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German history of my new home in Poland

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You don`t understand. What hypothesis on the origin of humanity? What "Out of Serbia" hypothesis? I didn`t mention Serbia but Silesians, Balkan Ice age refugium, Sarmatians and Serbians. I am always quite precise when write here. Little bit crazy by some standards, but precise. See, no doubt that 10.000-12.000 years ago Sarmatains (ie Proto Slavs) lived in Balkan Ice age refugium. Not that rest of Europe wasn`t populated with them but, for obvious reasons (unpleasant Ice age occured), bulk of population lived in Balkan Ice age refugium. And no, Balkan Ice age refugium wasn`t only place where at that time lived Sarmatians in great number. They lived in Crimean Ice age refugium, too. By some, that branch lived not only on Crimea but all around what is today`s Black Sea. Just, in those times Black Sea wasn`t sea but lake, fresh water lake.

Anyway, ancestors of modern day Silesians are population that followed Danubian Balkan-Baltic line, so they originate from Balkan Ice age refugium, as I said. Not that Sarmats from Crimean/Black Sea refugium didn`t influence them (all Sarmats intermixed and exchanged influences), but just their main population, in successive and slow migrations along the Danube river and its river net, came from Balkan Ice age refugium and that way re-populated what is now Silesia- that part of Sarmatian realm (Europe).

Also, by many scientific branches (archeology, history, linguistics,..), modern day Serbs from Balkan and Lusatian Serbs, represent last people (Slavs) on this Earth, who as their own ethnic name using what back in past was universal name of all Sarmatians (ie Slavs, ie Proto Slavs). In other words, Sarmatians = Serbians.

So tell me mafketise, where did I mistaken in my previous comment? How did I deserved that you upset me with your provocation? Should I be blamed for your own limitations, incapacity to admit to yourself simple truth about European past?

Back on topic please

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