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26 Mar 2007
Travel / Just back from Krakow [120]

Rainman, I have no axe to grind with you but if I'm being brutally honest I am glad that there are some bars in Krakow that take this stance. When I was last there I saw groups of English men walking the streets, wearing identical T shirts and being very rowdy and intimidating. By the same token I also walked past groups of English men seated at one of the many outdoor tables having a civilised drink together.

The point being that bars cannot differentiate between the the two unless they started interviewing anyone who entered the bar. As with many things the minority spoil it for the majority.

Just thinking out loud here but I wonder what would happen if a group decided to enter a bar individually spaced out over 30 mins or so ?

Personally, I don't want Krakow to become another Amsterdam or to aspire to be what Prague is becoming. If that means it loses it's stag reputation then so be it. Arguably in the long run this will actually INCREASE Krakow's popularity amongst tourists as I'm certain that some tourists will be put off from returning to Krakow if it becomes a mecca for stag parties.

I suspect many stag do travelers come to Krakow for the cheap beer, beautiful women and because it's something different. I doubt there are many who go to appreciate the beauty of the city.
30 Jan 2007
UK, Ireland / Polish TV channels in the UK [95]

Ref: Option 3

I give the money to my friends in advance (it's not exactly a fortune) and then the direct debit comes out of their bank account but I see what you're saying and it depends on how you and they feel about this option.

You have Sky+ and have over 900 channels ??? I didn't think you could get so many.

I'm not an expert on the merits of Polsat over Cyfra or vice versa but my limited understanding is that they offer essentially the same channels.
28 Jan 2007
UK, Ireland / Polish TV channels in the UK [95]

There are three ways you can go about it and I have tried two of them.

1/ Look for a Satellite TV installer in your local newspaper/yellow pages and tell them you want "free to air" Polish channels. You will need a new satellite dish (pointing to the Hotbird satellite) and a new decoder box. Don't worry as the installer will take care of that. I think it cost me around £ 200 a few years ago.

The advantage of this is that once you've paid for the installation and equipment then every channel you receive is free.

The disadvantage is that you don't really get that many Polish channels as most of the channels you will receive will be German/French/ Arabic etc.

Another disadvantage is that the Polish TV companies have a tendency to change the satellite frequency every few months. So you may need to call the satellite man every so often to recalibrate the dish.

2/ It's possible to get a pirate subscription card which allows you to get loads of Polish channels but of course this is illegal and I wouldn't recommend it.

3/ This is the option I took last year and I think it's the best out of the three. Next time you are in Poland go to a Satellite TV shop and sign up to one of the TV packages they offer e.g. Cyfrowa Polsat. You will also need a decoder and dish which the shop will provide. I already had a dish after following Option 1 a few years ago so I only needed the decoder with card from the shop. You may need to prove Polish residency but a close friend of mine in Poland signed up for me and whenever my annual subscription comes up for renewal then I just pay them the money.

I think the decoder cost me about £ 60 and the monthly subscription worked out at about £ 5 or £ 6 a month. For that I get over 20 Polish channels and I think this is very good value for money.
15 Dec 2006
UK, Ireland / Polish Beer In The UK [98]

Alternatively, go to your local Polish club and ask the barman if he can order you a box of Polish beer the next time he goes to the cash and carry.

I pay approx £ 25.00 for a box of 20 bottles of Zywiec (about £ 1.25 per bottle)