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Whytick/Wityk (Witczyk?) - Looking for my past; also Bratasz/Dawidowicz

awhytick 1 | 1    
5 Dec 2010  #1


I'm trying to find my roots. There's so many discrepancies and hidden details about my roots from my Grandparents and Mother, who are all deceased.

I'm looking to find anyone who may know the last name of Whytick (I'm really not sure of the spelling). I figure - from sporadic conversations that my grandmother may have moved to Canada in the 20's or maybe a bit earlier - around WW1.

If anyone on this forum has heard of the this surname or know someone in Poland who has it could you let me know?

Further, I am researching if I'm actually of Jewish descent, as well?

Anyone with information on this last name would be greatly appreciated. I realize it's not much to work with but I have to start somewhere.

I don't have any family left that I know of. I would also like to know my roots and where and who I came from.

Thank you


vetala - | 383    
5 Dec 2010  #2

It doesn't look Polish at all (nor Jewish). You should check the exact spelling first.
convex 20 | 3,987    
5 Dec 2010  #3

I'm looking to find anyone who may know the last name of Whytick (I'm really not sure of the spelling).

Maybe it's Witek?
jonni 16 | 2,492    
5 Dec 2010  #4

Or Wittig?
1jola 14 | 1,888    
5 Dec 2010  #5

Maybe it's Witek?

You might have solved that one.
Polonius3 1,020 | 12,550    
5 Dec 2010  #6

WITYK: Polish adaptation of German name Wittig.
Wroclaw 45 | 5,409    
5 Dec 2010  #7


a couple of hundred in Poland

Maybe it's Witek?

15,000 in Poland

Or Wittig?

a couple of hundred in Poland
Polonius3 1,020 | 12,550    
6 Dec 2010  #8

It could have also been Wytyk (some 100 users). Without anything to go on, it's just one big guessing game.
OP awhytick 1 | 1    
7 Jan 2011  #9

Merged thread:
looking for any info on the surname sounding like Whityck

I am searching for any information I can gather with respect to the surnames as follows:

Whytick or Whityck: first name of Peter Sr.
Bratass: first name: Ksenia

I have recently learned that my grandparents moved from Poland between the years of 1910 to 1920. Unfortunately, I don't know the towns they came from or any other information. I also have reason to believe we are Jewish.

If anyone knows any information or can lead me in the direction to further my investigation I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank You

alanna Wilson
mrozenbe - | 12    
9 Jan 2011  #10

Witczyk is Polish name and it is similar to Whytick/Wityk
14 Nov 2013  #11

Hello, my surname is Wityk I'm first generation canadian, my family came from what used to be part of Poland and now is Ukraine, it was called Gallicia, after world war 2 my family was displaced to settle dolno slonsk and Gurowo/ bartoszcze. I know quite a bit of history of the family at least as far as great great grandparents go. And I'm sure there is more wityks in argentina, Alberta and pszemisl in Poland.

Cheers Paul
ringoo - | 1    
4 Feb 2015  #12

Merged: Searching for Wityk/Bratasz/Dawidowicz Family Link

Wityk Family

I am hoping to find any information here about my mother's family. For years we had spelled my grandfather's last name wrong and never found any info however when I found the marriage license, it showed the correct spelling and poof.....all these Wityk names have come up on ancestry. A little overwhelmed I thought I would find my way here and see if any one here new anything.

I have found a marriage license that my grandfather was Peter Wityk. He married my grandmother in Brandon Manitoba 28/05/1912 and came to Canada in 1910(I think) from Galicia. My Grandmother's name was Ksenia Bratass or Bratasz (the spelling changes from different documentations and her parents names were Dymytro Bratass(Bratasz) and Tacka Dawidowicz.

My grandfather died shortly after his son died in WW2 and my grandmother came to Vancouver with her three daughters. One of the daughter's was my mother.
Polonius3 1,020 | 12,550    
4 Feb 2015  #13

WITYK: Probably originated as a hypocoristic (pet) form of the first name Witold, the Polonised version of the Lithuanian name Vitautas.

BRATASZ: Like Bratuś; Bratosz, Bratyś, most likely originated as a hypocoristc form of the old Polish first name Bratumil.

DAWIDOWICZ: patronymic nickname meaning Davidson/Davison.
9 Nov 2015  #14

Dear Alanna, are you still looking for your roots?
Apparently, I've got few members of my family living in Canada and my surname is Witczyk (what you wrote it's exactly how english speakers pronounce it). Please let me know if you wish to continue.

Best wishes

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