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Tony Ivinisivich - Trying to locate member of Polish army (WWII)

5 May 2011 #1
Hi there.

I wondered if anyone might be able to help me.

Im trying to locate my grandfatlher who I believe was in the Polish Army.

All I have is his name (which im not even sure is the correct spelling) & that he was based in Arbroath around 1944.

Are there any records out there that list all previous members that I can search through?

Any help & advice would be most appreciated.

Polonius3 994 | 12,367
5 May 2011 #2
Did he have a name?
Wroclaw 44 | 5,379
5 May 2011 #3
(which im not even sure is the correct spelling

if u give us his name the members here can give u the correct spelling.
isthatu2 4 | 2,694
6 May 2011 #4
Well, the 12th Polish Field Ambulance were based in Arbroath at some point,they left a thank you plaque to the town in 1945 if that helps :)

or maybe this site will help;

any more and i charge for research time :)
OP yellowwelly
6 May 2011 #5

His name was Tony Ivinisivich however, I cant seem to find anyone else under that name. i noticed another spelling of it which was Ivanisevic however, that appears to be a Croation name.
Polonius3 994 | 12,367
6 May 2011 #6
The Ivinsivich spelling is NOT Polish. The closest is Iwosiewicz, a patreonymic nick from Iwo, a south Slavonic form of the first name John.
15 Dec 2015 #7
hi my name is Anthony jack gray I am looking for some one I don't know his name I believe he was in Irvine,Scotland in 1945-46 engr trg centre. my mother and he were lovers she though they were going to be married, but it didn't work out. I believe I am his son. maybe someone in that unit had the Anthony ...... any information would be helpful...Thank you
17 May 2016 #8
Merged: Looking for ancestors in the Polish Army

Looking for anyone with last name of Harlukowicz in Polish armed forces in World War II.
12 Apr 2017 #9
Hoping someone can help me find where this person may be buried. He was an officer of the Polish Army second division in fought in 1944, 45.

His name was Benjamin Perel and he was born in Zamosc Poland around 1920's.
If someone knows where there might be a list of names of the soldiers or where they might be buried I would really appreciate your help.

Thank you..
Jack Perel ... email aperel2013@gmail
Crow 155 | 9,025
12 Apr 2017 #10
Ivanišević is Serbian surname, by most of stories from Montenegro. Surname expanded in 17h century all over the region after clan Ivanisevic conflicted with local Turkish occupational force and retreated for safety reasons. They were Orthodox Christians. Family SLAVA (old family universal Slavic pre-Christian custom, still celebrated only by Serbs) was St. John (Sv.Jovan- saint protector, basically representation of oldest ancestor in Christianized form).
daisy1916 - | 1
23 Oct 2018 #11
My uncle was killed in WWII and I'm told he was in his early 20's. I have no idea which unit he was in or where he was killed, but hope someone could tell me where to search? His name is Wladyslaw Juchno.

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