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Trying to find out about my Grandfather (Kitzmann)

sidetrack59 1 | -
14 Oct 2022 #1
I am trying to find out about my Grandfather and his relatives. He was born in Prussia in about 1919 I believe. I know nothing more about him. His name is Paul Kitzmann. He came to the United States and was living in the Detroit, MI area where he met and married my Grandmother Naomi Gouin. They had a daughter together by the name of Paulette. Eventually they moved to Kansas City Missouri and then to San Diego Calif. In 1986 Grandpa and Grandma moved to Kingman, AZ where Grandpa passed away in 1997. I know nothing about his story and I really would like to know more about him. If there is anyone from the Kitzmann family that can help me I would really appreciate your help.

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