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16 Feb 2007
Language / Polish Past Tense [47]

You can start educating others about the pure usage of the Polish language by contacting over 180,000+ Polish people who use "tą piosenkę" instead of "tę piosenkę."

Hm, if I could just cut in here... I think one shouldn't teach Polish-learners saying " x" in Acusative, even if some Poles (isn't it actually the majority...?) commit mistake here. I can agree that there is a trend towards using "" instead of "", and - perhaps - in twenty/thirty years' time it won't even be regarded as weird or incorrect, but this doesn't mean we should introduce this new habit so eagerly... The same case is with "poszłem" (horrible form used by primitive people instead of "poszedłem"), or with very common "10/20/50/200 [etc.] Z£OTY", instead of "złotYCH"...1 złoty, 2, 3 & 4 złote, 5, 10, 1000 Z£OTYCH, that's the way it should look... it really makes me cry. :(