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Polish aristocrats - would be better off if we had Polish magnate families?

ConstantineK 26 | 1,292
8 Sep 2010 #61
Ukrainians lost millions of its intelligensia murdered (let tehy rest peacefully) by Russian and Soviet regimes, but we will recover sooner or later.

You will never recover because zilch will never become million.
Nathan 18 | 1,349
8 Sep 2010 #62
I am not expecting you to turn into a million; you are not one of us.
Matt32 4 | 83
8 Sep 2010 #63
What if the communists never hunted down the Polish nobles like Dogs. Would we have been better of with the rich Polish magnate families today economically/politically or not?

Well, aristocracy belongs to the past:)
OP David_18 66 | 969
17 Jul 2011 #64
Nope :)

We got plenty of them out here in Europe. The only difference is that the Polish aristocracy lost everything while the rest still got their estates and names.
sobieski 106 | 2,118
21 Jul 2011 #65
That goes for all of them behind the Iron Curtain. And for example Austria banned all aristocratic titles in 1918.
OP David_18 66 | 969
26 Sep 2012 #66
In Austria they lost their title but kept their land.
jon357 74 | 21,816
26 Sep 2012 #67
They certainly lost their titles with no jurisdiction now willing to issue or recognise them.
texas 1 | 21
30 Dec 2012 #68
of course Poland would be better off! A lot of people on this thread are arguing about schlata going back hundreds of years... why this is relevant to the OP's question, I am not sure. The upper classes that were murdered during and after WWII would have CERTAINLY benefitted Poland! These were the inteligentsia - doctors, lawyers, scholars, professors, economists, thinkers, artists, businessmen, generals, etc - basically THE people who create the sophisticate culture of a country!! How can any of you say Poland would not be better off with them? A lot of these people owned property and private businesses - businesses that would stimulate and grow Poland's economy instead of massacring it during communism. The old moneyed people tend to be more patriotic that the nouveau riche - who often give their loyalty to money rather than country and tradition. Now, not all nouveau riche are tacky and uncultured - and I am certainly not saying that entrepreneurship is bad! Quite the contrary - I feel the one thing that may save Poland is private ownership and private business. It's just those politicians who sell out every Polish endeavor they can for their own profit.
kondzior 11 | 1,046
30 Dec 2012 #69
Agreed, texas.

I'm too lowborn to be part of the elite under monarchy and I'm not grasping or sociopathic enough to be part of the elite under a Republic or Democracy.

Ultimately, somebody is going to be in charge of me. I'd prefer that it not be a grasping sociopathic politician/lawyer. A monarch who in effect owns the country would have an entirely different set of incentives than a grasping politician/lawyer. There is far more of an incentive to maintain your own property than there is to maintain the common land.

But if I am going to be ruled by a grasping sociopathic politician/lawyer then I'd like to throw up as many barriers in his path as possible.

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