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23 Mar 2008
Genealogy / Are all Poles blue eyed and blonde? [451]

I have blue eyes and brown/ligh blakc hair, my skin is a little darker too. Oh and i have kinda big nose too...

Often peopel think that im from:
1. italy
2. greece
3. spain
4. Brazil
6. Other south americans countries

Only one someone said i looked Russian, but it was after i told them i was polish, so it doesnt really count i think
22 Apr 2008
Love / Is Indian/Polish relationship possible? [370]

A few years ago i was going out with an Indian girl. It was going REALLY well until... we went to visit their parents in India. As iam white, they though that i would be rich or carrier oriented etc, anyway, they wanted me to have money.

But when they met me (well long hair, tattoos, normla t-shirt, they expected a suit or something, vry easy going, i dont care about money at all)they started to threat me really badly. Although I study for master degree, can speak 3 languages very well and communitativly English, they told me i was stupid and stuff, becasue i didnt want money etc.

Thery told me not to meet thier daughter again, and as they fully suported her university in Spain they instead send her to New Zeleand lol. Really nasty. I tried to explain to them my way of life, however they didnt even want to hear anything, so i used very strong language and in that strong language i told them what i though about them, at least they kept queit after that.

I did see her a few times in NW however after a few meetings she gave up, and told me to leave her alone, becasue family is more important to her, lol family like that...

I dont junge all Indian people on that though. It can go really well, and so it did for me.
Atm im going out with a black girl, and its great, so why not? :) everything is possible. Just sometimes parents, friends etc, can destroy everything as some people feel connected even with such idiots as that girl's parents and are afraid of doing what they want, but hey, they dont really deserve love then. And those ppl wouldt really do everything for their other half.

Sorry for poor my poor English, have never been to English speaking country.
30 Apr 2008
Love / Are there Polish women who date black guys? [281]

One man was giving a chilling stare.

Happens everyday to me. Im dating a black girl (+really beautiful). However here where i live, there isnt many black ppl.
When we were in Cape Town, black guys were all giving us that look, and black girls were making nasty comments aobut us and telling some things to her, which i believe were offensive, since neither me nor my gf speaks english well to understand thery slangwhatever.

In my opinion most polish girls have nothing against dating a black guys, have seen such couples many times. And anyways, if some of them dont like you becasue you are black, then they are clearly not worth to go out with!
2 May 2008
Life / Polish people and racism. [943]

Just totally depends on the person. There are rasist in every country.
When my parents and later grandparents visited me in Paris (used ot live there for some time). My parents really like those all diffrent people, no discimination at all.

And then the biggest surpise was when my grandparents came. My grandfather just fall in love with black girls. Becasue they ara so well build ~(he is kinda fat too :P) and they look like they eat well, and he wanted me to find a black girl (eventually i did). MY grandmother liked chinese/japanese people, because their skin is so nice she said.

My grandparents were over 70 back then. And stil not rasist at all.

Then a year ago i went with my black girlfriend to Poland. We spend 3 months there! Travelled across Poland. First we visited my hometown and village where my grandparents live. Its small village in south east poland, just 20 kilometres from the borderd with Ukraine, so according to fellow poles it suppose to be very rasist. And it wasnt at all! Of course people looked at us, but they just did, because it was something unusuall to see. WHen i bad dreadlocks everyone looked at me too.We were speaking Spanish to each other, and as i dont look very typicaly polish, people were free to talk about us. And in 3 months we havent heard anything bad!

In fact i heard loads of possitive things such as: ' grzesiu, why dont you find a blakc girl for yourself' it was a mom to his like 30-something years old son :P.

Bet there are rasists in Poland but we just didnt happen to come accross any...
As im a male and my gf is black we have it better than blakc male + white gf.
I just noticed that if the girl is really cute then noone really is rasist to her :P and in fact i would say that the most rasist people we came accross were black people.