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Benefits of being Polish nationalist: is there any?

Strzelec35 36 | 988
14 May 2021 #1
maybe ironside or spike or mr grunwald or joker can answer this. why not be a true national socialist and a reich supporter and German narionalist? why a Polish one? what are the upsides when there is nothing extraordinary about Polish history besides the time of creating a constitution and riding off the back of Lithuanian warriors like woututas for a couple hundred years? i mean Germany almost conquered the entire world or planet so why not be a German supremacist or nationalist and claim depsite you being Polish you support the fourth reich if it ever comes?

I ask particularly for those Polish people who ask you always are you Polak or where you from or talk **** in bars in nowy swiat warsaw about Ukrainians what makes them better than them or special when the reich destroyed them and almost conquered the world?

Here is a question to you guys. how any of you would own up to what you are and not hide it in Israel? Say a tram lady harassed you from buying tickets form Palestinian kid there or being on some Palestinian part of town how many of you would blow up on her with your pollack nationalism pride?
14 May 2021 #2
Israel-Palestinian war is forbidden on this forum until its ends. You are on Polish Forum do not forget it please.
OP Strzelec35 36 | 988
14 May 2021 #3
das reich brother das reich and teutonic knights and the order. ya know **** like that?
OP Strzelec35 36 | 988
14 May 2021 #5
my problem is with these polak nationalists who hate immigrants even poor people or economic migrants they harass online or in real life in Poland and themselves being froma. satellite state and in the case with them on this forum emigrants. thats my problem. if youre cool about hard working Ukrainian emigrants being harassed by them only due to EU giving Poland money for anyone to have any incentive to come there hey thats ur problem boooi. my problem is a fuking skinhead looking polak at old town Warsaw wlakinf with his arms around him like an ape drunk coming to me asking where im from like some gangster and whether im a polak. yea i do have a problem with them and their kaka garbage nationalism.
Ironside 51 | 11,310
14 May 2021 #6

His problem is simple, raised in whorehouse, never knew his father, moved to usa at young age was looking for something to give him an edge and he was playing polish card but it didn't work for him, lol

As I say garbage is garbage and every country's has some.. he is a Pol-Am
or he is delpin who went nuts after losing his job and his wife
or he is some retarded kid on a trolling spree
either way he is a pest that Adm and mods tolerate bevosue he post a lot.

The real problem here is the fact he spam this forum real bad. It difficult to navigate here, him and Novidog are the damn spammers worst kind of trolls.
OP Strzelec35 36 | 988
14 May 2021 #7

have you ever been with such a free and loose with the moment chick iron? such a free spirit?

this is the dude i believe who wrote it or without vodka:

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