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Stasiewski Family from Nowe and Wisłą

24 Jun 2017 #1
My family name is Stasiewski and original hails from Nowe and Wisłą where i have managed to tracery great great grandfather, however i can't find any more records. How could i go about this?

The name is definitely Stasiewski and not Staszewski
OP polska1234
24 Jun 2017 #2
The family, at least not direct family, did not emigrate to USA, i am Polish but however live in England right now
10 Feb 2021 #3
I am not a member of this forum but I just started searching for my family history via my grandfather I never knew, I am a Stasiewski by blood and want to know our history between where we came from and now, if you see this you can email me at

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