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'Defamation': The Anti-Semism Industry & Poland

NomadatNet 1 | 457
24 May 2011 #181
Becoming general manager of a company doesn't make you owner of company.
However, USA is not a monarchy like Britain or Arap monarchies, so, there is a chance for every individual unlike monarchic states.
Piotr123 3 | 54
24 May 2011 #182
As an ethnic group the Jews have gained a disproportionate amount of power in world affairs. The Jews only constitute 0.2% percent of the world population, and yet they control the Federal Reserve and Bank of England and run the two institutions as private companies.

They have created a Holocaust industry to further their own interests. Jewish children are being taught that all non-Jews are anti-Semites. There is no freedom of speech when the topic concerns Jews. The Jews have even created laws in some countries that make it illegal to speak out against them by labeling it as antisemitism.

They have claimed exclusive rights to the Holocaust and the term Semites. Jews are allowed to ridicule Christianity and Islam, but they have made sure that no one dares to ridicule Judaism by creating draconian laws in European countries.
NomadatNet 1 | 457
24 May 2011 #183
As an ethnic group the Jews have gained a disproportionate amount of power in world affairs. The Jews only constitute 0.2% percent of the world population, and yet they control the Federal Reserve and Bank of England and run the two institutions as private companies.

False. It is like saying Einstein, one person only, influenced whole world in science. Monetary field is like that. You see only influential people while you are blind to millions of researchers, academicans, etc who don't produce real things, but, get their salaries lazily. And, with democracy controlled by such works at universities too, science does not progress as much as Einsteins do..

If Federal Reserve and Bank of England don't know the monetary system which is actually their own system of their own monarchies who don't care about even their own ordinary people, ordinary people complaining about people who are civils unlike monarchies who control the resources belonging to ordinary people are not doing any different than monarchies. Money is printed by states and they are in their control of deep states with weapon powers, not in their control of people you call Jews.. Jews have only a very small land, called Israel while monarchies have huge lands.. You are made blind by those who own huge lands doing nothing, living lazily and a small community working hard and those lazy people like Arap kingdoms and Britain monarchies are showing these hard worker minority as target.. But, anyway, they don't care ordinary folks, either.. These computers were not made by monarchies, dictators, etc but by working people like Jews..
OP joepilsudski 26 | 1,389
24 May 2011 #184
Jews are interested in oil, but in the US they exercise strategic power in financial services, and hence can effect the price of oil at a distance.

The FED is a private central bank, but the main shareholders are hidden by layers of holding companies...I would suspect that shares in the FED still belong to the Rothschilds & Rockfellers, who were instrumental in it's establishment, but I couldn't prove this because THE FED HAS NEVER BEEN AUDITED.

Jews are always at the top level in FED policy making.
NomadatNet 1 | 457
24 May 2011 #185
Eh, everybody who has a car is interested in oil and they pay money for the oil to get it. When it is considered like that, oil is another business - but, when it is considered as somethings that can be taken by weapons, it is no more business, not civil business. And, oil and military industries have been huge portion of such global issues since last century and in such industries, Jews and other civil people are out..

FED is a part of monetary system. Owner of monetary systems are owner of central banks which credit the gold more than the money as central banks don't trust ordinary people and their elected governments and central banks are under the control of deep states, or monarchies.. Saying some ordinary folks who have become successful within their rules of monarchies don't make them more powerful than deep states and monarchies. At the end, you too have a chance to become successful and rich within the rules of monarchies, but, you don't have any chance to be member of a monarchy.. Not that people are interested in becoming a part or a member of monarchy, but, they sometimes do not do good things, civil things for ordinary people and since they are rulers, they are above the rules, they don't pay any cost when they do not do good things, unlike civil business people like Jews, and others.. Showing Jews so powerful is due to their fears of monarchies who spread fears to ordinary people too, using the ideologies, cultural differences, etc..
johnny reb 28 | 4,574
11 Feb 2018 #186
Great film by Israeli film maker Yoav Shamir

Yeah I remember that one, Defamation.
Featuring Israeli teenagers on tourist trips to Auschwitz and how they are lied to and denied contact with Polish people for the purpose of perpetuating hatred.

Has anyone else seen it ?

Andrzej Zybertowicz, a Nicolaus Copernicus University sociology professor, called Israel's opposition to the new law "anti-Polish," reported the Associated Press.
The presidential adviser said it shows Israel "clearly fighting to keep the monopoly on the Holocaust."
I see that America and France have joined Israel in Israel's opposition to the new Polish law.
call1n 2 | 138
1 Aug 2020 #187
@johnny reb
Why does the honorable Polish government continue to go along with this?
Mr Grunwald 29 | 1,945
1 Aug 2020 #188
Yes I have seen it, it was more of a security matter. Problem is they brush all Christians as opressers and persecuters of Hebrews... History of Poland needs to be taught! Just cause Poland is mostly catholic nowadays, doesn't automatically mean it's the most antisemitic... One just has to be in contact with Rabbi's in western Europe and compare it with Rabbi's in Poland to spot the difference

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