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Vintage Photos of Polish ancestors

ShawnH 8 | 1,507
17 Apr 2012 #121

Gene - Your age is showing. I remember as a kid going to downtown Toronto (before the Eaton's Center was built) to look at the Christmas displays they had in the storefront windows... How long has Simpson's been gone?
gjene 14 | 204
17 Apr 2012 #122
To ShawnH

Yes, I may be showing my age, but so are you. :) Regardless of the fact, if their catalogues survived it still helps to see the clothing styles they carried in comparison to their competitors for the same time frame. Not only that, a person might be able to draw an inference from the different lines each store carried in order to help date photos. Sometimes women did modify their dresses to have something that was different and yet original from other outfits that their friends, family members and counterparts wore.

That is why i suggested looking for reproduction catalogues or getting museums to provide cd/dvd of the catalogues they have on hand for sale for the same purpose. Because sometimes, we don't have access to the originals because of the condition of same and limited supply. By convincing the museums to do this helps them and us. Because of the fact one museum may havea catalogue that is damaged and another may have a complete catalogue, the museums can benefit each other by sharing the same. Then we visit these places, the museums can have an area set aside so we can see the catalogues.

I do have a reproduction catalogue from Sears & Roebuck 1900 and 1906, and an original catalogue from the Eatons Co. dated 1912. These three have helped me to date some photos I have from the 1st qrtr of the 20th century and a couple of photos from the last qrtr of the 19th.

Before I forget, Simpson's has been gone from the market since the late 1970's. From what I remember I think it was between 1978-1980. Eatons has been gone for over 15 years. Time is catching up with us sooner than we expect.
5 Nov 2012 #123
BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for sharing these!
Nannerlh60 2 | 23
5 Nov 2012 #124
Our Father, Henry (Hendrick) Dominic Klepacki (August 1917 - September 1994)
Taken in Germany in 1944. Patton's Third Armor Divison

  • Eagle's Nest Germany

Nannerlh60 2 | 23
5 Nov 2012 #125
More Klepacki family
One last of our Dad, Henry Klepacki during WWII with his sister, Dorota(Dorothy) Klepacki

Klepacki Wedding - John Klepacki and Genevieve
Front Row - L-R - Zygmunt Klepacki, Joseph Klepacki - Dorothy "Dorota" Klepacki, left, above her father, Zygmunt
Back row L-R (unknown couple) Stanislawa Blasczyzk-Klepacki, Genevieve Klepacki, John Klepacki, Nell Klepacki
Jersey City, New Jersey, USA

Our cousin Christine and her grandmother (our grandmother) Stanislawa Blasczyzk-Klepacki

  • Klepacki Wedding

  • Christine Klepacki Brewer and Stanislawa Blasczyzk Klepacki
2 Dec 2013 #126
I don't know if you are still posting here, after such a time, but I have many records involving The parishes of Poryte, Kolno, Maly Plock, and Nowogrod. If you can advise a family name, possibly I have some items for you. You may also have Items of interest to me. Hope to hear from you.

My relatives came from the area of Lomza, specifically in the Parishes of Poryte (Village of Korzeniste), Nowogrod (Dobrylas) and Maly Plock. It is possible many of the families here intermarried as they were very small villages. While the male line is Charubin, I have the birth, death, and marriage records back to the late 1600s and between the maiden names of the Charubin wives, and the husbands of the Charubin women's family name, there is no telling how many families are related. If your family comes from this area and you would like to compare notes, let me know - I would be more than happy to help where I can. I have many old photos and wish to view more.
OP Patrycja19 63 | 2,699
7 Dec 2013 #127
yes we need to compare, I cant private message you so join the website to send a private message with your email i can check back
24 Apr 2014 #128
Hallo Gjene. My name is Gregor. I live in Sokolow Podlaski in Poland. I'm interested in the image, which you have added. I work in a library in Sokolow. Professionally, I collect old photos. I have a question. Have you more photo of Sokolow, Elzbietow, Przezdziatka? Can you, sent me this foto to my email? My email Regards from Polish.
gjene 14 | 204
16 Jul 2014 #129
While this does not contain anyone directly related to my family, but for some reason does have some kind of connection. I have included the flip side and maybe someone that knows Polish can give me a translation of it. To Mwhary, this is the Stara Wies that I am aware of. But I could be mistaken since there is no specific connection of what is pictured and the reference in the letter on the back. So for all I know, it may be one of the ones you had referred to.

Looker - | 1,103
17 Jul 2014 #130
I have included the flip side and maybe someone that knows Polish can give me a translation of it.

My English isn't fluent and it's not easy to read this, so I can be somewhat mistaken...

Dear Lolek(?)
We are also sending you best birthday wishes. Good health and lot of happiness for your family.
With love ... (the name hard to recognize)
... (somebody's name) not signed this because he is at work and (different name) wants to sent it today. Lolek - I would like so much to know if you received our 2 letters full of photographs sended in the middle of July. If not it would be really a bad luck cause yet one letter which we sent to you at December 1956 came back to us from Canada. We are asking you heartily - write couple of words if you received those letters from July.

Love and kisses for whole of family.
Yours Jolcia(?)
This scenery is from Stara Wies.

gjene 14 | 204
17 Jul 2014 #131
Thanks for the translation. then the Stara Wies that is pictured is probably the one that is NW of Wegrow. I have a sneaky suspicion that the person who wrote the note on the back is a cousin to my grandfather.
19 Apr 2015 #132
Any help is appreciated. Kurpiewski (Kazimierz, Josef, Frank, Ignatius) from Maly Plock, GenofvaTrembczyk or Trembczyk from Kolno, Wanda Tyzsko (Kurpiewski) from Maly Plock. Wanda was alive in Poland in 1959, the others mentioned immigrated to the US. Also Jablonski or Jablonski 1/2 sibling to Kurpiewski's. There are more siblings and half siblings I do not know names of that have immigrated to NJ. and maybe more that stayed in Poland. Thank You,
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
4 May 2015 #133
KURPIEWSKI: Regional tag originated to identify an inhabitant of NE Poland's Kurpie ethnographic area between Mazowsze and Podlasie; two noble lines.

TREMBCZYK, TRĘBCZYK: Probably emerged as a diminutive of trębacz (trumpeter, bugler) and coiuld have well originally been a patronymic nickname (the bugler' son).

Note: For more information on this please contact: research60@gmail
2 May 2016 #134
Harfam, how do I contact you to see to share information? Thank you!

Hi Patrycja,
I believe my family is from the same area. Unlike you I have been searching for over 15 years and have not had much luck. My Great Grandfather was Józef Kurpiewski, to my knowledge there were at least 3 brothers who immigrated to NY, USA, a sister Wanda who stayed in Poland, half siblings Jablonski or Jablonowski. At least one sibling lived in Maly Plock per his WW1 draft registration. I believe my Great Great Grandfather may have been Victor and Great Great Grandmother might be Katarzyna.

My Great Grandmother was from Kolno per Ellis Island information.
Might you have any insight to that family?

Breast cancer also runs in my family, my mother passed from it and I am a survivor of TNIDC.

Thank you!

P. S. I also attempted to message another person with possible family in the same area, for some reason it did not work correctly.
19 Jul 2016 #135
Merged: Who can recognize this young men (ww2 soldier)?

Hello everyone,

i am trying to identify this young ww2 soldier, i believe he was Polish fighting in the german army, anyone can help, i am not Polish and can't speak.

Poland fight?

thank you

Bartkowiak 5 | 114
21 Sep 2016 #136
Merged: Guess where this guy is from?

Hi, guess where this guy is from, this is the only pic. Sorry.
Lyzko 32 | 7,919
21 Sep 2016 #137
While his face, despite the still somewhat grainy image, certainly could look Polish, he could easily be an ethnic Polish-German, a Ukrainian or possibly a White Russian, perhaps even Ruthenian! There's little way of telling really:-)
Bartkowiak 5 | 114
22 Sep 2016 #138
I always thought that he passed off as Silesian as well.
Lyzko 32 | 7,919
22 Sep 2016 #139
Yes, that's an excellent guess. That sort of goes with the ethnics Polish-German idea!
Bartkowiak 5 | 114
22 Sep 2016 #140
Where do you think he comes from (personally)?
Lyzko 32 | 7,919
22 Sep 2016 #141
I already sent you a private mail in this regard.

Again, "personally", I'd wager he's a Silesian as you suggested, after having thought about it a little:-)
Kataryna - | 36
19 Jan 2017 #142
Your post is old, but I'll see if you get this. Are you of Lemko descent? Me too. There's a great facebook page called "lemko ancestry & dna". If you haven't done your DNA i'd suggest it. Alot of matches on that page if you're looking for ancestors.
6 Jun 2019 #143
Peter, The photo of your father in France 1940 my father is the man on the right Stanislaw Wojciech Wojciechowski. Escaped through Romania also. Then trained in Scotland with 1st Polish Armoured Division.
Peter 3 | 247
21 Jun 2019 #144
Wow! Thank you for that priceless piece of information. The man to the left of my father is Adam Godowski. His nephew was also asking the identity of your father. Can you message me with your email address? I have a couple of other photos of my father and Adam in Greece, I presume on their way from Romania to France. Your father may also be in those photos

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