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5 May 2008
Love / Are there Polish women who date black guys? [281]

franek, dont try to justify your prejudiced views with statistics that dont even reveal whole truths, statistics and scientific facts are two different things.
now its a scientific fact that std's originated in europe columbus brought syphilis to america, and hiv/aids developed in the white gay community. it wasnt until years later that hiv spread to the rest of the world.

hiv is present in every country but, has been somewhat contained because of initiatives developed countries took to educate its people, and help them to take preventative measures.

in america theres PLENTY of women and men of all races that are running around with std's, dont try to pretend that a majority of blacks have std's.

now dont forget that those statistics are REPORTED CASES. it could very well be true that some whites are not getting prompt treatment for their std's, causing an imbalance in the statistical reporting.