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Poland provoked Germany to start WW2 by mobilising first

smigly wilno    
17 Sep 2010  #91
FDR and Churchill wanted a victory over Hitler at any cost. FDR also wanted Stalin to declare war on Japan. So, even after some protestation of Churchill, FDR gave Poland (and more) to Stalin.

Please read "Yalta: The Price of Peace" by S. M. Plokhy.

Here's a review in the Washington Times.
LAGirl 9 | 496    
17 Sep 2010  #92
Yes,Germans and Russians turned Poland into a terrain for their battles.

Thats is very true.
Marek11111 9 | 827    
17 Sep 2010  #93
see harry read smigly wilno post and hold you peace.
harry you have been proven lying so many times by so many people including me about this lie you spreading, I will no longer respect your opinion or even read your posts.

good day
Szalawa 4 | 253    
23 May 2014  #94
Wow this is pure propaganda "Poland provoked Germany to start WW2" but coming from Germans that think of themselves as liberators of Europe from the Russians I am not surprised.

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