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17 Mar 2009
Travel / Seven Secret Wonders of Poland [17]

maybe the word 'secret' is the key and they put on the list only less known things

I will openly confess that the website is my own and crafted by my own fair hands (which is why the design of it is pretty crap !).

You're right McCoy. I wanted to compile a list of less well known attractions in Poland (even Elblag was pushing it a little).

Wieliczka is VERY well know and so didn't make the list.

To the mods-I hope I was ok posting a link to one of my own sites ?
22 Feb 2009
Travel / Weird and wonderful sights in Poland [30]

Reality can be so much more boring than fantasy.

Can we not delete Kowalski's post in order to allow the "fantasy theorists" to thrive ?

:) :)
19 Feb 2009
Travel / Weird and wonderful sights in Poland [30]

Yes, they are. They are mostly in the city centre.

How many of them are there in Wroclaw ?

I found another one.

The Crooked Forest "krzywy las".

Does anyone have any more information about this forest i.e. why are the trees the way they are ?
2 Feb 2009
Travel / Passenger plane converted into restaurant near Katowice, Poland [21]

Not in Katowice, I am trying to find more info

That restaurant/plane looks a lot more upmarket than the one near Katowice !

It was a bit dingy inside but the novelty of walking up the stair ladders to enter the plane was worth it for that alone !

How on earth did they got the plane there mystifies me !
2 Feb 2009
Travel / Weird and wonderful sights in Poland [30]

We know the crooked house in sopot and the upside down house in Szymbark and the anonymous pedestrians sculpture in Wroclaw.

Are there any other sights in Poland considered weird or wacky that are worth seeing ?

Anyone got any pics ?
4 Jan 2009
UK, Ireland / Cheap calls to the UK from Poland [30]

Thread attached on merging:
Cheap calls FROM Poland to the UK

In the UK we have plenty of options to ring Poland cheaply (for as little a 1p a minute) by first ringing another telephone no that then diverts your call.

Is there an equivalent service in Poland to ring the UK cheaply ??
13 Jul 2008
Life / Reliable Weather Service In Poland? [25]

How far in advance are you checking ?

If you're looking for a 5 day or 10 day forecast then it's basically an educated guess regardless of who is giving the forecast.
26 May 2008
Travel / Poland Warsaw Airport to Train [26]

I was unlucky and it took close to an hour. At least it's cheap, only 2.40 zloty although I believe the fares are increasing slightly in June.
26 May 2008
Travel / Rollerblading / Inline skating in Wroclaw [2]

I've been told that I'm going to be given a "crash course" in roller blading on my next trip to Gdansk.

Apparently, as an activity it's a lot more common than here in the UK.
29 Apr 2008
Life / GPS Satellite Navigation systems for driving in Poland [22]

Agree with Harry on this one.

TomTom is a SatNav device with built in mapping software.

Automapa is mapping software that can be installed on PDA's but as Harry said 2nd hand PDA's can be bought very cheaply (likewise GPS receivers).
24 Mar 2008
UK, Ireland / Time for the Poles from the UK to go home [437]

You know, I would have a lot more time to listen to Brits complaining about Poles if they had also voiced their objections to Pakistanis and Bangladeshis entering the UK as well as Poles.

Poles in the UK seem to be suffering from a form of "white racism". Poles are only doing what hundreds of thousands of Asians have been doing and that is coming to the UK to try and make a better life for themselves. Very few people seem to mention this and there seems to be an acceptance or ignorance of this fact. Is it perhaps easier to tell Poles to go home because it's not seen as overtly racist as telling someone who is coloured to go home ??

Comparing these two types of immigrants you would think the Poles should have had the easier time winning the hearts and minds of Brits.

Poles come here to work and work hard. Consequently they pay taxes and contribute to our economy.

Many Asians have come to the UK to join up with their extended family. The Asian culture is culturally wired so that the women do not go out to work. The women overwhelmingly stay at home, have an above average no. of kids (by Western standards) and then claim social benefits for the family.

Poles are Christians and have come to live and work in another Christian society i.e. the U.K. I have nothing against multi faith communities but with Poles you won't get anybody being "offended" for having the word "Christmas" in "Christmas lights" nor do they live in ghettoes like so many Asian communties do in Northern England.

You're also not likely to get a fanatical Pole trying to blow British people up in the name of his religion.

The only reason I can think of behind Poles being targetted for this abuse is that they have come so quickly and in so many numbers to the UK. Other immgrants have come to the UK in far greater numbers but spread over a longer time.

4 Mar 2008
Life / - If you looking for your classmates or friends in Poland [94]

I understand that Nasza Klasa is a relatively recent phenomenon in Poland, where as we had FR in the UK years ago (and I'm kicking myself for not thinking about ripping off their idea and doing it myself in Poland ages ago).

I, too, looked into the possibilities of setting up - 4 years ago. I contacted 2 IT people, talked over the idea but pulled out due to my fear of a new, big boy appearing on the scene.

I think these two went ahead with my idea and will now be in the process of being wiped out due to a lack of capital to push their baby.

You can add me to the list as well. I abandoned the idea pretty early as several Polish friends of mine said it wouldn't work in Poland as most Poles tend to keep in touch with school friends. The ones they don't want to keep in touch with they don't bother with.

Needless to say I don't ask for their advice anymore :)

Nasza Klasa and Friends Reunited has a limited shelflife as once the majority of class mates sign up then there is no further incentive to renew subscriptions year after year. The creators will still make stacks of money though !!

I'm not so sure Nasza Klasa will be wiped out. Any company first onto the market always has an enormous advantage over it's rivals and in this particular case, once the rivals have rolled out their own version then Nasza Klasa will have swept up most of the market.

There are loads of business models in the UK & the US that could be transplanted in Poland. I 've dozens of ideas............just not enough money :(
8 Nov 2007
Travel / Cheaper Flights to Poland [50]

I just booked for Liverpool to Gdansk middle of January for £ 42 both ways. The flights were only £ 0.49 each way but tax after tax after tax bumped the price up. They even charge you for using credit and debit cards !!

Still, £ 42 is very cheap :)
27 Aug 2007
Real Estate / The current property boom in Poland is a bubble [342]

Totally agree with Bubba on this one.

In any booming property market all you have to do is buy a property, sit on your arse, and sell at a decent profit later on. The more astute will make a healthier profit but at this stage of a boom EVERYONE will make a bit of money.

As the market matures it becomes harder to make money but not impossible. It's about this time that most people get a little spooked as they see capital appreciation and rental yields are not as great as when the boom was at it's apex.

This is the time when serious investors earn their money by doing lots of spade work in trying to find properties and sites with potential. I think Poland is fast approaching this stage.

Deise, Poznan is not a bad choice actually :)
13 Aug 2007
Real Estate / The current property boom in Poland is a bubble [342]

None of us know what is going to happen-we don't have a crystal ball.

Zeze is right in his/her logic but logic doesn't always dictate the way a particular market is going.

Will the property bubble burst eventually in Poland ? Yes. But when and how hard will it land can be debated until the cows come home.

The world Stock Markets had a similar meteoric rise a few years ago built upon tech. hysteria. The difference with property is that people always need somewhere to live but stocks and shares are not essential.

Zeze, as a developer in London, where's the logic behind the current UK house prices ? They should have slowed down years ago but haven't.

Whilst intellectuals are predicting doom and gloom and watching by the sidelines others are getting their hands dirty and are making fortunes from rising property prices ! Astute developers would have entered the Polish market years ago and retired now on the profits.
17 Jun 2007
Travel / Photos from Poland [191]

Danmar's "show house" in Szymek, Kaszuby

Wieza in Kaszuby area. Not for people with vertigo !!

Ex-Communist hotel resort in Kaszuby

Not the most spectacular photograph in the world but this is one of my favourites. It typifies one of the things I really love about's unspoilt forests.
17 Jun 2007
UK, Ireland / Polish Beer In The UK [98]

Alternatively, go to your local Polish club and ask the barman if he can order you a box of Polish beer the next time he goes to the cash and carry.

Since my post in December my local Morrisons supermarket stock Zywiec, Tyskie and Lech. I don't need to buy boxes of beer anymore just a couple of bottles whenever I feel the need :)
12 Jun 2007
Travel / Photos from Poland [191]

There are many other more interesting places than Poland to visit. Even Prague in the Czech Republic 'knocks the socks off' anything in Poland.

Hmmmm maybe I cut you a bit too much slack Michal ;)

Firstly don't be so stunned that someone expresses a desire to visit Poland. This is a Polish forum so it's inevitable that people who have an interest in the country will gravitate to forums such as these.

Secondly, your statement that Prague "knocks the socks off" anything in Poland is a very simplistic thing to say.


To see Poland at it's best then go in the summer. Yes it can be unbelievably hot but you won't be going there to work but to have a vacation. In other words you can take it easy and enjoy the weather (and all the beautiful girls in their summer outfits ;) )

Poland has something for everyone. Mountains, lakes, forests, history, culture breaks, unspoilt seaside resorts.

Whereas Prague has wonderful architecture, cheap beer and lager contest !
11 Jun 2007
Travel / Photos from Poland [191]


My mother was born in Czestochowa and I have some close friends there. I love the town centre and it's unique atmosphere. I visit at least once a year.
11 May 2007
Travel / Photos from Poland [191]

Orlowo Cliff (taken May 2007)
Swans on the Baltic
Fishing boats on Hel Peninsula (taken May 2007)
Kazimierz Dolny (taken Sept 2005)
Olsztyn Castle (taken nr Czestochowa 2004)
Rynek Glowny Krakow (taken from Hotel Wentzl May 2006)