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26 Aug 2011
Australia / Best Polish Food in Sydney? [31]

I couldn't agree with you more. So delicious at Topsmak :)
And I finally ventured to try something other than the paczki and there are these delicious puffy things with cream inside that tastes just like icecream.

And the best thing about the paczki is that they are filled with powidla and not some aussie strawberry jam, like some others I have tasted. yeeuuckckk!
15 Apr 2008
Food / POLISH RECIPES! [287]

how about Chrusciki??? mmmmmmmmm yummmmyyy

thats similar enough to how i do it i use vodka though and omit the citrus additions :P
15 Apr 2008
Australia / Anyone from Sydney, Australia? [44]

i used to live in campbeltown! and liverpool...and brought up in grandparents have lived their since they came after WWII
i now live in north sydney
big difference!