
I remember during the last local elections I was on a different page as well, but still white :)
25 May 2014
Law / Can I register a car in Poland if I don't have a Pesel? [18]

Yes, I have the same.

Both of you of course mean "meldunek" :).
Harry, why don't you see the sense of having a Pesel number? The first thing I did when I arrived in Poland, was to get a meldunek, Pesel and Nip...

No way I could have cleared my own car through customs without my Pesel.

i didnt if you own the car for over 2 years before and bring it to poland you dont have to,only change lights according to polish requirements cost was like 150pln.

We are talking about pre-EU times. The situation was different then. Btw I never had to change my lights, it just required mountains of red tape and a lot of patience.
25 May 2014
Law / How can I check the status of my Pesel number? [19]

idk al I know is its on my passport so that's why I assumed it had something to do with citizenship

I suppose in every country that is the case...My Belgian ID-card also mentions my Belgian Pesel for example...
22 May 2014
Law / If I gain Citizenship of Poland, does this mean I lose my French Citizenship? [18]

Still I don't understand why a EU citizen in Poland - IF having a permanent residence permit - would like to get Polish citizenship. The only thing you miss not being Polish is that you cannot vote for the Sejm and the President.

Failure to do that is a crime (and travelling abroad without registering is another crime).

Is that also the case when your "first nationality" is not Polish?
22 May 2014
Law / Any advantage to citizenship of Poland if already have EU residency? [20]

IMHO there is no reason why a EU citizen in Poland with a permanent residence permit should obtain Polish citizenship. The only thing you could do with a Polish passport is . voting for the Sejm and the President. Besides of that? I don't see any obvious benefits.

Anyway out of curiosity a question...suppose you are a EU citizen getting Polish citizenship...You are still young...Could they draft you into the Polish army in times of emergency, being a Polish citizen?
22 May 2014
Food / Which Polish milk brand is closest to UK supermarket style milk? [31]

We of course we all could go the American Wallmart model. Everything processed, "cheese-flavored', milk-like etc... Read today how much meat you can find in a McDo...

Every germ and bacteria sterilized. In the end we will be "eating" all the same "food", dictated by Unilever, Nestle, Kraft & Co.