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Admin Administrator  
6 Apr 2015
Feedback / Is the Administrator of the P.F. a Native Pole ? [80]

You hope to sound like a wise poet, but you have a long way to go. 'All about money' - please explain what you mean by that. If it was 'all about money,' there would be a dozen of other wanna-be 'poets' posting whatever is needed to meet their political, social, or commercial agenda. You obviously have no idea what you're blabbing about (but you may have a good taste of it if in fact the forum becomes money-driven). Don't forget that thanks to losers with a similar attitude to yours there have already been 3 partitions of Poland so far. On the surface, it looked good because the truth and reality has been hidden by the wolves in sheep clothes who defied the reality, which resulted in structurally weak government.

Btw. in your other post, quote:

Poles have right to choose what kinds immigrants they would like to see it their own country.

Have you read what is in the EU laws before Poland joined the EU? Now it's too late to read it but you still should for your own reference. Besides the many benefits, there are also serious social and moral costs of being a EU member. Our Polish politicians you have voted for made this difficult decision (it's true that they have hidden or spun a lot of crucial information but at the same time they have, and you're being a solid proof of that, counted on people's ignorance). Still, it is not possible to have a cake and eat it. Do you think the UK or Norwegian tax payers are in love with people who come to their countries, learn the laws they need, and take advantage of everything they can? Most likely not, but they have to live with it.

so maybe it is nit about religion but about people and culture.

Smart people and societies try to take the best from all cultures. But with a close-minded attitude, it would never be possible. Just read some facts about the Renaissance in Poland to learn about the crucial aspects of bringing out the best out of different people and cultures:

The Renaissance in Poland lasted from the late 15th to the late 16th century and is widely considered to have been the Golden Age of Polish culture. Ruled by the Jagiellonian dynasty, the Crown of the Kingdom of Poland actively participated in the broad European Renaissance. The multi-national Polish state experienced a substantial period of cultural growth thanks in part to a century without major wars - aside from conflicts in the sparsely populated eastern and southern borderlands.

What would have happened if the Jagiellonian dynasty was as biased and 'patriotic' as some of the posters here?

Now, look what happens in close-minded cultures of Belarus, Venezuela, North Korea, or Cuba. Thanks to the 'patriots' ruling these countries, if given a chance, 80% of the population would move to Poland with a blink of an eye. What's wrong with this picture - Belarus is '100% Belarus-run', Venezuela is '100% Venezuela' run, etc. Their people don't even have a chance to read what's going on in the world so that they don't revolt too much. From my understanding, those who say that the forum should be 'Polish-run' mean a similar way of self-destruction.
Admin Administrator  
5 Apr 2015
Feedback / Is the Administrator of the P.F. a Native Pole ? [80]

I could say my real name is Alfred E. Newman. (google that one kids)

'Thanks' to such attitudes and cluelessness the good grassroots movements that would benefit the people get killed before they even start. Because there's always an idiot who will claim that 99.9999999999% proof is not quite 100%. Well, some of them are paid trolls but I assume you're not one of them.

Only if you pay the extra to have it made anonymous

Let me repeat it again because: Nobody paid anything extra, the WHOIS info has never beed anonymous.

has been privatized where it wasn't the previous time Ilooked. So YES IT HAS.

Again, it has never been privatized. There are dozens of tools to check it; some of them require login to see the full info, but I'm not here to educate you; go and research it online if you want to waste more time.

I just didn't care to have been called a liar which I am not. Got it !

Then don't use the tools you don't know how they work or if they work at all. If your goal is to take a picture of Jupiter but you don't care to invest into professional equipment to achieve that - do not announce to the world that Jupiter doesn't exist because your disposable camera didn't catch it.

So YES MAdear, You did in fact say that.......there it is, written in stone not to be denied.

Now I'm not even sure if you know what a WHOIS info of a domain name is. There is nothing to be denied; IF the WHOIS info was anonymized, you'd see the domain registrar's (or host) address. Please don't mention it any more unless you educate about the basics of domain names and WHOIS info.

Our mods were doing just fine only with that :)

I know a forum that has more moderators than actual users; if you need a link PM me ;)

Furthermore, here I'm just a user and I'm free to write things I want and take sides if I want, but I couldn't allow myself to do that when I was an admin/mod at my forum.

Well, thank you. That's the goal of PF - to allow anyone to have their voice. Let's say, you are a devout Catholic - no problem, express your extreme opinions (that meet the forum rules); but at the same time allow others who don't always share your views to tell their side of the story.

Who are "we"? Is your name Legion? :))

Moderators (both the current, past, and the future ;).

Sorry, Admin, but you don't know me and you don't know what I'm capable of ;)

You may be right; I don't track or am interested in forum personalities.

why was this thread deleted?

It was (as far as I can tell) corrupted when DB was rebuilt a few days ago..

have been here since 2007 starting ONLY ten threads.

Good moderators do not have to post much; just the opposite.

British moderators

As expected.. You hear someone is 'British' then he/she must be...{enter_stereotype}.. or that someone is POLISH then he/she is {enter_stereotype}.. it's like discussing with a brick.

This forum will never be "Polish run".

Could you elaborate what you mean by being "Polish-run"? Based on your posts, I'd guess the leading points would be something like that:

1. If it is Polish or Poland-made, it's the best in the world, no questions asked. Period.

(for example, if there were 10 moderators formally based in Poland but none of them has been on the site for a week to do the moderating job it would still be better than 1 moderator from Germany who actually shows up and does the job well)

2. All discussions that confront the established status quo in Poland should be avoided.

3. All complaints or bad experiences about Poland should be avoided or deleted.

4. Posters who share personal views of moderators or administrators should be treated with utmost respect and, when possible, given moderator privileges.

5. To make the moderating process simple, a list of stereotypes about nationalities and religions should be created and followed (this would be especially useful to those who have been given moderating privileges but really aren't the sharpest knives in the drawer).

But I live in Poland. So? Why should I move to another country? To learn the opinions and views of other people? I have the internet for that :)

I believe that's the gist of the problem. Look at the point #1 above.. you will never find out about the real life from the Internet or the media; the only things you'll have left are stereotypes or 'research' done by inept people.

Polish media quite often inform what is said, written abroad about Poland, Polish politics.

It is not about information; it's all about experience. Now you have a certain stereotype about Black, Asian, Muslim, Indian people.. it's all from second-hand and static information (or misinformation). But have you actually worked or gone to a wedding party or a funeral ceremony and sat with a Black, Asian, Muslim, or Indian people? I did and it has been much more truthful experience than even the most objective media can present. It's not even only about people - in fact most stereotypes brought to you by the official knowledge are twisted (do you think you know Mexican or Chinese food just because you visited 100 Mexican or Chinese restaurants in Poland? - then go to a restaurant in Mexico or China to realize how brainwashed you were ;).
Admin Administrator  
4 Apr 2015
Feedback / Is the Administrator of the P.F. a Native Pole ? [80]

but that would be off-topic and thus deserving of the ban that homophobic and racist abuse clearly does not draw here

If anything, it would deserve a ban because of poor taste when it comes to naming babies ;)

So who besides you says you're not ? I mean hell Tom, internet is reality right ? I could say my real name is Alfred E. Newman. (google that one kids)
Do you know any native Polish person that would give their kid that name ?
Your point is pointless.

I offered you to talk to me in Polish; let other native Poles decide if my Polish is native or not ;). Rozumiesz?

Sorry Tommy, I can't pound my chest for knowing that one either.

It may be in your clique or culture to use euphemism, but I'm not used to it and I'm not easily befriended, sorry.

When I went back there to that old outdated buggy that information had gone private as I have shown here.
Got it ! No apology necessary Tom.

Sorry to say, but you are still clueless when it comes to comprehension of simple facts. The WHOIS info has never been anonymized; it hasn't been changed for several years. Besides, even if it was changed (but it hasn't) - what would it mean? It would prove your imaginary and false point? Some websites change it several times a year to prevent spam. And I don't even have time to check the profile of jon357, I'm not the Sherlocky Holmes of the Internet.
Admin Administrator  
3 Apr 2015
Feedback / Is the Administrator of the P.F. a Native Pole ? [80]

#1 Thank you as who would have known.

Do you know any native British person born to British parents who would give him Tomasz or Bartłomiej name? I personally don't (and your point was that I was British). So, anyone who knows the Polish alphabet would have known.

Prior your renewal of the domain for all the information was public
When you renewed it last November 15th 2014 you paid extra to have it made private, currently as seen below.

Just because you use some outdated or buggy WHOIS tools doesn't mean you are right. This one is probably the most popular one, nothing has been changed there in the last several years:

Whether it is or not is a matter of debate, but clearly a matter which is outside the topic of this thread.

You're sending 80% of all forum alerts, so the irony is on you.
Admin Administrator  
3 Apr 2015
Feedback / Is the Administrator of the P.F. a Native Pole ? [80]

Everything that doesn't go with the agenda "Bash Catholic church / Defend Multiculturalism / Left-Wing Agenda" that the Admins here defend is also deleted and the users are also banned.

It's easy to talk in generalities; it's even easier to ask a question and reply to it inserting your own 'agenda.' As long as you post on-topic (ie. in relation to Poland and Polish people), you are free to present your opinion, even an extreme one. The topic 'Safe Poland' topic was reopened (but will be closed again when trolls try to take it over with off-topic or abusive messages).
Admin Administrator  
3 Apr 2015
Feedback / Is the Administrator of the P.F. a Native Pole ? [80]

You can always make another forum, that's exactly what I and another Pole did - because we wanted to create an alternative to one nasty forum. But running a forum takes some time and devotion. And you can get bored after a while.

Obviously you do after all the posters you don't personally agree with are suspended ;). You can 'get bored' or frustrated only after you realize that your personal views are not always shared by other people. We are never bored here because we have learned that there is no 'established truth / authority / opinion.'

It's understandable that some people who agree with your views would want to make you a moderator or an administrator -- but only because they would hope that you would silence the 'dissidents' who happen to have different opinions. Then, after some time when there are only those you agree with left, you get bored because you're not really interested in what they say.
Admin Administrator  
3 Apr 2015
Feedback / Is the Administrator of the P.F. a Native Pole ? [80]

I rest my case.

Ok, just to make it clear, your two main points have been completely invalid:

1. The administrator is 100% Polish.
2. The address has never been removed / reappeared.
Admin Administrator  
3 Apr 2015
Feedback / Is the Administrator of the P.F. a Native Pole ? [80]

While ANYTHING that says ANYTHING about Islam, you warn and ban the person?

Dozens of posts related to Islam have been removed because they were not related to Poland (and such off-topic discussions will be removed if they appear too). Discussions about other religions will also be removed (unless they are closely related to Poland).

1. What was the reason for deleting the address and then bringing it back again after some, not very long time?

I didn't even relate to this 'question' because it was a flat-out lie (or I'd prefer to think the poster just made a mistake and was confused) that the address was removed and later came back.

So why was my thread on Prince Charles of the United Kingdom, the prospective heir to British throne, intending to buy property in Lower Silesia in Poland deleted?

I see in cache that you created it but not sure why it's not there any more (it turned into discussions about the Royal Family but still it would normally not be deleted). Maybe this particular thread got corrupted (we recovered database a couple of days ago).. If you have a copy of the first message you can send it to me and I'll recreate it (or you can start it again yourself) - I found cache from pages 3 and 4 only but cannot find from the first page.

There has been no warning or advice to members

The indirect warning has always been there; all discussions unrelated to Poland (90% of those are in the off-topic forum) may be deleted at any time. We understand there are posters passionate about many topics unrelated to Poland so we allow them to live (temporarily) in the Off-topic forum, but when they reach the point when they take over other Poland-related discussions we have no choice but to remove them to prevent the domino effect.
Admin Administrator  
3 Apr 2015
Feedback / Is the Administrator of the P.F. a Native Pole ? [80]

I'm surprised this question has arrived today; it was asked in the past, starting 9-10 years ago ;). Again, we prefer the most objective and truthful approach, not a propaganda machine. We don't want to be the Fox news or MSNBC news; we prefer the 'golden middle' (złoty środek) in the hopes to get the most comprehensive and objective views on Poland. In retrospective it seems to work well --> because there have been comments suggesting that PF is: 'too against-Poland', 'too pro-Poland.' It's not possible to 100% satisfy everyone though, but those who have different opinions can always post theirs.

So, again, posters with all kinds of views and experiences about Poland are welcome; keep in mind that the forum is in English so by default it attracts posters who are comfortable writing in English rather than Polish.
Admin Administrator  
3 Apr 2015
Feedback / Is the Administrator of the P.F. a Native Pole ? [80]

johnny reb, jaki masz problem lub pytanie, mozesz pisac po polsku (albo w dwoch wersjach jezykowych). Anyway, the administrator is 100% Polish. We surely welcome posters like Paulina, but at the same time it's not our goal to promote any particular point of view related to Poland; the goal is to discuss Poland from all angles and perspectives. PolishForums' motto is: The Ultimate Guide to Poland (not 'a guide to Poland as perceived by moderatorX, moderatorY, or administrator).

There have recently been some changes which resulted elimination of topics directly unrelated to Poland and Polish people. To avoid moving new topics to the random chat, we may leave ONE broad topic related to, let's say, a particular religion or nation (but the discussion still must be at least indirectly related to Poland); that way visitors who are not interested in the subject don't have to skip through multiple topics.
Admin Administrator  
18 Feb 2015
Feedback / Please do not quote excessively [72]

The answer was in post #2: unless you quote some important word or words.
Admin Administrator  
18 Feb 2015
Feedback / Please do not quote excessively [72]

In 90% the new rule applies to the post immediately above; however, the 'excessive' part applies to all quotes. For example, it is not okay to quote 3-5 sentences from a post and only add 'Thanks' or 'Lol' to it. Be logical, reasonable, and conservative when quoting.
Admin Administrator  
18 Feb 2015
Feedback / Please do not quote excessively [72]

They also help to respond to different parts of the last post separately.

If you refer to a specific part, it's ok to quote this particular fragment or the most important keyword you focus on in your reply; but it doesn't make sense to quote the whole post - you can see this last post above the post form, so you don't need to duplicate it. Look at it from the reader's perspective - he/she doesn't have to read the same message twice and by reading the previous message it's easy to get the context of the next message.

We made it easier to see the last post - now when you click on the reply / quote button, the 'Similar discussion' links should disappear so that posters can see the last message in full.
Admin Administrator  
18 Feb 2015
Feedback / Please do not quote excessively [72]

When you reply to the last post, there is no need to quote it (unless you quote some important word or words).

This is a new and important forum rule - posters should avoid excessive and unnecessary quotes. Excessive or unnecessary quotes disrupt the flow and bring nothing new. Some quotes only result in unneeded personal remarks. Thank you.
Admin Administrator  
24 Jan 2015
Feedback / Member warning system to prevent abuse / spam / off-topic posts [145]

We have a new 'Warning' system - now each member may receive a warning before they get suspended. The current warning codes are as follows:

A - Abuse
S - Spam
O - Off-topic / meaningless posts
T - Trolling
Q - Excessive quoting

Only the warned members can see their own warnings and history of their own warnings. Warned members may be suspended without further notice. There is no explanation what the warning was exactly for (the posters should know what they were warned for; if they don't know they should read the Rules first _).
Admin Administrator  
14 Nov 2014
Feedback / Attendance on PF. How is it possible that forum has from 15-20 new users every day? [42]

Your post is a proof why layman should not discuss things they don't understand... :). The number may include search engine bots that visit the site for 5-300 seconds to index the content. Most of these robots are ignored in the count, but since their IPs change it's not possible to keep up. Still, the same number appears on every page (if you change the page it may increase or decrease in the meantime).

I opened th PF on another card and saw the number slided to 96 only !!! It is very ineresting, isn't it?

No, it's simple logic 101. The number is in real time so within several seconds it can change (especially if search bots are currently indexing the site).

in the past I could observe actions on the forum regarding my posts which could easily be qualified as dishonest

If you don't understand something or don't read the forum rules, you will always try to shift the blame from yourself to others. As they say: "If all else fails, read the manual."

But you gave a good idea which has been contemplated by moderators to remove the number completely. Maybe we will.
Admin Administrator  
15 Jul 2014
Feedback / Live Chat removed, irrelevant forums and discussions removed [16]

while when there was a chat, it was more just everyday talk and stuff.


Bring back guys like delph and a few others and you will get much more traffic back to the site i'm sure.

Traffic remains as strong as ever. The quality is what matters, not quantity; hence, the recent shake-up. I'm sure nobody was 'banned' for nothing. There was a choice - to ban a prolific poster who would personally abuse others or to let it go. We let it go for as long as we could but then it was unfair to others. Still, anyone deserves a second chance and we welcome anyone as long as they don't repeat the same steps that could not be accepted by the rest of the community.

Chat was a temporary thing that might answer a question, but it would not stay for other users to read if they had the same question in the future. Besides, it was too often a place for personal games and agendas that continues into the forum discussions.
Admin Administrator  
15 Jul 2014
Feedback / Live Chat removed, irrelevant forums and discussions removed [16]

That's all so really i'll never check up on here again haha

Those who won't be answering your question will keep that in mind ;). It's great to have friends to benefit from them only. It's hard to get this new generation, isn't it ;).
Admin Administrator  
14 Jul 2014
Feedback / Live Chat removed, irrelevant forums and discussions removed [16]

We have decided to remove the live chat and a couple of other forum categories that weren't relevant to discussions about Poland and Polish matters. In other words - no more classified ads on PolishForums. If you want to contact someone, you may send a private message to him/her.

We hope this change will allow both current and new members re-shift and focus on relevant discussions about Poland and Polish matters. That's what PF is all about. Enjoy!
Admin Administrator  
12 Jul 2014
Feedback / I like the new buttons of PolishForums! [76]

It looks like the option to make a donation has gone - is this permanent?

Yes, few people were interested in supporting PF this way, so it was not worth supporting this feature. Thank you for your support.
Admin Administrator  
9 Jun 2014
Feedback / Please bring back the Ignore Button [60]

Still waiting for a reason why the ignore button disappeared.

Hm, I was ignoring you so I didn't read your message, sorry :
Admin Administrator  
13 May 2014
Feedback / Editing time too short (5 minutes currently) [60]

Maybe if it concerns Poland and you have a question in English about something in Poland, but normally, no, you'd usually get a link to a website with the info rather than a forum.

You think or you 'feel' (I know, thinking this days is overrated, especially on Facebook and similar social media sites ;).

Also a huge problem with this forum is there was no sense ever of 'community' here. Keyboard warriors were allowed to thrive and it was too late before actions was taken. They put off new posters and the vast majority never returned.

This is a problem of today's young generation of people. They don't want individual responsibility - they demand 'teamwork' and 'community' so that they can play on their smart phones without noticing the reality. ; ) They lack testosterone. They cannot handle a different opinion and are unable to defend their position. They think patting each other on their back creates a community.

the forum is long overdue an update

Right. You miss a Facebook Like button? Or Instagram pictures of celebrities ;)

Like I've said before, people here just aren't nice and it's no surprise to see that posters aren't exactly flocking here.

But you do. I prefer someone not to be nice but saying things as they are or to give different points of view than my personal 'community' that agrees with me all the time.

people here just aren't nice and it's no surprise to see that posters aren't exactly flocking here.

People come here for reality check, different opinions, and the truth. If you want to live in a different world, you may talk to your Facebook friends only - you'll always know what to expect.

Personally I'd much like to see a 'strikethrough' option for text, where people could strike through text that they have written and by striking it out show that they admit that they were wrong and no longer say what they said.

Out of 1000 posts, how many times would you struck yourself? Probably 0, like most posters would. Nobody wants to admit he/she was wrong, no matter what. That's the human nature.

A 'like' or 'thanks' button would be good too, so if you agree with a poster you can hit on that

It's not a very useful functionality because it can artificially distort the reality and doesn't bring anything new to the discussions.

If one is using a 3.5 inch screen, it's pretty hard to read all of any post which is longer than a couple of lines.

So it's the problem of 3.5 inch size, nothing else.
Admin Administrator  
8 Dec 2013
Feedback / NEW: Notorious trolls of the PolishForums Community are being permanently suspended [120]

In order to improve the PolishForums community and focus on relevant discussions about Poland without personal fights and prejudice, we decided to permanently suspend some of the most notorious long-term trolls.

We hope that new members (or dormant members) of PolishForums will welcome this decision and start contributing more to this Poland-related forum without a fear that their messages are ridiculed or contorted by trolls.

Message to suspended member/s - please don't try to register new accounts since they will also be suspended.
Admin Administrator  
20 Sep 2013
Feedback / Multiple usernames, accounts and privacy of the user [112]

Do I report each and every post made under that nick by that user? No.

Unless reserved by a registered member, multiple people can use same username.

Have I expressed my concerns about that user posting under that nick? Yes. See above and read chat more often ;)

That nick posted both trollish and relevant posts. Just like most of us here.

Unfortunately anyone can hide their IP address quite easily using a proxy server.

So.. what's the solution? Close the Internet?

Temporarily suspended that IP is a good start :)

What about the 'anyone can hide their IP address quite easily' part? In general, while a troll may be annoying to some people, they can be eliminated if need be. You may judge posters by their username, not by the content of their posts. Even trolls may post something interesting and useful from time to time.
Admin Administrator  
20 Sep 2013
Feedback / Multiple usernames, accounts and privacy of the user [112]

P3, for how long are you going to allow your mate to use the nick 'Harrys moma' to troll a certain poster here?

Have you reported these posts? The moron's IP was temporarily suspended. Or maybe by 'allow to post' you mean all posts should be pre-moderated and filtered before they go live.

Also, when a user has his account suspended should he be allowed to continue posting as a guest user?

It's not possible to tell who is behind an IP address. You're using multiple IPs - would it be enough reason to suspend your account because of that? Probably not.