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15 Feb 2009
Life / What can citizens do to make Poland a better place to live? [125]

Am i flogging a dead horse here?

I wouldn't think so. This can be a good topic so hopefully it won't end up arguments.

I'll get the improvements started with just be nice and courteous to others, on the roads, in the shops, when your cueing etc. Respect cues and others places in cues, smile at the person serving you even if it does look like he/she wants to headbutt you.

You're right, people should be more courteous to each other. I like to smile at people and say thank you but I can be impatient waiting in queues. If people are taking their time I don't want to wait behind them.
16 Jul 2008
UK, Ireland / A collection of noimmigration's threads or "STAY AWAY from BRITAIN" [978]

If it happens I'll be very surprised.

Besides, you shouldn't worry so much noimmigration, you're in Scotland and it won't happen there as what this article (from Daily Express - as bad as Daily Mail) is talking about is certain regions in England.
17 May 2008
UK, Ireland / Polish Festivals/Exhibitions/Events in UK [91]

My verdict? £10 to pick up some flyers about making cheap calls to Poland

So they didn't have any other exhibitions? Just cheap phonecalls?
10 Apr 2008
Life / Polish people and racism. [943]

firstly mate, its the Kuran,

Actually he's right. It's "Koran" or "Qur'an" but not "Kuran".