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Looking for Zarembski, Czarnecka, Kowalski surnames

jgrunklee 1 | 1
11 Feb 2015 #1
Hello! I recently learned that my ancestors from Poland were called
Mateusz Kowalski, who married Agnieszka Czarnecka. I believe Mateusz was from Brzozowka near Torun.
They had 6 children:
Helene Kowalska was born in 1886 in Poland, then married Waclaw Zarembski in Pennsylvania, USA, when she was 25. From Helene's marriage certificate, Helene said she was from Brzozówka, Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship.

Any help is appreciated. My relatives traveled to Poland to find our family, but did not write out the stories before they forgot them, so I am seeking to document the history for the remaining family.

Thank you!
11 Feb 2015 #2
The surname Kowalski is very popular in Poland - you may refer to:

Regarding the Czarnecki name, it was discussed here:

I don't know much about Zarembski name (besides the fact that it could have an alternative spelling in Polish, ie. Zarebski or Zarębski; some offices confused these spellings too).
Dreamergirl 4 | 273
1 Jul 2016 #3
My bf name is kowalski what is that one
jon357 74 | 22,048
1 Jul 2016 #4


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