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Trying to find any information about a town called Niskoleze - Polish spelling unverified

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2 Dec 2017 #1
I am trying to research my family history and have found a link to a town "Niskoleze" from before the 2nd world war. I think it now forms part of Ukraine. Does anyone know the correct polish spelling or even some history of the town or what it's called now.

Unfortunately I am not sure my spelling is 100% correct so am unable to find any links etc via Google.

Any help is appreciated!
3 Dec 2017 #2
found a link to a town "Niskoleze"

Any chance you could post the information? Someone might be able to work out the correct spelling as you're not sure it's correct.

I could only find a town named Nisko, in South East Poland, but it probably isn't that one.
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3 Dec 2017 #3
So all I've been told is that name, no one can confirm the spelling for it. From what I remember being told it was in the south east of what was Poland before 1949. During that time the family was forcibly moved by the Russians who took over the farming land.

(Phonetically spelled as best I can is Niz-ko-wiz-eh) :)

Unfortunately that is all I know :(
kaprys 3 | 2,181
3 Dec 2017 #4

unfortunately, there seems to be no English Wiki page for the town but Nizankowice might be the place you're looking for.
3 Dec 2017 #5
Nizankowice might be the place you're looking for.

Seems a good possibility based on the OP's phonetics. There is also a village in Poland with the same name, but given the location of this one, yours is more likely to be the one of interest.
kaprys 3 | 2,181
3 Dec 2017 #6
I've also thought of Nieszkowice or Niszkowice but none of the several places by these names seem to be in the right location.
3 Dec 2017 #7
That's true, but only so long as the OP's info is correct. He has said that is the best he can remember. Given the very little info he does has, I wouldn't rule anything out, but I think he will have his work cut out finding out more, unless he has other family members who might be able to help.
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7 Dec 2017 #8
Hi All,

So I have managed to find a little bit more information out. The town was near Tarnopol? (This is now in Ukraine) I assume my grandparents were moved in part of the Polish population transfers (1944-1946). They moved all the way accross Poland to a small town called Nowogród Bobrzański, which used to be German.

I will keep trying to find out some more information and I have tried to search on old maps, but for the town, but without the correct spelling its tough :D
kaprys 3 | 2,181
7 Dec 2017 #9
Are you sure it's Tarnopol?
According to Wikipedia the old name of Nizankowice is Krasnopol. As for its distance from Tarnopol, it's rather far.
Ziemowit 14 | 4,201
8 Dec 2017 #10
A probable form of 'Niskolesie' for that spelling?

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