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Greater Poland Uprising (1918-1919)

Poznan 5 | 46
24 Oct 2008 #1
After culture and economic war in Poznań (won by Poles) we had WWI it was great opportunity...

The Greater Poland Uprising of 1918-1919, or Wielkopolska Uprising of 1918-1919 or Posnanian War was a military insurrection of Poles in the Greater Poland against Germany.

Poznań remembers this victory:

great Poland
McCoy 27 | 1,268
24 Oct 2008 #3
my great-grandfather fought in the uprising.
OP Poznan 5 | 46
25 Oct 2008 #4
If you go on Stary Rynek (Old Market) around old Towns Hall you will find nice exhibition around buildings. 90 anniversary is very close and there are nice pictures presented there. I have been looking for them on interenet but I couldn't find them. They are realy interesting.

Old Market durring up rise whole in Polish flags (Old market has been always in Polish "hands") etc.
Prince 15 | 590
11 Nov 2008 #5
Today in Poznań everybody have been eating "Rogale Marcińskie" We eat them during Poland's independence day.
RubasznyRumcajs 5 | 497
27 Dec 2015 #6
Merged: 97th Anniversary of Greater Poland Uprising (Powstanie Wielkopolskie)

97 years ago another uprising started- it was different than others, because it actually succeeded without costing thousands of Polish lives; that's also one of the reason it's almost a forgotten anniversary; clearly celebrating catastrophes (like Warsaw Uprising etc) committed without much thinking is a much better thing to do than to celebrate actual victories.

url in English

Video in Polish
pawian 223 | 24,535
18 Feb 2020 #7
There is a good film made about the Rising: Męskie Sprawy - Males` Job. See the skirmish between insurgent Poles and Germans at 1:22:45. Made in 1980s so the special effects aren`t too good.

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