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WW2 Polish settlement in the North study

lukkija 1 | 10
28 Jul 2016 #1
I am looking for any memoirs related to the Polish settlement in the north of England (Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool,Newcastle, York, Bradford etc). I am particularly interested in the inner (Polish) community memories, personal documents, diaries etc. It is for an academic history research project on memory and identity of the displaced communities in the UK. Amongst many other goals, it aims to analyse political perspectives of the wartime Polish migrants and their attitudes towards other migrant communities.

Your helps is much appreciated!

Cassie188 1 | 1
17 May 2017 #2
Hi Lucia

Please email we had a displaced persons camp and a few years ago we had a reminiscence day. We collected lots of memories and documents. Some of the descendants also collected lots of material photographs etc.

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