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The typical Polish look, or all Eastern Europeans

Rysavy 10 | 308
5 Nov 2012 #211
Eastern Europeans have more of a golden colour in their hair

My Dearest is very pale & "golden" in hair and skin. So are his parents and two sisters. He says also his cousins. All blue eyeed.They are in NE Poland.

My Bohemian bloodlines are Moonflax blondes with with grey eyes until recent generations, than often darken with age sprinkled with redheads and dark walnut hair. The shade of my hair and my skin are actually more from that bloodline even though ironically it makes me look more cherokee. We age very well and very late. and are tall.

My Russian X and his family have greyish blonde hair that is lighter when young but is very silvery and dark by the time they hit 30s with high cheekbones and slanty eyes. His mother was first generation stateside..she was born in China.

My MIL was lovely. Her mum, brother in kids did NOT age well.
Nannerlh60 2 | 23
5 Nov 2012 #212
My father's mother and her sister, who came from Kalusz, were never what anyone would have described as 'thin' or 'willowy' - nor were their daughters. My great-uncles both married lovely women from near Krakow, in the 1940's and neither of them were thin. I think it depends a lot on genetics, no matter where you are from. We seem to have two types of men/ women in our family from our Polish sides - the ladies are either thin and look VERY slavic - green/blue eyes, blonde/reddish blonde hair and wiry slender but muscular men - or you have the 'chubby' ones - green/blue eyes, very fair coloring, blonde/reddish hair - very wavy/curly but very plump even when young.

My brother and I - in photographs taken twenty years apart

We have always been told that we very strongly resemble our Klepacki/Blaszcyzk relatives

Vlad123 7 | 204
28 Dec 2012 #213
pictures of different Polish that there are defintley brown eye black haired brunettes as well.

I think that sufficient part of this dark haired polish admixture may have come from ancient
Pontic admixture.As well as in Ukrainians and Southern Russians.In case of Northern Slavs it is
used to call ``North Pontid`` type.

Also Alpines , who constitute large part of population in South East Poland (Gorid variety) also have tendency to have
dark pigmintation.
katiekates - | 6
13 Jan 2013 #214
poles have wider faces that the only thing i noticed and deeper set eyes.
monia 3 | 212
13 Jan 2013 #215
You mean like that :
or more like that :

13 Jan 2013 #216
DearFolks Poles are Central European like Germany we don't have cold war with east andwest ,what Media do with people ....take an atlas and see!!!!!!!
13 Jan 2013 #217
we are a different country to Germany in almost every way.I don't understand why it hurts so much some Polish people to be called eastern-european.must be some inferiority complex
13 Jan 2013 #218
answer is as simple as that why Americans aren't indians, cos they don't live in india , poland is placed in central europe check in any atlas or wiki ,don't tell me that u r Pole... Shame shame ....
13 Jan 2013 #219
yes, I'm Polish and proud. and i don't really mind being called east european.if someone says Poland is an eastern european country they most probably mean 1 of the geopolitical divisons of Europe.The point is that very many Polish people find it derogatory to be called eastern european...inferiority complex as i said.
13 Jan 2013 #220
u c when i hear that Briton is laughing from stupid Americans i asking him that easiest question; than he is saying u surprised me , than i'm saying that is power of massMedia ;-) or some group of people but not here about that

I'm glad that u r proud to be Polish but try in future explain people basic geographical fact in polite manner ;-)
Paulina 10 | 1,855
13 Jan 2013 #221
yes, I'm Polish

And where do you live?

and i don't really mind being called east european.

So? That's your business. Do you mind Poles considering themselves Central European?

if someone says Poland is an eastern european country they most probably mean 1 of the geopolitical divisons of Europe.

That geopolitical divison of Europe is overdue.

The point is that very many Polish people find it derogatory to be called eastern european...

Many people find it ignorant when someone doesn't know geography.

inferiority complex as i said.

Berni23?? :)))
14 Jan 2013 #222
we as poles are eastern european. You guys are idiots, people arent just looking at the actual geographical location of the country, its the culture language and bloodline. Poles, Russians, Serbs etc. are a slavic people, its easier to just call us all eastern european. We dont call Serbs south europeans do we? So chill the **** out heros, being called eastern european isnt bad, its what we are.
Paulina 10 | 1,855
14 Jan 2013 #223
we as poles are eastern european. You guys are idiots, people arent just looking at the actual geographical location of the country, its the culture language and bloodline. Poles, Russians, Serbs etc. are a slavic people, its easier to just call us all eastern european.

It's easier, of course, but not correct :)
Berni23, why don't you use your username, huh? :)

We dont call Serbs south europeans do we?

No, neither do we call them Eastern Europeans :) We just call them Serbs and the region where they live we call the Balkans (not Eastern Europe).

So chill the **** out heros, being called eastern european isnt bad, its what we are.

It's not bad, but it isn't correct either :) So you chill and stop "przeżywać" so much that Poles are Central European o_O :)
Wulkan - | 3,249
14 Jan 2013 #224
lolvdfkm, chitown .....

If you don't have enough people to back your nonsens up then you create fake users, so sad...

Mods shouldn't allow that.
katiekates - | 6
15 Jan 2013 #225
no the poles seem to look quite germanic to me, and i see germans that look polish,even my ancestry is half german and my dna came up all polish on two different tests, no german results even though all the surnames in my tree are german and dutch.
15 Aug 2013 #226
I dont think that Poles mixed with Gypsies or Jewish people. Jews were not alowed to mix with other nations, Gypsies have completely different lifestyle so it is hard to believe that they wanted to mix with each other. BTW...there were 30% of Poles, 30% of Germans, 30 % of Jews in middleaged Krakow. So of course there is possible that from time to time some of them were maried to other nation :-)

this is a typical Polish look
We may look differently when sober though.

What??? You are crazy

The Finns and Hungarians don't have very much common ancestry.

yes, they have and also with Turkish people!!! Take the book and read.

But to explain: For me the combination of dark hair and light coloured eyes, the thicker eye brows ( and side-burns :O ) define French women - the type you would see in a L'oreal advert.
She doesn't really have the 'slavic' cheek bones that one associates with Polish women. She may be American, but for me probably French or maybe Swiss... or maybe Flemish.
But that's only my amatuer opinion...

I am Polish living in Poland and I think she looks like pure Pole!!!
24 Feb 2014 #227
I am Polish and I live in Poland. I am a short woman. I have brown hair and green eyes. Polish people are not like Chinese we don't have any similar features. Everybody is different. If you had 10 people of different nationalities in one room, you wouldn't recognise who is from Poland. We are not different from Americans or British people or other Europeans. But it is true that most people in Poland have dark hair, mostly brown or dark blonde and they have green or grey eyes. Light blonde people are Germans (Hitler and his idea of pure race - white, blue-eyed, light blonde). Now, everything is different since contact lences and hair colorant have been invented ;)
iammir 1 | 9
26 Feb 2014 #229
This is very interesting. My father's family are from Poland and my mother's is Native American. My sister and I look nothing alike. She looks somewhat Asian but with vivid blue eyes and high cheekbones. I have very dark eyes and dark skin, but light hair (pale blonde as a child) and also high cheekbones. We both have high foreheads with ultra fine hair though. We did our DNA search with the the National Geographic Project and traced our roots from Africa, through Asia, up into Siberia and then to the area of Finland about 15,000 years ago. I think it goes further wiith a more expensive test. The funny thing is that when I was young there was a photo in National Geographic Magazine of a girl that looked so much like me that several people sent it to us----and she was from Finland. With the theory that my mother's ancestors came to (now) America via the Bering Strait, it makes me realize we actually are all from the same very small pot at one time. The variations that evolved were just the result of climate, food sources and intertribal pairing. Too bad we can.'t see ourselves as one big family. Maybe if we get invaded by beings from another planet we would instantly feel that way. Who would care if you're fat or thin as long as you're HUMAN!
ZIMMY 6 | 1,601
21 Mar 2014 #230
Polish women are very beautiful. Polish men on the other hand...not so much. :-)

You can't have one without the other. I'll explain this as simply as I can.
Let's take a group of people which I'll call a tribe. The characteristics of that tribe will be uniform to it. For example, if a tribe has short women, then it's men will also be short albeit taller than the women. If a tribe is black-haired than both men and women will have that dominant characteristic. Women wouldn't be red-haired and men black-haired. Same goes for looks. Men and women will be equivalent to each other since attractiveness within a group of people is random and consistent.
ZlataYK2 2 | 11
20 Apr 2014 #231
Anyone? Do I look Polish? See my post above.
Szalawa 3 | 248
21 Apr 2014 #232
Why are people obsessing about looking Polish? I am Polish but when people see me they think I am Russian or they say I look more Russian then Polish, or if I am Polish why don't I have blue eyes and blond hair? (some people think everyone in Poland has blond hair and blue eyes), So I am guessing I don't have a typical Polish look, but have a typical Eastern European look.
Wulkan - | 3,249
21 Apr 2014 #233
Anyone? Do I look Polish? See my post above.

you look more like southern European but as any European you could pass as Polish.
ZlataYK2 2 | 11
21 Apr 2014 #234
I'm not obsessed about looking Polish. I'm about 25% Polish and I'm just curious as to why most people say that I look Polish.
Wulkan - | 3,249
21 Apr 2014 #235
I'm about 25% Polish

what is the rest 75%?
Szalawa 3 | 248
21 Apr 2014 #236
I know your just curious, that comment was just general and not directed at anyone.
ZlataYK2 2 | 11
21 Apr 2014 #237
Mostly Russian and some German.
6 Jun 2014 #238
I regard myself, as just having the male european look.
Mum is german and Dad is polish.

Me born in australia.
I live in the country ranges.
Shall not mention where, because people unfortunately are too inquisitive.
Privacy is important for me.

My eyes be of the almond type shape, plus the ' Zielone ' in colour.
A ukrainan friend of mine, commented that i looked like one of them.
He smiled and laughed, because i reacted with an expression of surprise.
I was not offended.

Accepted his observation as a compliment.
Basically he regarded me, as having a Ukrainian appearance.
Sometimes i go to the german " Schutzenfest " festival
I also visit the polish " Dozynki " festival social event.

Both events are frequented, because i am proud of my german/polish ancestry.
No cultural traditional attire is worn by me.
Slavic and germanic people, usually notice each other.
I wear plain casual clothes, because i enjoy being the quiet observer.

The australians and english, would be totally clueless to my ancestral dna.
Now how do i see myself?.
As germanic, polish, ukrainian, lithuanian, latvian and estonian.
Mostly because of the eye shape.

For me it be usually, the eye shape structure.
They are sort of deep set, plus that distinctive almond shape.

Eye colour does not bother me.
I have a preference, for green eyes on the ladies.
Their is nothing, offending or rude about that.

Quite a natural reaction for me, because my Mum has ' Zielone ' coloured eyes.
I also have zielone eyes, via genetics from my german Mum.
Dad was a blue eyed polish gentleman.
ZlataYK2 2 | 11
20 Jul 2014 #239
Is my nose Polish? I've heard that Poles and some Germans have big Roman noses.
Szalawa 3 | 248
20 Jul 2014 #240
Is my nose Polish?

There is no Polish trademark for noses

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