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Trying to extend the family tree ( Surnames Janowska and Brys )

Michael Holp 1 | -
30 Jun 2014 #1
My Grandmother came to the states in 1913 from Brzozow under the name of Maryanna Janowska. Her parents where John and Agnes. She also came over with a brother that she lost contact with soon after they arrived and was never able to locate him until her death in 1936. Her mothers maiden name was Bryś.
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
30 Jun 2014 #2
JANOWSKI: Toponymic tag identifying someone from Janów or Janowo (numerous such localities in Poland); less likely a patronymic nick equivalent to English Johns or Johnson.

BRYŚ: Probably a toponymic nick from such places as Bryski or Bryszki; possibly also derived from Brykcjusz , an old, no longer encountered first name.

For more information on these and other Polish surnames please contact me.
mwhary - | 16
5 Jul 2014 #3

My grandfather's family was from Brzozow, Podcarpackie. From records that I've seen, I can tell you there are many Bry's families in that area. Do you know your Grandmother's Birthdate-if so, I can check to see if I have any records close to her date. Your post was not clear on exactly what if any information you hope to learn.

11 Jul 2014 #4
I just received you letter, I'm not sure whats up with this web site but I have trouble logging and and I'm not getting any notification via my e-mail address. Anyway....

If you want to contact me via my e-mail it is My grandmother died in 1936 and was born in 1893, her mother was Agnes Brys. She had an uncle in New Castle Pennsylvania but I'm not sure what his first name was because they called him Stryk. I know he had a daughter named Mary who would have been around my mother "Stella's" age (born 1923). This would have been Agnes's brother. My grandmothers married name was Koziol. I know that they would visit New Castle and would always go on the farm. My aunt and uncle plus my mother always told stories of those trips.

I am really hoping to learn anything that I can from anybody out there. I have tried to keep written things and letters about anything that pertains to the families. When they came over there were too many young deaths and then the people that remained would not talk, You would get the "why do you care" thing. Well I do and I will find things out. Thanks again Mike

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