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Franciszek Kornicki - Son of Poland, WWII Flying Ace, Savior of Britain

Bieganski 17 | 890
23 Sep 2017 #1
Yet another fantastic and inspiring tale of Polish bravery and heroism selflessly made over half a century ago is making headlines today.

Franciszek Kornicki - still alive at 100 years young! - has skyrocketed to the top of a recent poll:

A Polish World War II pilot is well ahead in a poll held by a London museum to honour the heroes of Britain's Royal Air Force.

The last surviving Polish World War II squadron leader, Kornicki turned 100 last December. He is well ahead of the other pilots in the poll, with close on 200,000 votes, ahead of Sir Douglas Bader, with around 3,000 votes.,Polish-WWII-pilot-leads-British-poll-to-honour-RAF-heroes

Here is a link to the poll so that you too can show your gratitude by voting for Poland's winged warrior Franciszek Kornicki:

Brawo! Brawo Pan Franciszek! Sto lat!
Roger5 1 | 1,449
23 Sep 2017 #2
Yes, a hero for sure. And very modest, "I'm very surprised and even a little dazed by this news. I was only one of many and I knew quite a lot of better flyers than me."
kaprys 3 | 2,249
23 Sep 2017 #3
'Repeat, please' ;)

Wonderful people who should have been appreciated more.
I hope he's going to win.
OP Bieganski 17 | 890
23 Sep 2017 #4
He absolutely deserves to win even if he self-effacingly acknowledges the heroism of fellow Poles from his generation who also answered the call of duty.

His win will be their win too.

Young people today and from all around the world need to know that it was only decades ago that back in their day many young Poles like Franciszek Kornicki carried out acts of valor and sacrifice for a cause much greater than themselves. He bravely did his part to defeat the Nazis, save other countries like backstabbing Britain, and most importantly liberate and restore Poland so that future generations of Poles could be secure and free.

He deserves respect and recognition.

I honor him. All of us should honor him.
kaprys 3 | 2,249
23 Sep 2017 #5
By the way, have you guys seen The Unconquered made by IPN?
You can see it on youtube. Any thoughts?
OP Bieganski 17 | 890
24 Sep 2017 #6
Here is a link to the video you mentioned:

It's an excellent and important short film about Polish struggles and ultimate victory. It should be required viewing in classrooms on both sides of the Atlantic.

The following quote from the film has resonance in prior centuries and again today:

"...we are the first to alert the world about the holocaust though politics appear to be more important...and nobody listens to exchange for all that we do we are betrayed...the free world distances itself from us, leaving us behind."

Betrayal of Poland not only occurred during WWII and in the immediate aftermath but there is precedence with Imperial Russia's century long control over Polish lands while the West did nothing.

Today Poland has led the resistance to Mad Cow Merkel's illegal importation of millions of third-world economic migrants and the socially destabilizing and terrorist threats they bring with them.

As seen occurring with previous generations, politics once again is more important to an unaccountable non-Polish/anti-Polish elite and once again they are not listening to Poland.

The victories of our Polish heroes in the past demonstrate that fighting alien leftist tyranny is still an imperative.

The closing quote to the film says it all:

"Because we do not beg for freedom, we fight for it." - Gen. Witold Urbanowicz

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