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Terrible past for the Jews in Poland?

pawian 190 | 19,211
1 Aug 2022 #691
Anybody who is upset to read the truth about the past events has chosen life in denial. Me - the opposite. :):):)

Let`s go on with a closer look at Polish chauvinists and nationalists` acts before the war.

Similar antiJewish restrictions took place in other places, too, e.g, in the Polish Army . Jews constituted about 10 percent of the total number of people living in Poland. With the rules of universal conscription at that time, one might expect that this proportion would also be maintained in linear units. However, in 1922 this percentage was only 4.65%, and in 1938 - 6.08%.

The percentage of Jews among officers was even worse. In 1927, only 0.56 percent. officers of the permanent service were of Jewish origin. Later that number decreased even more. The tendency was such that in order to pursue an officer's career in the Polish Army, one had to change the name and religion, bit is still didn`t guarantee that the doors of the military academy would be open to a Jewish student.


doctors help

Yaaawn. Anything else??? :):):)
1 Aug 2022 #692
this just shows Jews in Poland did not consider POland 'their' country like Israel is there country
so they refuse to fight for Poland as it is not their country, how many Polish Jews today in Polish army....0 how many volunteer as IDF and Mossad Sayanim?

acting against Polish interests....
pawian 190 | 19,211
1 Aug 2022 #693
how many Polish Jews today in Polish army..

:):):) Darling, in the same way you could ask: How many Slavic warriors with shields and spears in the Polish army today??? hahahaha

this just shows

It only shows that rabid nationalists in the Polish Army turned down Jews for antisemitic reasons.
Cojestdocholery 2 | 1,651
2 Aug 2022 #694
More insane rubbish from you. Where is your evidence? Its more than ten posts now and you still can't provide it. Admit you lied and you are a rabid slanderer.

Bringing in some unrelated issues is noting but deflection.

rabid nationalists in the Polish Army turned down Jews for antisemitic reasons.

How about you bring evience for that too. ?
You are great at makeing claims you pul from your smelly red ass.
What about crimes of your grandparents, were they scum wroking for Moscow? Tell us more about it. Stop making stuff up.
pawian 190 | 19,211
2 Aug 2022 #695

Of course not, darling, we shall continue until we relate all crimes of nasty nationalists against Jews. God help us in it. I hope you understand that your enthusiastic denials only goad me to further research. Ha!

You surely remember from other threads that Polish nationalists or just the mob inspired by nationalists organised pogroms of Jews after WW2.
But there were also riots and pogroms before the war - according to this article - several dozen.,1,

The most known and bloodiest was the one in Przytyk in 1936. Nationalists from National Democrats are to blame for it.

The atmosphere in Przytyk had been tense since mid-1935. A town near Radom with a population of 3,000 was at the center of an anti-Jewish boycott campaign organized in the county by the National Party. Endecja militias chased buyers away from Jewish stalls and kicked Jewish sellers from the market square. The traders were beaten up several times.

David Vital, a historian of Tel Aviv University, writes that local peasants were stirred by antisemitic propaganda spread by Endecja (National Democracy) politicians. A boycott of Jewish shops was organized, and escalated into a wave of violent attacks on Jewish shops, which resulted in the creation of a Jewish self-defense group.

{.....} Uncontrollable and untamed mob moved from apartment to apartment and with the help of clubs, stones and stanchions they broke down shutters and framed windows, smashed furniture, beat the inhabitants - it was written later in the official reconstruction of the events. - During these incidents, one of the groups of young boys attacked the apartment of Josek Minkowski, a shoemaker, where, after tearing out the windows and demolishing the device, they beat up his children, Gawrys and Szmul, and murdered Josek and Chaja with clubs. {.....}
Cojestdocholery 2 | 1,651
2 Aug 2022 #696
Of course not, darling, we shall continue

Dude why are you posting all unrelated stuff here? I asked you to post evidence to your claim.
You know very well what is that and you do all you can to defelct it.
You lied and you are slanderer and if I ever find out your real name I will make you pay for that!
I don't expect low life like you do deliver. So knock yourslef out and post all lies, slanders, manipulations, politcal or idological narratvie with a some added facts to make it look like there onto something you want.

As they say to make a good lie you need to add to the mix some truth.
It doesn't change a thing and the truth about you being a petty little lying scum from a long line of scum.

Numerus clausus meant limiting the number of Jewish students in higher education

Good! There was nothing wrong with that at the time? Pity stupid Sancja regime was first to put down patriots but last to do the right thing.

you defend and protect that nationalist scum who committed various atrocities on Jews

Again evidecne. i don't need your Moscow propaganda or Tel-Aviv lies or NYT BS. I ask you again evidence.
You won't get past that until you provide it! I tell you right now you won't be able to as that is nothing a big lie fat lie.

All you show is typical problems with a hudge minority in a poor country that refuses to assimilate and that casues all kind of problems. There is nothing that wouldn't be present in any country at the time.

So stop your lies and BS untill you bring evidence.
pawian 190 | 19,211
2 Aug 2022 #697
So stop

Of course not. We shall continue despite your denials. The more you deny, the more I will post. Simple. :):):)

BS. Talking to you is so nice and simple. I only look at the first and last sentence in your posts and quote one, two words and move on. Amasing! hahahaha

But there were also riots and pogroms before the war

The antiJewish riots in Brześć took place in 1937.

In May 1937, the news spread through the streets of Brześć about the death of a policeman who, having discovered an illegal Jewish butcher's shop, was stabbed by a butcher with a knife. In an atmosphere undermined by anti-Semitic slogans, the event acted as a detonator. First, there was an attack on the Jewish market stalls, then the crowd, divided into several groups, headed for the city. "The events on May 13 were eminently anti-Jewish in nature," we read in a report by military counterintelligence. - Even the worst hoodlums, demolishing shops or breaking windows, shouted from time to time

»Long live Christian Poland! Beat the Jews! (...) Every policeman who tried to stop the riot was pelted with epithets such as "Jewish Wojtek", "Jewish servant".

As a result of the pogrom, 50 Jews were hospitalized, and over 800 houses and workshops were ruined.
2 Aug 2022 #698
also Pawian forgets many Polish girls kidnapped by Jewish slave traders and sold in Istanbul slave markets, this sex trade continues today in Israel with Ukrainian and russian girls...also in 1939 when Soviet Army invaded eastern Poland they were welcomed by communist Jews who denounced their Polish neighbors as anti communist and Soviets Bolsheviks (many Jewish like Lazar Kaganovish, architect of the Katyn Massacre) deported 500,000 Poles to Siberia, this igniting anti Jewish feeling in much of Poland, as for numeras clauses, dont you support diversity? POlish graduates were shut out of university slots by racist Bolsheviks, so legislation was needed, just like affirmative action in the USA
Alien 11 | 1,652
2 Aug 2022 #699
So ,so, Pawians vision deteriorated in his right eye.
pawian 190 | 19,211
2 Aug 2022 #700
So ,so, Pawians vision

No, darling, my vision is OK. I have deliberately chosen to present one side of events, namely Polish crimes on Jews coz rabid nationalists like Iron deny everything. So, serves them well - they will be treated what they deserve. Ha!.

If anybody wants to show the other side, you are welcome. I don`t mind. But it is your job, not mine coz I don`t have time for that.

also Pawian forgets

Darling, look above and read my reply to Alien.
Cojestdocholery 2 | 1,651
2 Aug 2022 #701
I have deliberately chosen to present one side of events

No you didn't! You have deliberately chosen to lie about those events. As your falied to provide evidence to your cliams, that makes you into a brazen liar and slanderer. No wonder people faced with such a shamelss display of manipulation, cheap narrative based on biased political idology start to question facts and say that so called Holocoust never happned.

Shamless scum like you are resposible for that to a lagre degreee. I'm sure you don't care as you call only to be a preachy a-hole. Denying your grandparents crimes against Polish nation.
pawian 190 | 19,211
2 Aug 2022 #702

Yes. :):):)

Another pogrom was organised by nationalists in Myślenice in 1936. The leader of Endecja stormtruppen was Doboszyński, Dmowski`s assistant. Fortunately, there were no victims.,608

[.....] The rest, armed primarily with clubs, axes and metal rods, decided to teach this city a lesson.
At night, the telegraph lines connecting Myślenice with Kraków, Dobczyce and Pcim were cut. The Endecs reached the town outskirts on June 23 at 3.30 am. The first group of nationalists led by Doboszyński himself attacked the police station. There was only one officer there at this time, and he was asleep. The Endecs beat him with rubber truncheons. Doboszyński leaned over the fallen man and said:

I feel sorry for you that you were so beaten up, we are nationalists.

Thanks to the attack on the station, the stormtruppen obtained 14 rifles, 4 revolvers and ammunition. At the same time, the second group plundered Jewish shops in the market square. People were already getting ready to beat Jews who were trying to save their property, but Doboszyński was against it. Some still got it anyway. Baker Jude Berkowicz and his journeyman Leibe Weksberg were so beaten with sticks that they miraculously escaped death.

The goods from the shops were brought to the market and set on fire. The synagogue was also supposed to burn. This task fell to the third group. However, the bottle of kerosene that was thrown through the synagogue window only burned holes in the floor.

Doboszyński`s nationalists greet each other with fascist gesture

Alien 11 | 1,652
2 Aug 2022 #703
It was a bunch of idiots who did not know what the future awaited Poland.
Cojestdocholery 2 | 1,651
2 Aug 2022 #704
Evidence bring on evidnce for your cliam. what 1936 you were talking about 1941. 20 posts later you post unrealted stuff. You scum!

The antiJewish riots in Brześć took place in 1937.

Good. What is wrong with that? lol!
post some more stuff about pre war period. It is all argument against mulitcultural, mulity ethnic state, specailly for those minorities who refuse to assimilte.

Jews have they own state now. Do they treat their minorites any better? I say not!
pawian 190 | 19,211
2 Aug 2022 #705

Yest! :):):)

Another pogrom took place in Mińsk Mazowiecki.

[....] On June 1, 1936, the demolition of Jewish shops by young people aged 16-18 began. The windows in the synagogue were broken. Jews barricaded themselves in their houses. The Jewish population began to flee to Warsaw. The trains were overcrowded, there were no tickets available. In total, approx. 3 thousand people fled the city. The poorest people and those who had no friends in Warsaw remained in the city. They gathered in the houses of richer Jews - brick and relatively safe - incl. in the house of the judge Mendel Ofenheim. The riots lasted all night. It was only possible to suppress them with the help of the Warsaw police and lancers' patrols. On the third day, Wednesday, attacks on Jews were renewed. Groups of teenagers started breaking into closed houses and beating the Jewish population. The riots continued all night. In total, 41 people were beaten and injured during 3 days. [.....]

Cojestdocholery 2 | 1,651
2 Aug 2022 #706
Another pogrom took place in Mińsk Mazowiecki.

Very good! Post some more.
pawian 190 | 19,211
2 Aug 2022 #707

Yes, I know. :):) Good boy.

So, the atmosphere in prewar Poland wasn`t too friendly for Jewish citizens.

From the,1,

[....] It is estimated that in the years 1935-38, 1,300 Jews were injured in over 150 cities and towns as a result of anti-Jewish incidents. The background of aggression was most often the slogans of economic boycotts, and apart from spontaneous riots, planned acts of terror towards Jewsm also took place on a regular basis. The militants of the nationalist organisations carried out raids around the city, broke windows in Jewish shops, threw bombs, and beat sellers and buyers. The scale of the phenomenon is relatively easy to estimate, as the nationalist press reported with satisfaction about each incident.

The pages of the national and Jewish press from this period are filled with descriptions of attacks, chases and abuse. From the newspaper reports, we can find out what kind of injuries the Jews suffered at the hands of the All-Polish Youth and members of the ONR. Nationalists were usually armed with wooden walking sticks (worn by members of student corporations), sometimes bristling with razor blades - hence the broken heads and deep cuts on the faces and hands. [.......]
2 Aug 2022 #708
Stefan Michnik Stalinist hanging judge and international Jew, sentenced hundreds of Polish patriots to death in early 1950's
so many Jews like Berut, Bronstein and Ben Moshe led the communist secret police in massive pogroms and death sentences against Poles
these are historic facts.

radical Israeli nationalists, who Pawian supports march through Arab East Jersalem chanting "Death to Arabs" has Pawian served in IDF?
likely, he is just a Soros funded agitator trying to destroy Poland. Black Lives Matter burned shops of their oppressors, so did Poles fighting their oppression by racist exclusivist vampires
pawian 190 | 19,211
2 Aug 2022 #709
destroy Poland

The truth about historical facts can destroy Poland?? Is it so weak our forum can do it through the posts of one member??? hahahaha AmaSSing!
Alien 11 | 1,652
2 Aug 2022 #710
The best defense is counterattack, tell us what you know about Jews.
Cojestdocholery 2 | 1,651
2 Aug 2022 #711
So, the atmosphere in prewar Poland wasn`t too friendly for Jewish citizens.

Good. Now when you got it off your system will finally bring some evidence for your claims about 1941? I guess not. Run run pawian like a liar you are.

The militants of the nationalist organisations carried out raids around the city,

Evidently not often enough.
pawian 190 | 19,211
2 Aug 2022 #712

It is below.

Evidently not often enough.

You see? You, as a nationalist, enthusiastically endorse all acts of terror which your nationalist predecessors committed on Jews before the WW2 as well as during it or afterwards. That is the best evidence - you are able to do anything, from breaking the windows in a Jewish shop to burning Jews in a barn..
Lyzko 34 | 8,342
2 Aug 2022 #713
@Pawian, Cojestdocholery is obviously nothing more than a provocateur, once again, pay him no mind.
Cojestdocholery 2 | 1,651
2 Aug 2022 #714
It is below.

For 1941 and your claim? No there is nothing to support your lies.

You see?

I see you, and you are talking on this level and I simply talk on your level now.

That is the best evidence

lol! you are a moron. Read up what evidence is, you still don't know.
pawian 190 | 19,211
2 Aug 2022 #715
Pre war period continued
[...] The activities of the nationalist stormtroopers were frequent, but the accompanying anti-Semitic propaganda was even more pervasive. The slogan "reviving Poland" at that time became the chief postulate of the national camp - a program that was endlessly developed and justified in the nationalist press and in some Catholic titles, such as "Mały Dziennik", a high-circulation magazine published by the Franciscan Niepokalanów. Demands were made to introduce the "Aryan paragraph" in all offices, schools and public institutions. It was postulated that Jews would be deprived of their property, civil rights, forbidden to write in Polish, and the national culture would be purified of Jewish impurities. Father Stanisław Trzeciak, one of the Church's chief experts on Judaism, wrote that "even a baptized Jew remains a Jew". There was a wave of articles in the press demanding "dejudeisation" of city parks, railways, bathing areas and holiday homes so that Poles would not have to endure the sight of "disgusting long coated walkers". [...]
Cojestdocholery 2 | 1,651
3 Aug 2022 #716
Pre war period continued

I am not even reading it. But still would like to meet you.

IF you will find some evidence for your claims give me a call. Till then just lie all you can karma will get you.
pawian 190 | 19,211
3 Aug 2022 #717
I am not even reading it

Stop monkeying me. It is ME who doesn`t read your nationalist posts. HA!

You can` t escape from facts. Shall we go on?
In the mid-1930s, the word ghetto appeared more and more frequently in nationalist journalism.Originally, this concept was called upon to grant Jews the status of second-class citizens, but over time it began to be connected with its original meaning, praising the once sanctioned institution of a closed residential district. "Thanks to the action of the National Party, the slogan - Jews to the ghetto - is also on time today as never before. We will remove the Jews from Poland altogether - announced "Wszechpolak" in September 1937 - There are prisons for criminals. Separated from life by a high wall, barred, closed and closely guarded. Prisoners wear clothes that distinguish them from their surroundings. If they are released outside, it is under custody and at a special time. For those suffering from contagious diseases, for lepers there are conditions that do not expose the rest of society to the consequences of contact with them. Exceptions cannot be made here. And we must not allow these lepers to lead the way in society. (...) They must be separated from us! Wire! Wire! Barbed wire and Jews to the ghetto! ".

A year later, colorful posters "Jews to the ghetto" appeared on the streets of cities and towns. Beneath the drawing of a broom sweeping a swarm of small figures with characteristic prominent noses, the following reads: "» Ghetto «- this is a closed area where Jews are allowed to live and earn a living. Until we remove the Jews from Poland completely, they must be designated "Ghetto" in all spheres of Polish life. "

Through articles, posters, leaflets - and the speeches of National Democratic politicians at rallies organized in cities and towns - anti-Semitic clichés seeped into the public's imagination. Nationalist agitation was responsible not only for fights at country fairs, Przytyk, Brest and the bench ghetto, but also for dehumanizing the image of Jews.

Cojestdocholery 2 | 1,651
3 Aug 2022 #718
t is ME who doesn`t read your nationalist posts. HA!

Sure, everyone are going to belive you. You are so trusworthy. lol!
3 Aug 2022 #719
yet international Jewish owned media and Hollywood have no problem dehumanizing and demonizing Poles
Cojestdocholery 2 | 1,651
3 Aug 2022 #720
yet international Jewish

Do you thinks he cares? He is doing that for his own benefit. I'm that good little poodle Pole you need to support me as others are fashist that like to kill Jews. He doesn't care about facts, historical truth, context, reality or anything else.

He has this false political/idological narrative sold in Moscow, TelAvive and NY. About Poles before the war during the war and after the war being almost worst then Germany.

The same tale, the same narrative the same lies and manipulations.
Do you think he cares about the truth? Niuanse? Nope, he doesn't! He is a slime the worst kind of slime.
The least he cares what some Jews are doing. In regard to Poland and Polish history he is on their side.

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