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Should Poland be given ANY credit for ALLOWING Jews into Poland for 1000 years?

Dziewanna - | 6    
21 Oct 2015  #181

One world one people contradicts multiculturalism. It is called uniformity.

milky 13 | 1,658    
21 Oct 2015  #182

Sometimes things make sense when you're stoned..but in fact make none.
Lyzko 17 | 4,435    
21 Oct 2015  #183

Poland ought to be given as much "credit" for allowing Jews into their country as any other country which offered sanction and safe haven to persecuted minorities. Sadly, Israel too see herself as a persecuted aka surrounded island in a sea of enemies, is however for that reason perhaps less than friendly to her Palestinian fellow citizens:-) Often though, it seems a bit of a rationalization.

We were discussing Poland, and I believe Poland has done more than many others in allowing (if not always welcoming) Jews along with others to live within its borders!
22 Jan 2017  #184

Poland is the ONLY country in Europe that granted Jews their own "kingdom." They had their own laws, their own courts. For a while, moslems did, too! A little too much "human rights" stuff can get you in trouble I guess.
nothanks - | 665    
23 Jan 2017  #185

Indeed. The legend is the Nazis did not need to do much detective work in some areas because the Jews with their long beards and speaking practically no Polish - stuck out like a sore thumb.
Marsupial - | 921    
23 Jan 2017  #186

Plus they ratted on each other to save their own skin. It didn't work.
Lyzko 17 | 4,435    
23 Jan 2017  #187

Whereas today, nothanks, just the opposite is often the case! I know of a 100% Jewish woman hovering around her 60's from Warsaw who knows (or claims to know) NO Yiddish, only Polish as a mother tongue, plus fluent English and a smattering of high school Russian during the Communist era.

She shuns Jewish symbolism in public, looks "Polish" with high cheekbones, lightish eyes and a penchant for highly suggestive clothing. While she never wears a cross, on the streets of any Polish city, I assure you all she would be indistinguishable from any other Pole:-)
27 Jan 2017  #188

Poles deserve to be ********** because they are a pathetic weak nation of punching bags. They always try to please everyone then act surprised no one treats them seriously. They shouldn't even exist. Literally a nation of slaves.
Marsupial - | 921    
27 Jan 2017  #189

Put down the bong and back to scrubbing floors peasant!

Home / History / Should Poland be given ANY credit for ALLOWING Jews into Poland for 1000 years?
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