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Any ideas what this is? Solidarnosc medal?

curiosc 1 | -
26 Apr 2012 #1
My friend gave me this (polish origin) after I said I collect medals etc.

I've no idea what it is but he said it was given to him a couple years back.

Anyone have an idea?

Here it is
30 Apr 2014 #2
[Moved from]: Old Polish Medal / coin - It says Nograda on it

I have a coin or medal I found. About the of a US Silver dollar. It appears to be copper. It says Nograda on it and onone side it's a lady with her right hand on her hip and the left hand holding what appears to be a crescent ? Anyone help ?
Dont gag me yo 7 | 156
30 Apr 2014 #3
according to google translator NOGRADA means vineyard in croatian language
30 Mar 2015 #4
It says: 31 Sierpnia 1980. Wolność zaczęła się w Gdańsku (The freedom started in Gdańsk). It looks to be a medal for a member of the Poland's Solidarity Movement, but I'm not sure what exactly it was for.
Hrvatwithapolak 1 | 23
30 Mar 2015 #5
whoa thats cool. any interest in selling that? my (soon to be) fiancee's parents are from there and i would love to present that to them as a thank you *insert emotional sentiment here* since they participated in the solidarity movement.

No worries if its not your place to give away/if you want it. Just really rough what everyone in Poland (and anyone who worked at the shipyards in Gdansk went through) and would love to have a piece of it to give to them.

Thank you. Sorry mods that its off topic.

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