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26 May 2010
Law / What are the bike laws in Poland? [30]

I am Belgian, live more as five years here and so got my Karta Pobytu replaced (it expired last year) by a flimsy piece of paper which is supposed to be your Permanent Residence Permit. And on that one most definitely the PESEL is mentioned. On the old Karta Pobytu it was not.

Back to the original thread, does anybody know if wearing reflecting (these bright yellow) jackets after dusk is compulsory? I heard a rumour about that one some time ago, but actually nobody is doing that.
25 May 2010

The fact there are more "tirowki" visible can easibly be attributed to the weather. Selling yourself on subzero temperatures...Not an option. Most of them actually are gypsies here in Poland, Bulgarian or Romanian origin as far as I know. Nothing to do with the end of Christian civilisation or something like that. Rather with the perverts buying these poor girls' "services".

Same guys who later vote PIS and go to church faithfully every week.
That said, I mean you have to be really desperate to have sex with an unwashed girl on the backseat of your Merc and later say hello to your family?

There was a great roadside poster about this last year (maybe somebody can find and post it). Something like "Fun for 20 (?) USD and HIV gratis".
25 May 2010
News / Germany After the EU and the Russian Scenario - future of the European Union and Poland [310]

Especially when these Patriots which maybe will be coming to Poland are solely for US training purposes without warheads. Anything to appease the Poles, after all in the whole of CEE they are the only country still needing visas to enter the US?

Fine thread though. Any moment I expect somebody to pop up with a posting about "Nazi Ufo's over the Antarctic" or something entertaining like that :)))
18 Apr 2010
News / Poland back to reality after Sunday ? [30]

I feel very sorry for Marta Kaczyńska. And even more so for her daughter. She lost her parents in such a dreadful accident. In no time her evil uncle JK will also use her in the coming elections.

By the way - as I remember - she got divorced from a quintessential PIS guy (deftly silenced by all Polish media - even the normal ones) and got married again to a left-wing guy?

Actually SLD I think... ?
18 Apr 2010
News / Poland back to reality after Sunday ? [30]

Went today for a walk in Warsaw Old Town. Cobalt-blue sky...sunshine... People enjoying the first real warm spring weekend... strolling...
Life is returning to the country. Enough of this artificially-prolonged time of national mourning.
I see this also between colleagues and friends. They get weary of yet another day of organised mourning. Of yet another day of soulless TV transmission.
17 Apr 2010
News / Poland back to reality after Sunday ? [30]

Not the president of all Poles

No he was not and he is not. He was elected by a small majority. Without the Smoleńsk tragedy he would have been soundly defeated in the elections.
16 Apr 2010
News / Poland back to reality after Sunday ? [30]

I think that after Sunday - if Iceland will not be the big spoiler -, the country will wake up from this mass psychosis.
- Yes L.K. was as a person a very decent human being. Not tainted by corruption. Not tainted by anti-Semitism. An honest guy.
And his wife even more so. I think the best compliment for her was when that rat Rydzyk compared her to a cesspit. May he burn in hell forever.

But at the same time he was a very bad president. Not the president of all Poles but only a support of the evil genius JK.

- The country will soon realize when the current paranoia has ceded - LK will not be declared a saint - that PIS will use Smoleńsk as a weapon forever

- It has been an overexposure the last week and I think it has to stop slowly. Of course PIS exploits this to a maximum degree, they had never any shame. But how long a national mourning can go on? Face the facts.

Life goes on.
16 Apr 2010
News / The sale and drinking of alcohol has been banned in Warsaw and Krakow on weekends! [30]

Merged:Prohibition in Warsaw and Kraków

Here in Poland they have this very strange custom...If the pope comes here / dies...If like now LK will be buried... they think a prohibition is necessary... What is the relation between not being able to buy a beer in my local pub on a Saturday afternoon...and the fact that a remembrance service is going on?

And what is even more mysterious, is the fact that it is valid until 18:00 hrs tomorrow.
Where is the logic and the sense in that?
16 Apr 2010
News / Kaczynski to be buried at Wawel ?! [289]

It is really pathetic how all concerned parties - Cardinal Dziwisz, that perfidious JK, PIS, the family - all point the finger at each other. "No it was not my idea, the other guy decided it"

For me it is very acceptable that the evil genius JK in a true Machiavellian way orchestrated this. A perfect start for the new election campaign.

The arrogance - to compare themselves with Piłsudski.

Good that that volcano put a stick in their propaganda campaign. Most likely PO together with Putin managed that eruption :)
15 Apr 2010
News / Kaczynski to be buried at Wawel ?! [289]

It has to be the Russians, the Jews or the Freemasons (or maybe PO ?) who made the volcano to wake up :)
13 Apr 2010
News / Kaczynski to be buried at Wawel ?! [289]

Apr 13, 10, 22:37 - Thread attached on merging:
LK buried in Wawel?

Until now the Smolensk tragedy was handled in a neutral bi-partisan (and completely un-Polish way). Although I know from many friends and colleagues at work and friends they are astonished how the worst Polish president in living memories has been turned into a saint, just because his plane crashed. But in the present climate telling this in public amounts to suicide.

But now somebody (presumably his horrid brother JK) managed to arrange he will be buried in the Wawel crypt. Even worse, next to Piłsudski? That is such a scandal. I think the Field Marshal will turn in his grave - His Sanacja multicultural patriotism is for sure diametrical to the Endacja narrow-minded nationalism adhered by the Lunar Twins.

It looks to me JK is using two dead bodies to start the Presidential elections.
I am surprised though Cardinal Dziwisz agreed to that. Though his comments on TV were not all that happy.
10 Apr 2010
News / Polish President Lech Kaczynski and gov officials die in a plane crash in Russia [682]

1. Presidential plane plans to land on a military airfield with little or no ILS and in bad weather conditions
2. Half hour before a Russian military plane, with an experienced pilot who knows the area, could not land there and went back to Moscow
3. ATC in Smolensk asked the Polish pilot to divert to Minsk because of bad weather conditions
4. Planes with heads of state can override this kind of instruction and pilot proceeded and crashed (ordered by L.K. ?)
5. Some months ago in Georgia a similar incident occurred also with L.K. in the plane. At that time the pilot ignored the president and diverted. And later got in big **** because of that.

Or maybe the Freemasons did it? Just a guess....
14 Mar 2010
News / Did you know that Polish army is the weakest in Central Europe?.. [150]

As far as our military is concerned i dont give a sh*t about european industry, we're relatively poor so if we have to cough up so much money its better to pay for the best quality available for the price, in this case F-16s were the best our money could buy.

You mean like these antique C-130's Poland "got" from the US? And what about the technical problems these F-16's suffered until now - including emergency landings when ferrying them to Poland?
25 Nov 2009
Law / Stała Karta Pobytu and how to protect it in Poland [11]

Every time I go to Medicover for example, I need it.

It is not by the way a EU residence card (That is meant for non-EU citizens). It is a permanent residence card. (Actually the front page says this literally) but the card itself is valid for 10 years, automatically renewable.
24 Nov 2009
Law / Stała Karta Pobytu and how to protect it in Poland [11]

I got a few weeks ago my Stała Karta Pobytu (for EU citizens) and well.... one big disappointment... it is basically a flimsy piece of paper, God knows how that will last the coming years.

I already know you are not allowed to put self-adhesive plastic around it.... but where to buy a decent cover for it? A friend of mine has a passport-sized cover for it (even looks as a passport).

Suggestions, anyone?
17 Nov 2009
Real Estate / Neighbourhoods in Warsaw - how safe? [23]

I am living already for years in Bielany, the not so posh part of Warsaw, never had any problems. My cars is parked on the street, never broken into.

By the way what is the expat fascination with Mokotów? I have never understood this.
13 Aug 2009
Life / Gyms in Warsaw [44]

I am going to Gymnasion - - can recommend it. Costs me 179 PLN per month.
2 Aug 2009
Travel / Castles and Palaces in Poland (with pictures) [154]

Zamek Kśiąż near Wałbrzych is one of the biggest castles in Central Europe.
OK, Wałbrzych is a city best forgotten. The castle is impressive though.
As a bonus you get the nearby town on Świdnica with its fair share of monuments.
Nice place :)
14 Jun 2009
Travel / First Impressions About Warsaw & A small guide [7]

Any suggestion for a better supermarket would be helpful.

Upmarket supermarkets in Warsaw are Bomi, Alma, Piotr i Paweł and Mini-Europa.
You pay close to Western European prices, but the quality is imcomparable higher compared to C4.
25 May 2009
Travel / Live Music / Festival in Warsaw? [26]

I'm american. no eurocrap for me. :)

You mean the home country of Mc Donald's and George Bush has the monopoly on decent music ?
Please explain... ?
22 Apr 2009
Life / Exam for Drivers License in Poland; English? [99]

Whatever, bribes or not.... The average Polish driver is a regular nut case. Drive a bit in Warsaw and I am sure you will agree.

I am driving each month 2.000 km back/from work. Today I saw 4 accidents. Every day I think I saw the worst possible and always there is a kamikaze who surprises me.

It is not the licence which counts here I guess....
17 Apr 2009
Travel / Getting from Krakow to Warsaw [99]

Trains here in Europe in generally go from a train station.
Short manual:
1. Go to the train station in Kraków (you know where trains depart and arrive)
2.Every hour you have an Intercity train to Warsaw
3. Hop on, and buy your ticket from the train guard, and pay with your credit card
4. "This express train" is the regular hourly connection between Kraków and Warsaw
5. You will even arrive in good health and there is a decent restaurant on-board (in theory non-alcoholical)

Varsaw is written as "Warsaw" in English. I even heard people look there as in the US....
22 Mar 2009
Law / PIT 1% - what are you donating it to? [5]

Almost April, so PIT-time here in Poland. Meaning your tax-declaration and connected with that paying your income tax (on top of what you are paying each month).

1% of this goes (if you fill in the paragraph on your tax form) to a charity of your choice.
We are every year giving money to an animal shelter here in Warsaw. For what are you guys donating your 1% ?
11 Mar 2009

I have to disagree on the Old Town. We always go to Jazz Bistro on ulica Piwna, which has good food for normal prices and often live jazz music.
8 Mar 2009
Life / Good place to live in Poland (if you want to move on)? [66]

You can for example start with applying for Geronimo Martins which is a Portuguese company owning the largest network of supermarkets in Poland (Biedronka)

You mean the bunch of criminals who made their employees wearing pampers such as not to loose 5 minutes going to the loo???
As a matter of principle I never ever enter a Biedronka store.