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30 Jan 2013
Life / Washing machine in the bathroom of Poles [78]

Although I often tease my other half that a washing machine is a kitchen appliance and as such should be in the kitchen (or even a utility room) she always counters that laundry is washing and as such washing should be more closely related to the bathroom.

I don't think I can win this argument.

Another recent "difference of opinion" revolves around the location of kitchens in Polish houses. She claims that all Polish houses have kitchens at the front of the house, nearest the front door, as when shopping is brought into the house this room should be the closest.

English houses typically have kitchens at the back of the house, furthest away from the front door. Which is right ?
7 Jan 2013
Life / Do people not have "Christmas Dinners" or "Easter Dinners" in Poland ? [9]

You obviously misunderstood your wife.

It wouldn't be the first time and probably won't be the last ! :)

Let me elaborate. I am well aware that Christmas Eve "dinner" is Wigilia. I am referring to Christmas Day dinner and Easter Day dinner. She tells me Poles don't usually make a big occasion of Christmas/Easter Day dinner. Is this correct ?
19 Dec 2012
UK, Ireland / Any Polish Muslims in London? [30]

Hmmm don't YOU think it odd that you post in the "Relationship/Marriage" board but are looking to set up a charity ?

Anyway, I don't know any Polish muslims anywhere ! But if you happen to come across any Saudi Arabian Catholics then please let me know as I would like to meet them.
21 Nov 2012
UK, Ireland / Domestic arguments caused by differences between Polish and English culture [109]

ok, I am on a roll here. I just remembered another gem.

The design of English houses is inferior to Polish ones as in England we have our plumbing pipes on the outside of the house (thus making the house look aesthetically displeasing) whereas in Poland all the pipes are ingeniously hidden under the exterior walls making the house look better but a real pain in the ass if you develop a leak.
20 Nov 2012
UK, Ireland / Domestic arguments caused by differences between Polish and English culture [109]

And this inability to fess up and just be normal ... it is very infuriating.

Hmm sounds familiar.

I had a house guest who spent two weeks with us.

After she left I went in to tidy the room up a little only to find a raspberry drinks stain on the carpet (small thing) and the small reading lamp broken beyond repair. Accidents do happen but I can't understand why she couldn't just tell us !!

Fast forward a few years later. Same house guest. I was using the bathroom, needed to get toothpaste from the shelf. I reach pasy my aftershave bottle and get the toothpaste. Job done.

House guest enters bathroom-spends some time there (as women do). I hear the unmistakenable sound of something dropping to the floor but think nothing of it as I assume she has dropped a hair brush/toothbrush etc. Short time later I go in, decide to put some aftershave on and my bottle is nowhere to be found. I search high and low and eventually see my bottle had fallen off the shelf and behind the shelf rack. Now it's not a biggie but the house guest KNEW she had dropped it and must have KNOWN I would KNOW she dropped it and still elected to say nothing about it so I really do know where you're coming from.

Anyway-sudden change of topic but same thread....

Washing up

When I do the washing up I either fill the basin with water and soak the dishes before rinsing under running tap OR I have a washing up bowl and fill that with water to soak and then rinse under running tap. Every Polish housewife I know thinks this is a blatant waste of water and time and common sense and they all choose to simply rinse the dishes under the running tap.............drives me bonkers it does !
10 Nov 2012
UK, Ireland / Domestic arguments caused by differences between Polish and English culture [109]

My lovely Polish wife is wonderful but occasionally, without warning, will throw a curve ball at me which makes me challenge something that I have believed in my whole life.

Argument #1. A few days after moving in together we were having a meal and she said "why have you put the salt in the wrong cellar (pot) " ? I thought about this for a few moments before answering "huh" ? So she moves on to elaborate with her point being that "in Poland" and "everyone she has EVER met" "always" puts the salt in the cellar pot with multiple holes and the pepper goes in the cellar pot with only one hole.

Now until that time I hadn't put much thought into it and don't specifically remember the day that I learnt that particular life lesson but I was pretty sure the salt goes in the one holed cellar pot and the pepper goes in the multiple holed pot for no other reason then it just felt right when I was shaking it over my dinner ! So we both took a step back and a Mexican stand off ensued over this thorny topic with the salt continuing to be in the correct one holed pot and my beloved wife tolerating my obvious faux pas.

Her argument strengthened when in Poland at a large family and friend gathering the question was raised (by her) about the salt and pepper cellars. The unanimous answer was that my wife was correct in that the salt goes in the multi holed pot as you use more salt than pepper. My own certainty has continued to waver ever since and I feel I am slowly being brain washed and so welcome the wisdom of people who are either Polish or who live in Poland and whom therefore can give an informed opinion on this topic.
13 Sep 2012
News / The Warsaw Uprising turned into a computer game ? [4]

Also, if you think it's immoral then first person shooter games in the first place shouldn't have existed

I am undecided with part of me agreeing with you. If it helps to educate people about Poland's history then that must be a good thing.
21 Feb 2012
UK, Ireland / Can I use a Polsat Hard Drive on my Polsat Decoder in the UK ? [2]

My mum has had Polsat for years and recently got the latest mini HD decoder which I believe has the capability to add an external hard drive to it to act as a Personal Video Recorder (PVR).

This would be a wonderful function for her to have but I wonder if there might be any issues with it working outside of Poland ?
28 Dec 2011
Travel / Understanding Polish bus/train Timetables? [3]

I've been to Poland many times and have yet to grasp how their timetables work.

Whether it's for a bus or train they seem to be unfathomably hard to understand. I make an attempt every year to take a minute step forward in my quest to break this enigma code but I'm ashamed to say I have made ZERO progress over the years.
4 Dec 2011
Law / Search Engine Optimisation in Poland - the same SEO rules apply? [7]

Hi spiritus,

It would be better if you clarify what you mean by "same principles". But assuming that you are talking about best practices to create search engine friendly webpages the answer is yes.

Good luck with your SEO ;)


I was thinking more along the lines of black/grey hat SEO such as blog commenting, Web 2.0 profiles. Social Bookmarking etc

A lot of the things I would do on the English side is harded with Polish sites e.g. I can't find any article sites that accept foreign languages, likewise anything similar to Web 2.0 sites in Polish
2 Dec 2011
Travel / What can Poland do to attract more tourists? Llamas farm? [53]

Ah see ! I stumble across this thread and my teeth are already grinding !!

This is one of my pet hates as I am continually frustrated by the non efforts of the Polish Tourism board to promote the country to the rest of the world.
30 Sep 2011
Law / Is it REALLY that easy to get car insurance in Poland ? [14]

a premium for younger driversOf course they do!

So which one is it then ? Richfilth said they only insure the car not the driver so how can there be a premium for younger drivers ? I'm confused now.
29 Sep 2011
Law / Is it REALLY that easy to get car insurance in Poland ? [14]

A Polish friend of mine was comparing car insurance procedures in Poland with that of the UK's.

She said that in Poland it was much easier. In Poland ,the insurance company doesn't charge a premium for younger drivers or attach any significance to the geo-location of the policy holder. I told her I found that hard to believe as the insurance business is all about calculating risk and there should be a number of factors that dictates how much you pay.

Is it really that easy in Poland ?
26 Jul 2011
Life / Is it me or do people "seem" to live longer in Poland? Life expectancy among Poles. [52]

Recently back from my annual visit to Poland it struck me again how many old people, I mean really old people, seem to be alive and kicking.

Women in their 90's are still tending farms or riding cycles.

Or are they really 60 yr olds who just look old ?

I always thought Polish cuisine wasn't particularly healthy but something seems to be working.
26 Jul 2011
Work / Why is Polish workmanship so bad? [52]

I only visit Poland once a year typically and although I always come to the same conclusion as yourself I normally end up forgetting when I next return.

Hotels aren't too bad but it's a little worrying when I'm in a friend's house and I find I've pulled out half of their wall along with the socket.