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Village near Lancut

wct135 2 | 7
4 Jul 2010 #1
My grandfather was born in 1894 near Lancut. His birth certificate is difficult to read, but the village name looks to be close to: Wołuszeryrno

I've tried googling it with no luck. Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you
SzwedwPolsce 11 | 1,595
5 Jul 2010 #3
It might have changed name. This was quite common in Poland. And he was born over 100 years ago.

maybe £ańcut?

Yes, I'm rather sure about that. But it doesn't answer the main question.
ewlunia - | 10
5 Jul 2010 #4
misunderstanding sorry :-)
musicwriter 5 | 87
5 Jul 2010 #5
After scanning my Euro-Atlas of Poland I was unable to find a village by that name near £ańcut, or anywhere else. Sorry.

£ańcut is famous for the Potocki Castle- which has 365 rooms.
peter_olsztyn 6 | 1,098
5 Jul 2010 #6
His birth certificate is difficult to read

give us a scan or photo
OP wct135 2 | 7
5 Jul 2010 #7
I have a scan but its over the maximum of 100 Kb. Is there another way I can send it to you?...Wayne
Wroclaw 44 | 5,384
5 Jul 2010 #8
Use photobucket or similar and give us a link.
OP wct135 2 | 7
5 Jul 2010 #9
I can't post link from photobucket:

Because of spamming issues you may not post outgoing links or link to images. You can remove www and/or http from your message and try again. This rule is applied to all Guests and registered members who have posted less than 2 useful messages.
Piorun - | 658
5 Jul 2010 #10
Here's a link to a very detail map of Poland prior to WWII.
Just click on the individual area you're interested in chose 300 dpi let it load and zoom in by clicking on the map once it loads. You'll find £ańcut In Rzeszów area but you might as well check the neighboring areas, hope this will help.
MIPK - | 69
5 Jul 2010 #11
or try this one also quite detailed [] click on square with Przemyśl and then scroll around to find £ańcut
peter_olsztyn 6 | 1,098
5 Jul 2010 #12
I have a scan but its over the maximum of 100 Kb.

You can use lite irfanview to shrink image.

Backup your scan file. Then use Irfan View. There is an option in Image Menu --> Decrease Color Depth set to 2 (black and white)

or just Cut or Crop and Save as...new_image.jpg the only interesting area of scan.
OP wct135 2 | 7
5 Jul 2010 #13
I was able to open map but unfortunately nothing close to village on the birth certificate.
Thanks for the link, the maps are pretty interesting.

When I open the link it doesn't show me anything other than a blank page after I click on to the appropriate square. I'll try and play around with it.... Thanks
Piorun - | 658
6 Jul 2010 #14
It should show you:

RZESZOW 1938 600 dpi »
RZESZOW 1938 300 dpi »

Click on the yellow tag (icon) in front of [RZESZOW 1938 300 dpi] instead of (>>) to open appropriate map, when fully loaded click on the map once more to zoom in.

EDIT: Here's a direct link to Rzeszów 300 dpi map.

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