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The typical Polish look, or all Eastern Europeans

Ziemowit 13 | 4,393
17 Jun 2020 #601
Slovak girls are mostly hot, Czech ones in Prague are mostly meh. Very Germanic-like.

What is "meh" in your dictionary?

The West Slavs are pretty much indistinguishable in terms of genetics.

The Czech have much more Celtic and Germanic ingredients than the Polish.
mafketis 25 | 9,324
17 Jun 2020 #602
What is "meh" in your dictionary?

I think generally Czech women are often very.... German looking in terms of style and body language (the men far less so and are generally closer to Polish norms).

Slovak body language (men and women) is a lot more like Poland
Spike31 2 | 2,224
17 Jun 2020 #603
That's interesting since I know few Czechs here in London and their girlfriends are nothing like German women that I know from my eurotrips. Czech and Slovacs are as similar to Poles as one can get. And I was also surprised how much I do understand in Czech. And I was also pleasantly surprised how much Slovaks understand from Polish contemporary culture (music, cinema)
Miloslaw 9 | 3,032
17 Jun 2020 #604
Czech and Slovacs are as similar to Poles as one can get

Yeah, especially Slowaks.I can even understand some of their language, I find Czech more difficult.
But Slowaks can adjust to Polish really quickly.
Tomato Girl
27 Oct 2020 #605
I've noticed that Poles often have a vertical "dip" in the middle of their foreheads. Similar to the way the frontal head bone is symmetrically divided in the pit bull breed of dogs. It adds to Poles' very unique look.
pawian 176 | 15,325
27 Oct 2020 #606
pit bull breed of dogs.

Now I know why the action film Pit Bull was made in Poland. Thank you very much.
19 Jan 2021 #607
My Genetics are from southern Poland, northern Czechoslovakia, and eastern Switzerland. I have Blonde hair, square jaw, blue eyes, rounded nose and short with athletic build. I wonder what tribe or ethnicity I come from.
Ziemowit 13 | 4,393
19 Jan 2021 #608
Place your picture here and we will tell you.
16 Feb 2021 #609
@Tomato Girl
I have that exact dip in the middle of my forehead and I always edit it out of my photos XD

I am 90% Polish and 10% Russian. I originate mostly 25% from central Poland (near Łódź) and 75% from south Poland close to Czech border in the mountains and near Krakow. I was born with black hair which turned blonde and curly through most of my childhood, but as I aged my hair darkened to a dark blonde mixed with light brown and wavy/ curly in nature. My eyes are brown/hazel just like 90% of my family. I have a characteristic large hump nose from the side but very slim from the front exactly like my fathers ( however both my mother and fathers family has above average size nose with a hump). My face is very oval shaped with a weak chin and jawline. I have a dip in my forehead just like mentioned above. My lips are pretty full equally on top and bottom. I have very light olive skin which is almost transparent in the winter but which tans very nicely in the summer but not even close to how dark my father and his family tans which makes them look like a completely different ethnicity (dark olive Middle Eastern tone). My mother and her family are very pale and burn easily. My mother and fathers families are mostly from the same tiny town but have very opposing features except for their larger noses and brown eyes. My other body hair like eyebrows, eyelashes, arms and legs is very light brown and light blonde. I have high and pronounced cheeks. My eyebrows bones are strong and stick out on my face. I'm exactly 170cm, my father around is 204cm but has a slight hunchback from bad posture and is extremely slim. My mother is around 155cm and very petite.

Personally I think I look weird, not like any particular nationality. I grew up in England and through 21 years of life no one has ever guessed my nationality until I speak Polish. I don't have a typical polish surname its a very unusual one so it's hard to pin point my nationality that way. Most people say I look Australian 🤷🏼‍♀️
18 Feb 2021 #610
I think Poles have more slender faces and darker eyebrows than Russians and Balts. The original Slavic face should resemble a Celtic, unaffected by Scandinavian descent. Uralic influence is great
Lyzko 30 | 7,378
18 Feb 2021 #611
I quite agree. The hair is often coarse in texture, the features generally more sculptured, yet smooth.
7 Mar 2021 #612
And this is my personal opinion, I think that Slavs are very similar in depth and shape to Iranian and Aryan Indians such as Pashtuns in Afghanistan.

Miss, eye depth and shape
Vlad1234 16 | 757
8 Mar 2021 #613
I think Poles have more slender faces and darker eyebrows than Russians and Balts.

What do you think about Ukrainian appearance?
Miloslaw 9 | 3,032
8 Mar 2021 #614
Most of them look like Poles.
Some look like Russians.
17 Mar 2021 #615
Ukrainians are characterized by a larger nose, protruding forehead and longer chin than Poles and Russians. It may be the result of a mixed race of Dinaric and Slavic races on the Balkan Peninsula.
jon357 67 | 16,915
17 Mar 2021 #616
Ukrainians are characterized by

It's too large and diverse a country to easily generalise.

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